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non metals elements and compounds wc1 by 4T2tc7


									                                    NON-METALS Work Card

A. Match the characteristics of non-metals with an example of a non-metal element that has that characteristic:

Characteristic of a non-metal                             Example of a non-metal that best fits that characteristic
1. Poor conductors of heat or electricity                 (a) sulphur
2. usually dull and not shiny                             (b) charcoal (carbon)
3. brittle – weak and easily broken                       (c) plastic

B. Answer the following questions:

1. What is one non-metal which is an exception to the rule and is a good conductor of heat or electricity?
2. Which non metallic element is used in the hardening of oils?
3. Which non-metallic element is used in the manufacture of fertilizers?
4. Carbon is a non-metallic element. In the form of charcoal it can be used in a number of different ways. List two
of them.
5. Why must we not burn charcoal in an enclosed area?

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