2012-2013 Faculty Professional Development Grant Awards by e2f57F39


									2012-2013 Faculty Professional Development Grant Awards

Three 2012-13 Faculty Professional Development Grants have been approved for

Lisa Gralnick, Art; To obtain training in a new state-of-the-art metal casting technology,
called Vacuum Pressure Casting, in order to teach a design class in this process to art

Anne Hansen, Languages & Cultures of Asia; To develop two new interdisciplinary
courses for undergraduates on Buddhist ethics of care, including an international
service-learning course in Cambodia, through substantive reading in new fields of
Buddhist social work and cognitive studies of medication, and feminist ethics of care.

Anna Wanner, English; To train in the area of computer-mediated communication, and
develop courses and supervise dissertation projects that deal with the impact of the new
media on the English language from a linguistic viewpoint.

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