Request For Wage Determination And - Kentucky: Department for by kbQ7NR


									                                           REQUEST FOR WAGE DETERMINATION AND RESPONSE TO REQUEST                                              11/97

FOR DEPARTMENT OF LABOR USE                         Mail your request to:                                                   CHECK OR LIST CRAFTS NEEDED

   Use area determination issued                    Labor Compliance Specialist                                                Asbestos workers
   for this area                                    Kentucky Department for Local Government                                   Boilermakes
                                                    1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 340                                       Bricklayers
 __________________________________                 Frankfort, Kentucky 40601                                                  Carpenters
                                                   ______________________________________________________________              Cement Masons
   The attached decision noted below                Grant Administrator (include email address)                                Electricians
   is applicable to this project                                                                                               Glaziers
   __________________________________               Grant Number:                                                              Laborers (specify classes)
   Decision Number                                 ______________________________________________________________
                                                    Department, Agency or Bureau                                            ___________________________________

                                                   Date of Request      Estimated Advertising Date      Bid Opening Date
   __________________________________                                                                                       ___________________________________
   Date of Decision
                                                   Prior Decision #    Estimated $ Value of Contract      Type of Work         Lathers
   __________________________________                  (if any)          < .5 Mil         1-5 Mil                              Marble/tile setters, terrazzo workers
   Expires                                                               .5-1 Mil         > 5 Mil         Bldg.     Hwy.       Painters
                                                                                                          Resid.    Heavy      Piledrivermen
   __________________________________                                                                                          Plumbers
   Supersedes Decision Number                      Address to which wage determination should be mailed (Print or Type)        Roofers
                                                                                                                               Sheet metal workers
                                                                                                                               Soft floor layers
   __________________________________                                                                                          Steamfitters
   Approved                                                                                                                    Welders-rate for craft
                                                   _______________________________________________________________             Truck drivers
                                                   Location of Project (City, COUNTY, State, Zip Code)                         Power equipment operators
                                                                                                                               (specify types)


Description of Work (Be Specific) Print or Type)                                                                            Other Crafts




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