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November 17, 2008
Dear Parents,
    The 6th grade teachers are planning an end of the year trip for our students to Disney Hollywood
Studios on Saturday, May 2, 2009. This trip will be an exciting time when we can celebrate the completion
of FCAT and the survival of the first year in middle school. At this time all students are eligible to
participate in this fun trip.
    The cost of the trip will be approximately $100 per student. The cost of admission is $48.64 and
transportation via chartered bus is about $50.00, if we have 100 students sign up to go. We anticipate
having fundraisers to help defray the cost. If the cost will be a hardship for your family, please contact me
about scholarships that we will have available. We are asking for a $10.00 deposit to be retuned with the
permission slip by November 21 st if your child would like to go on the trip. The remainder of the money
will be collected on the 15th of January, February, and March.
   Students should strive for 3s and 4s in citizenship throughout the year, as very low citizenship grades
may jeopardize chances to attend the trip. As time nears for the trip we will look closely at our students
and assess their opportunity to attend with us. We don’t want to leave anyone out of the fun, but we need
to represent Nims Middle School with pride.
  If you think that you would like to chaperone the trip, please know that your cost will be the same as the
students’. We will need at least 5 parents to accompany us.
We look forward to this trip and will continue to communicate our plans to you as they are made.

The 6th grade teachers
Anne Hall, trip coordinator
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
_______ My child, ____________________________________, has permission to attend the Disney trip on
May 2, 2008.
_______ I would like to chaperone the trip.
_______ Attached is my child’s $10.00 deposit.
                              Signature: _________________________________________

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