Concept Paper format by 4T2tc7


									                                               Partners in global solutions
                                         The GEF NGO Small-Grants Programme
                                                 PAK/98/G52 - Pakistan

        Format for Project Concept Paper (maximum 2 pages)
Name of Organization:
Address of Organization:
Title of Concept Paper:

Section A – Context:
 Problem identification and definition
 Implementing organization’s track record/demonstrated experience in the proposed field of
 Linkage of the problem identified with the respective objective of GEF
 Global and local significance of the project intervention
 Explain how GEF/SGP resources would be used towards achieving the solution to the problem
 Project objective and expected result

Section B – Project Objective and Activities
 Formulate project immediate objective and related activities
 Describe the strategy for how to achieve the objective
 Indicate key stakeholders and potential partners
 Indicate the project exit strategy/how the activities/outcome will be sustained after the end of the

Section C – Proposed Budget and Inputs
 Estimated project budget, indicating the required input for each activity.
 Indication of other funding sources/cost sharing/in-kind contributions
 Specify the UNDP/donor/GoP/Community inputs that will be needed to carry out each activity,
   how much they are expected to cost and who is responsible for providing them.
 Technical inputs required

Section E – Management:
 Roles and responsibilities of all institutions involved
 Composition of the project team (expertise, gender)

Section F – Monitoring and Evaluation:
 Give a brief description of the procedure for monitoring and evaluation
 Give an outline on how to include the beneficiaries in the monitoring and evaluation process
 SMART Indicators to measure project progress/achievements (Specific, Measurable, Attainable,
   Reliable ad Time bound)

 Any other documents necessary to support the proposed activities.


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