Stuck and Stressed in Your Online Business? The Ten Ten Formual Holds the Key! by klbeamon


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									Stuck and Stressed in Your Online Business?
The Ten Ten Formula Holds the Key!
Many people enter the online business with the dream of making a fortune while working 2
hours a day, and then spending the rest of their time on the golf course or on the beach.

It’s the charmed life that everybody entering the industry strives to achieve.

Hey, sounds good to me!

I, for one, have been inspired by the countless success stories of people all around the world who
have made their fortunes online.

...Like that of Mack Zidan...a high school drop out who made $94,000 in 60 Days Online...

...or Christina Munoz, who while bed-ridden with a spinal disease, made $33,000 in her FIRST
90 days!

But despite these incredible stories, there are also many online business owners out there who are
feeling anxious and stuck in their business.

Seriously, I’ve heard countless people who are pulling their hair out, stressing and cursing at
their computers, sponsors and companies because they are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Sure, I get it.

No one said it would come easily and without work.

But, what happens a lot of the times when people get started is that they truly have no idea what
they are doing or what it actually takes to be successful.

Thus stress and frustration set in.

The Ten Ten Formula Takes the Guess Work Out of Online
So, how exactly do you get from newbie marketer to living the dream life from the world’s most
exotic beaches?

One of the key things that really holds people back is that they join a company and  never get
access to the tools, training and support they need to be successful.

They are told to go talk to all of their family and friends and get them to join.
Well, that may have worked back in the day, but it’s not that effective today. Even if it were, you
would eventually run out of friends and family to hit-up!

What people need are the tools, training and support to grow their business and be successful for
the long term.

What they need is the Ten Ten Formula.

Ten Ten Formula is the Solution

The Ten Ten Formula is specialized marketing training for members on the Ten Ten Formula
Team inside of Empower Network.

Master 6-Figure marketers lead webinar trainings that teach everything from basic blogging tips
to advanced marketing strategies to mindset training.

The goal of the Ten Ten Formula is to teach marketers how go generate $2000-$3000 of monthly
residual income within three months. The support system built within the Ten Ten Formula Team
helps marketers navigate through the industry...alleviating the feelings of isolation and frustration
that plague so many marketers.

If you’re in the marketing profession, get the tools, training and support you need to be
successful and stress free.  Click here, enter your email address to discover the marketing secrets
of Empower Network and the Ten Ten Formula.



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Original Article By: Kalei Beamon

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