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					                                                                                                      March 27, 2011

                             VERONA                               CEDAR GROVE

                        2011 Cedar Grove - Verona
                             Softball League
                           PLAYING RULES    (2011 CG-V SOFTBALL RULES)


                     RULES                                      a. Mask with Helmet and throat guard (batting
                                                                   helmet with a cage is NOT a substitute).
   Official Rules – ASA (Amateur Softball                       b. Chest protector.
   Association of America) Official Rules of Softball           c. Shin guards.
   apply, unless otherwise specified.
                                                            4. Metal spikes are not permitted at any time.
                                                            5. Jewelry - No player may wear any jewelry,
1. Bat Requirements - All bats must conform to ASA             including earrings, necklaces, watches and
   standards, designated by either the ASA 2000                bracelets, during a game or during pre-game
   certification mark or the ASA 2004 certification            warm-up. It is the responsibility of the manager
   mark, or must be included on a list of approved             to ensure that his or her players remove all
   bat models published by the ASA, and must be                jewelry before taking the field. For safety and
   marked, “Official Softball” by the manufacturer.            insurance reasons, this rule will be strictly

                                                            6. Game Balls - Each home team will supply two
                                                               new balls per game.

                                                            7. Uniforms – Players are given a full uniform prior
                                                               to the season and should wear this uniform for all
                                                               league games.
2. Batting Helmet – Each batter must wear a batting
   helmet with an attached face mask and chin

3. Catcher’s Equipment – Catchers must wear the
   following protective gear:

                                                                                                    Revised 3/27/11
            GAME DURATION
1. All games consist of six innings.                             c. At Cedar Grove’s Panther Park, there is no
                                                                    Gatorade, gum are sunflower seed allowed;
   a.    Pony/Intermediate League Only:                             only water. Games must end at 9:30.
        International Tie-Breaker Rule: If the game is
        tied after 6 innings and daylight and weather        5. Lightening/Bad Weather – If a game is stopped
        is not a factor, the game will continue using           due to weather, darkness or any other
        the “International Tie-Breaker Rule”. Under             unforeseen reason prior to the completion of an
        this Rule, each team starts the inning with             inning, there are two scenarios. First, if the
        the player who completed the last official at           previous complete inning makes an official game,
        bat, as a base runner on second base. Each              then the score reverts back to the previous inning
        subsequent inning will start the same until a           and the game is over. If there is thunder and/or
        winner has been determined.                             lightning in the area – the game, for safety of all
                                                                present, will immediately be stopped. The game
   b. Major League Only: Extra innings may be                   can be started again if the umpire agrees it is
      played, time permitting.                                  safe to continue (minimum of 20 minutes from
                                                                previous lightning bolt).
   c. Minor League: There are no extra innings in
      the Minor League. Managers do not have
      discretion to extend the game past six                             UTILIZATION OF PLAYERS
                                                             1. Each team shall use a full-roster batting order,
2. Ground Rules – will be agreed upon before the                using all players who are present for the game in
   game by the 2 managers and umpire.                           the batting lineup.

3. Official Game Defined                                         a. Any player who arrives after the first pitch of
                                                                    the game must bat last in the order.
   a. A game is official after 4 full innings, or 3½
      innings if the home team is ahead.
                                                             2. To start a game, a team must have eight players.
   b. A game called before it becomes official will
      be played over in its entirety, schedule                   a. Pony/Intermediate and Major Leagues
                                                                     1. No team may play a game with fewer than
   c. If a game is called after it becomes official                     eight players.
      and the score is tied, the game ends as a tie.
                                                                     2. There is a 10-minute grace period,
4. Time Limitations                                                     beginning at the scheduled start time, for
                                                                        any team with fewer than eight players.
   a. No inning shall begin after two hours from
      the start of the game.                                             a.   If, after the expiration of the 10-minute
                                                                              grace period, either team still does not
   b. At Verona’s Everett and Cedar Grove’s                                   have eight players, that team will forfeit
      Memorial Field, no new inning may start after                           the game.
      10:00 p.m., from Sunday through Thursday
      except during the playoffs.

                                                                                              Revised 3/27/11
    b.   If neither team has the required
         number of players, at the end of the                    RULES RELATING TO THE GAME
         10-minute grace period, the game
         will be declared a double forfeit, with         1. Bunting is permitted at all levels.             Fake
         each team receiving a loss.                        bunting/slashing is not permitted.

    c.   Should a forfeit or double forfeit occur,       2. Ball out of play
         the two teams may engage in a
         practice game, for which no umpire is               a. A pitched ball that goes under the backstop
         needed. Any manager or assistant                       fence, behind home plate or gets caught in
         coach may umpire the practice game,                    the fence so that the catcher cannot
         as part of his or her responsibilities as              immediately retrieve it is considered a dead
         a voluntary coach.                                     ball and each base runner shall advance one
                                                                base. (Pony/Intermediate and Majors only).
    d.   No manager is permitted to forfeit or
         reschedule a game for personal                      b. A dead ball shall be called for any ball
         reasons. If games are rescheduled                      crossing the line extending from the pole at
         without first consulting the League                    the end of the backstop to pole at the end of
         Commissioner, each team will be given                  the fence protecting the dugout (both
         a loss for that game.                                  dugouts). The ball must cross over the line.
                                                                On the line is not a dead ball. On the first
3. If a team plays with only eight available                    base dugout side the dead ball line goes
   players, no automatic out is recorded every                  from the far pole of the fence protecting the
   time the ninth spot in the order is reached.                 dugout to the front edge of the cinder block
                                                                wall of the dugout. The outfield side of the
4. Pony/Intermediate League only: If a team                     first base dugout is in play as is the fence
   starts a game with nine or more players                      from the dugout all the way to the outfield
   and for any reason a player must leave the                   fence.
   game, no automatic out is recorded for that
   player whenever his or her position is                    c. Any blacktop area is dead ball territory.
   reached in the lineup.
                                                             d. A thrown ball that goes under or through any
5. Substitute “Guest” players – any team may                    opening in the fence behind first base is
   request a guest or substitute player from                    dead, in which case an extra base is
   another team in its league to fill their 10                  awarded to each base runner.
   player roster. The substitute player must
   bat last and play the outfield. No more                   e. A fair ball that goes under any opening in the
   than 2 substitute players per team per                       outfield is dead, in which case a ground-rule
   game.                                                        double awarded.

                                                                                                     Revised 3/27/11
3. Base-Running                                                                     PITCHING

    a. On a tag play, when the fielder has control of          1. Pitchers are encouraged to use the windmill
       the ball, the base runner must slide or avoid              motion; however, it is not mandatory.
       the tag. Willful disregard of this rule may
       result in an out depending on the umpire’s              2. Pitching Regulations
       judgment call. This rule is for the protection
       of the defensive player.                                   a. Before starting the pitch, the pitcher must
                                                                     take a position with both feet in contact with
    b. A runner will be called OUT if he or she runs                 the pitching rubber, and within the width of
       into the fielder, even if the fielder drops the               the pitching rubber. The pitcher’s shoulders
       ball.                                                         shall be in line with first base and third base.
                                                                     Both feet must remain in contact with the
    c. Fielders are not allowed to obstruct a base                   pitching rubber at all times before the pitcher
       runner or block a base without possession of                  takes a forward step.
       the ball.
                                                                  b. The pitcher must bring her hands together for
    d. On bang-bang plays, collisions are often                      at least one second and no more than 10
       unavoidable – this rule is meant for plays in                 seconds before starting the pitch. The pitch
       which collisions can be avoided.                              starts when one hand is taken off the ball
                                                                     after the hands have been placed together.
    e. The umpire’s word is final on such plays,
       which are discretionary and may not be                     c. The pitcher may drop the arm to the side and
       argued or contested by managers, coaches                      to the rear before starting the pitch. The
       or players.                                                   pitcher may make only one revolution of the
                                                                     arm before releasing the ball, and may not
    f.   The “Infield Fly Rule” is in effect for                     make another revolution after releasing the
         Pony/Intermediate Leagues only.                             ball.

4. A courtesy runner rule for pitchers & catchers is              d. The delivery of the pitch must be an
   not used at any level in recreation softball.                     underhanded motion, with the throwing hand
                                                                     below the hip and the wrist no farther from
5. Injured player may be replaced by another player.                 the body than the elbow.
   This includes a base runner, which can only be
   replaced by the batter who made the last out.                  e. The release of the ball and the follow-through
                                                                     must be forward and past the straight line of
6. Substitutes – Reentry is unlimited on defense,                    the body.
   except for the pitching position (See league specific
   pitching rules.)                                               f.   When delivering the ball, the pitcher must
                                                                       take one step with the non-pivot foot (the foot
                                                                       opposite the pitcher’s throwing arm) at the
                                                                       same time she releases the ball. The step
                                                                       must be taken in the direction of the batter
                                                                       and land within the 24-inch width of the
                                                                       pitching rubber.

                                                                                                  Revised 3/27/11

    g. The pitcher’s pivot foot must remain in
       contact with the pitching rubber or the ground            b. Profanity will not be tolerated by anyone at
       at all times throughout the pitching motion,                 any level.
       including the follow-through. The pitcher
       may drag the pivot foot across the pitching               c. Managers and coaches may not use cell
       rubber and along the ground, but she may                     phones while on the field.
       not lift the pivot foot off the ground. No crow
       hop allowed.                                              d. Both team managers are responsible for
                                                                    cleaning up and shutting down fields after
3. Walks                                                            every game.

    a. No pitcher may intentionally walk a batter.               e. Home team managers and their coaches are
                                                                    responsible for putting away the bases after
    b. Majors/Minors: A walked batter may not                       every game.
       advance past first base until the next pitch is
       thrown.                                               6. Managers are required to report all injuries
                                                                immediately to the League Commissioner.

        RULES RELATING TO                                    7. Any manager who violates the rules may be
        MANAGERS’ CONDUCT                                       required to appear before the Board of Directors.

1. Managers are required to keep a copy of the               8. Each winning team manager must notify the
   rules with them at all games.                                League Commissioner of the game result as
                                                                soon as possible after the game
2. The home team on the schedule occupies the
   first-base dugout or bench.

3. No team may carry any personnel in the bench              REMOVAL OF PLAYERS AND COACHES
   area except players, the manager and assistant
   coaches.                                                  1. A manager may remove a player from a game for
                                                                unsportsmanlike conduct, use of foul language,
4. During a team’s at-bat, only the first- and third-           talking back to an umpire, or any inappropriate
   base coaches are permitted in the area of play.              behavior. In such cases, the league
                                                                Commissioner must be notified immediately after
    a. All other coaches must remain in the dugout              the game. If a player gets removed from the
       or bench area.                                           game, it is an out when they would have come up
                                                                to bat.
    b. Coaches are not permitted to stand or kneel
       in any area of play.                                  2. No manager may suspend a player for any game
                                                                without prior Board approval.
5. Managers are required, at all times, to conduct
   themselves in a professional and exemplary

    a. Use of alcohol or tobacco products is strictly
       prohibited at all playing fields.

                                                                                                  Revised 3/27/11
3. Any manager, coach or player who engages in
   aggressive behavior or any form of fighting will
   be automatically ejected from the game by the                 b. Managers are permitted to question only the
   umpire and/or League Commissioner and is                         umpire’s interpretation of a Rule.
   subject to removal from the league.
                                                                 c. While the umpire’s interpretation of a Rule
4. Any adult ejected from the game must leave the                   may be discussed, the umpire’s
   premises.                                                        determination of how a Rule should be
                                                                    interpreted is final.
5. If a manager or coach is ejected, he or she will
   receive an automatic minimum one-game                         d. Only the manager may talk to an umpire. No
   suspension with a right to appeal to the Board.                  assistant coach is permitted to talk to the
                                                                    umpire about calls or rule interpretations.
6. A suspension will not go into effect until after the
   appeal, if any, is decided by the Board.                      e. Repeatedly questioning umpire calls, riding
                                                                    or berating an umpire, publicly embarrassing
7. If a manager or coach is expelled from the                       an umpire, or conducting oneself in any way
   league for the remainder of the season, the                      less than that of a proper role model will not
   expulsion will continue through post-season play.                be tolerated.

                                                                 f.   Managers are encouraged to discuss umpire
        RELATING TO UMPIRES                                           situations and problems with their league
1. Umpires shall be present at the field at least 15
   minutes prior to a game and advise both                    3. Players are prohibited from throwing equipment.
   managers five minutes before the scheduled
   starting time.                                                a. An umpire will give a pre-game warning to
                                                                    both managers about throwing equipment.
2. Effect of a Call by the Umpire
                                                                 b. Should any infraction occur at any time in the
    a. Umpire decisions involving judgment calls                    game, each team will receive a warning.
       (including but not limited to fair and foul,                 After the warning, a batter will be called out
       strikes and balls, and safe or out) are final                without further warning.
       decisions that no manager, coach or player
       may argue or contest.

                                                                Revised 3/27/11

1.   Only one player at a time is allowed in the on-
     deck area.

2.   Managers or coaches are not allowed in front of
     the fence protecting the dugout area.

3.   Only one manager and up to, but no more than,
     three approved coaches are allowed in the
     dugout area (4 total).

4.   Food is not permitted in the dugout. Gum, water
     and sunflower seeds are allowed.

5.   Spectators – No spectators will be permitted
     within the confines of the playing field at any time
     during the course of the game. This includes
     standing directly behind the backstop. This rule
     will be interpreted by the judgment of the umpire.

                                                                                                 Revised 3/27/11

                                                                     VERONA                    CEDAR GROVE

                                            RULES SPECIFIC FOR

1. Field Dimensions for Pony/Intermediate League
                                                             4. Lineup
   a. Bases are 60 feet apart.
                                                                a. The maximum amount of players, that
   b. Pitching distance is 40 feet from the farthest               can come to bat in innings 1 thru 5, is
      point of home plate.                                         10...The tenth batter of the inning MUST be
                                                                   pitched to (“intentionally” walking the tenth
2. Guest Players                                                   batter is unacceptable at this level of
                                                                   play)....for the 6th inning through any extra
   a. Should a Pony/Intermediate League                            innings played, three outs must occur in
      manager know in advance that his or her                      order for the 1/2 inning to end (unless the
      team will have fewer than nine players for a                 mercy rule applies).
      game, that manager is required to invite a
      guest player from another Pony/Intermediate               b. No player may sit more than two innings in a
      league team.                                                 game. If a player sits two innings, those
                                                                   innings may not be consecutive.
   b. If a guest is invited to another
      Pony/Intermediate League team but that                    c. No player may pitch more than four innings
      team ends up, at any point in the game, with                 in a game. If a pitcher throws one pitch, it
      at least 9 players, then the guest player is to              counts as one inning. The innings do not
      serve as an EH (Extra Hitter). An EH takes a                 have to be consecutive.
      regular turn at bat, but may not play the field.
                                                                d. 5 steals per inning; no stealing of home is
   c. If a Pony/Intermediate League player from a                  permitted. Steal: leaving on the release to
      team using a guest player shows up after the                 advance to next base, advancing after pitch
      start of the game, that player must bat at the               is caught by catcher and/or advancing to
      end of the batting order, after the EH.                      next base on a pitched ball that passes the
                                                                   catcher. Continuous walks are not permitted.
                                                                   If the runner is thrown out on the steal, it’s
3. Mercy Rule                                                      considered one of the 5 steals allowed per
                                                                   inning. Double steals count as 2 steals. You
   a. There is a 10 run mercy rule. A game will end                can advance only one base on an overthrow.
      if a team goes ahead by 10 or more runs                      No delayed steals. After Mother’s Day,
      after five innings; 4.5 for home team.                       stealing of home is permitted.

   b. If the visiting team goes ahead by 10 or more             e. When the ball is in the pitching circle and
      runs after five innings, the home team must                  controlled by the pitcher, the ball is dead and
      have the opportunity to bat in the bottom half               it is the umpire’s discretion where to place
      of the inning.                                               the runners.
                                                          Revised 3/27/11

f.   Dropped 3rd strike rule applies. If catcher throws
     to first, the ball is live and all runners can
     advance at their own risk. If there is no throw
     down to 1st and runners run, it is counted
     towards the 5 steals in an inning. Runner on
     3rd can only advance when bases are loaded
     (force) or once catcher releases ball to a player
     other than pitcher as an attempt to get an
     opposing player who is stealing. The batter cannot
     advance past first base on a dropped 3rd strike if
     there is an overthrow to first.

                                                                                   Revised 3/27/11

                                                      VERONA                     CEDAR GROVE

                               RULES SPECIFIC FOR
                             MAJOR LEAGUE SOFTBALL
1. Field Dimensions for Major League                  3. Mercy Rule

   a.   Bases are 60 feet apart;                         a. There is a 12 run mercy rule. A
                                                            game will end if a team goes ahead
   b.   Pitching distance is 35 feet from the               by 12 or more runs after five innings;
        farthest point of home plate.                       4.5 innings for home team.
                                                            If the visiting team goes ahead by 12
                                                            or more runs after four innings, the
2. Guest Players                                            home team must have the
                                                            opportunity to bat in the bottom half
   a.   Should a Major League manager                       of the inning
        know in advance that his or her team
        will have fewer than ten players for a
        game, that manager is required to             4. Lineup
        invite a guest player from another
        Major League team.                               d.   The maximum amount of players,
                                                              that can come to bat in innings 1 thru
   b.   If a guest player is invited to a play                5, is 10...The tenth batter of the
        on another team, and that team ends                   inning MUST be pitched to
        up, at any point in the game, with at                 (“intentionally” walking the tenth
        least 10 players, then the guest                      batter is unacceptable at this level of
        player is to serve as an EH (Extra                    play)....for the 6th inning through any
        Hitter). An EH takes a regular turn at                extra innings played, three outs must
        bat, but may not play the field.                      occur in order for the 1/2 inning to
                                                              end (unless the mercy rule applies).
   c.   If a Major League player from a team
        using a guest player shows up after              b. No player may sit more than two
        the start of the game, that player                  innings in a game. If a player sits
        must bat at the end of the batting                  two innings, those innings may not
        order, after the EH.                                be consecutive.

                                                         c. No player may pitch more than three
                                                            innings in a game. If a pitcher
                                                            throws one pitch, it counts as one
                                                            inning. Pitchers do not have to pitch
                                                            consecutive innings.

                                                      Revised 3/27/11
d. 3 steals per inning. If a runner is thrown out
   on the steal, this is one of your team’s 3
   steals per inning. Delayed steals and
   continuous walks are not permitted. There
   will be no base advancement on overthrows
   behind a running leading, however, those
   runners can be tagged out. Be courteous
   to the other team.

e.   When the ball is in the pitching circle and
     controlled by the pitcher, the ball is dead
     and it is the umpire’s discretion where to
     place the runners.

f.   Only one base on an overthrow is permitted
     whether the ball ends up in dead ball area,
     outfield grass or foul territory grass…If the
     ball stays on the infield (dirt), all runners
     may advance at their own risk until the
     ball is returned to the PITCHER in the circle.

g.   No dropped 3rd strike rule.

                                                                                       Revised 3/27/11

                                                              VERONA                  CEDAR GROVE

                                       RULES SPECIFIC FOR
                                     MINOR LEAGUE SOFTBALL
1   Field Dimensions for Minor League
                                                                       ii. the whole team has batted once
       a. Bases are 50 feet apart;                                         around through the lineup,
                                                                           whichever comes first. If one
       b. Pitching distance is 35 feet from the                            team has fewer players, the
          farthest point of home plate.                                    team with more players will have
                                                                           batted once around when it has
2   Lineup                                                                 batted the same number of
                                                                           players as the other team has.
       a. No player may sit more than one inning,
          when a team has 12 or fewer players                  b. For innings 1 -5, there is a maximum of 6
          available. In the spirit of the Minor                   runs per inning per team. If a play
          League, all players should sit an equal                 results in multiple runs, pushing a team’s
          amount of time.                                         run total over 6 for that inning, the team
                                                                  is awarded only 6 runs for that inning.
       b. There are no forfeits in the Minor
          League.                                              c. In the sixth inning, each team bats until
                                                                  there are three outs. There is no limit to
                i. Number of fielders: at the minor               the number of runs either team can score
                   league level there will be 10                  in the sixth inning.
                                                               d. Base runners are not permitted to steal.
                ii. If a team has fewer than 10                   There is leading permitted on the
                    players, that team must bat all of            pitchers release of the ball. A base
                    its players and borrow fielders               runner may run only after a ball is hit. A
                    from the opposing team, as                    base runner cannot advance on an
                    necessary, to field a team of 10.             overthrow.

               iii. The player borrowed from the               e. When the ball is returned to the infield,
                    opposing team in any inning                   all play is stopped, and all base runners
                    must be the last player to bat                must return to their respective bases.
                    from the previous inning.

3   Innings Defined

       a. For the first through fifth innings, each
          team will bat until:

                i. there are three outs or
                                                                                   Revised 3/27/11
                                                               c. Games in Which Both Players and
1   Pitching for Minor League Softball Only                       Coaches Pitch – The following Rules
                                                                  apply to all games played in the second
        a. Pitching in Minor League Softball shall                part of the season, in which both
           be conducted as follows:                               coaches and players are scheduled to
                 i. In the first part of the season, a
                    coach from each team shall pitch                   i. A player will pitch to the
                    to that team’s batters for the                        opposing team’s batters for the
                    entire game.                                          first, third and fifth innings.

                ii. In the second part of the season,                  ii. A coach will pitch to the batters
                    beginning April 26th, a player will                    on his or her team for the
                    pitch half the game and the                            second, fourth and sixth innings.
                    coach from each team shall pitch
                    half a game. (See c. i and ii.)            d. Maximum Innings Pitched

                iii. In the third part of the season,                  i. For all games played in the
                     May 23rd forward, players from                       second part of the season, in
                     each team shall pitch to the                         which both coaches and players
                     opposing team’s batters for the                      are scheduled to pitch, no player
                     entire game. Max 2 innings per                       may pitch more than one inning.
                                                                       ii. For all games played in the third
                                                                           part of the season, in which
        b. Coach Pitch                                                     players pitch the entire game,
                                                                           only one pitcher from each team
                 i. Any time a coach is pitching,                          may pitch up to two innings,
                    balls and strikes will be called;                      which innings need not be
                    however, a batter to whom a                            consecutive.
                    coach is pitching may strike-out,
                    but cannot walk.                                  iii. If a player throws one pitch, it
                                                                           counts as one inning.
                ii. Any time a coach is pitching, the
                    fielding team will position a
                    defensive player beside the
                    coach who is pitching.

                iii. A coach who is pitching must
                     make every reasonable effort to
                     avoid interfering with a ball in
                     play or interfering with any
                     player who is attempting to make
                     a defensive play.

                                                        Revised 3/27/11

e. Removal of Pitchers

          i. If a pitcher walks three
             consecutive batters or a total of
             four batters in any one inning, or
             hits two players in any inning,
             the pitcher must be relieved by a
             coach of the team at bat. The
             manager has no discretion and
             must relieve the pitcher

         ii. The relieved pitcher will remain
             on the field and field from the
             pitcher’s position, on either side
             of the manager or coach who
             relieves her. The manager or
             coach will pitch the remainder of
             that inning.

         iii. If a pitcher is removed in any
              inning, she may not return to
              pitch that inning. She may,
              however, return to pitch in a
              subsequent inning, subject to the
              rule governing Maximum Innings

f.   Hit by Pitch

     If a player is hit by a pitch that hits the
     ground first, it is counted as a ball. The
     batter is not awarded first base unless it
     is ball four.


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