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									                DeepStar Phase IX
              Monthly Progress Report
   CTR 9001                 Delivery Date: 3/1/2011                Budget $719,059

In the DATE field below, indicate the month the report covers, not the month the report
is prepared. For example, if you are preparing a report for February 2009 on March 7,
2009 you would select February 2009 below. Please submit your monthly report via
email to the Project Manager with a copy to the Champion by the 7th day of the month
following the report. The report file name should be saved as:
Month_CTR#_Company Name (i.e., Feb_9001_UCSC).

9001 Improved Subsalt Imaging Using a Multi-component Propagator and Converted
Large accumulations of hydrocarbons in the ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico may go
undetected because the oil and gas industry is not able to accurately image the
boundaries of salt bodies or the sediments around and below them. Research and/or
development on practical, worthwhile approaches to advanced subsurface imaging
technologies especially sub-salt. Methods employing advances in technology as well
as technology evaluations including cost/benefit analysis are additional objectives.
           Champion                             Email                        Phone
  David Walraven - Anadarko        David.Walraven@anadarko.com            832-636-8483
    Sailendra Mahapatra –          smahapatra@petrobras-usa.com
        Project Manager                         Email                        Phone
         Art Schroeder               ArtSchroeder@Chevron.com             713-372-2817
   Contractor Lead Contact                      Email                        Phone
 Dr. Ru-Shan Wu - University             WRS@pms.ucsc.edu                 831-459-2158
   of California Santa Cruz
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          the check box and then by selecting the default value – checked.
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   February              May                 August                       November
   March                 June                September                    December
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