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WHY STUDY GERONTOLOGY?                               Required Courses (24–32 units)                      INTERNSHIPS
America is aging. Every day nearly 6,000 Ameri-      GERO 101 Introduction to Gerontology (3)            Students have the opportunity to work in a
cans celebrate their 65th birthdays. The aging       GERO 397 Internship (3-9)                           variety of settings depending upon their inter-
population is expanding rapidly and will continue    GERO 485 Senior Seminar (3)                         ests. Examples include local and county agencies,
to do so. Gerontology, the study of human aging,     HLTH 411 Health and Later Maturity (3)              residential settings such as assisted living and
is an exciting and dynamic exploration that not      PSYC 405 Psychology of Aging (3)                    independent elderly housing complexes, adult
only provides us with new insights into our own      SOCI 359 Social Gerontology (3)                     day care settings or skilled nursing facilities.
older family members and friends, but gives us a     PSYC 212 Behavioral Statistics (4)
glimpse of our own futures as well. The field of     or                                                  There are also opportunities for students to
gerontology is changing, advancing and increas-      MATH 231 Basic Statistics (3)                       become involved in applied research projects
ingly becoming an important field for those                                                              through the gerontology program or in the
interested in business, service, education and       One of the following:                               community.
recreation, as well as for those interested in       FMST 485 Research Methods in Family
health and wellness.                                              Studies (3)                            HONOR SOCIETY
                                                     PSYC 314 Research Methods in                        Towson University has a chapter of the national
The gerontology program at Towson University                      Psychology (4)                         honor society in gerontology, Sigma Phi Omega.
was created in 1998. The program was the first       SOCI 391 Research Methods (3)                       The Delta Rho chapter is open to students of any
undergraduate degree program in gerontology                                                              major with a 3.00 GPA.
offered within the University System of Mary-        Electives (21 units)
land and is one of only 100 such programs            Twelve units of upper-division course work and 9    FACULTY
offered in the United States. Housed in the          units of lower-division course work are required.
College of Health Professions, TU’s gerontology      Students may select electives from the following    Donna L. Wagner
program provides students with an interdiscipli-     courses. Other courses can also satisfy this        Professor and Director
nary perspective on aging. The academic              requirement with approval of an academic adviser.   Ph.D., Portland State University
program provides the flexibility to pursue special                                                       Gerontology: Community-based long-term care,
interests within the broad field of gerontology.     ECON 339 Health Economics (3)                       family care giving, gerontological practice
Students graduating with a baccalaureate degree      GEOG 329 Medical Geography (3)                      standards and organizations
in gerontology can elect to go on to graduate        GEOG 407 The Geography of the Aged (3)
school to continue their gerontological studies      GERO 330 Community Planning for an Aging            Patricia Alt
or begin working in the field.                                Society (3)                                Associate Professor
                                                     GERO 367 Death and Dying (3)                        Ph.D., University of North Carolina
CAREERS IN AGING                                     GERO 310 Social and Technological Issues in         Health Sciences: Health and aging policy,
Students completing the undergraduate degree                  Lifespan Extension (3)                     community-based care, baby-boom issues, ethics
in gerontology will find that they have many         HLTH 101 Wellness for a Diverse Society (3)         of health administration
career options. There are jobs in the public,        HLTH 207 Health Care in the United States (3)
private and nonprofit sectors for students with      HLTH 305 Community Health                           Sarah Bruce
specialized education and training in gerontology.            Administration (3)                         Lecturer
Entry-level positions are available in programs      HLTH 441 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health         Ph.D., State University of New York, Albany
and services for the elderly, specialized housing             Administration (3)                         Biological Sciences: Biology of aging
developments, health care programs and services,     KNES 455 Physical Activity Programming for
recreation and fitness centers, and businesses                the Older Adult (3)                        Donna M. Cox
that cater to older adults.                          LBGL 326 Elder Law (3)                              Professor and Assistant Chair
                                                     PHIL 361 Ethics of Medicine and the Life            Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
CURRICULUM AND COURSE OFFERINGS                               Sciences (3)                               Health Sciences: Health and aging policy,
The bachelor’s degree in gerontology is an inter-    PSYC 203 Human Development (3)                      community-based long-term care
disciplinary degree. Students take courses in        PSYC 467 Midlife Development (3)
many departments and colleges, and design            SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (3)              H. Wayne Nelson
programs to suit their individual interests and      SOCI 301 The Family (3)                             Associate Professor
needs by working with their academic advisers.       SOCI 329 Demography (3)                             Ph.D., Oregon State University
The gerontology degree requires completion of        SOCI 357 Social Welfare (3)                         Health Sciences: Long-term care administration,
45 units as prescribed in the curriculum with a                                                          leadership, ethics
grade equivalent of 2.00 or higher.
                                                                                                         Howard L. Nixon II
                                                                                                         Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                         Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice:
                                                                                                         Social gerontology, sport sociology, social
S. Maggie Reitz
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park
Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science:
Prevention and health promotion, normal aging,
ethics, therapeutic interventions with older

W. Michael Seganish
Associate Professor
J.D., University of Baltimore School of Law
Accounting/Business Law: Elder law

Kim Shifren
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Syracuse University
Psychology: Adult development, young careers,
psychology of aging

Jan D. Sinnott
Ph.D., Catholic University
Psychology: Cognition, family, couple roles
and relationships

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Gerontology Program
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Towson University
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f. 410-704-4670
office: Burdick Hall 139

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                                                 regulations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race,
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