2006 03 02 Sanitized Open Letter to CEO Exxon by un069L


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                                                                                                         2 March 2006

    You did not get to be CEO of Exxon by being less than stellar, but you probably do not realize how corrupt
    your staff information process has become.
    Here is a quote from Ben Gilad, the top business intelligence authority in the world, writing in BLINDSPOTS:
    replacing myths, beliefs, and assumptions with market realities (Infonortics UK 1996):
                "Top managers' information is invariably either biased, subjecive, filtered or late."
    Also from Gilad:

                "Using intelligence correctly requires a fundamental change in the way top executives
                make decisions."
    I am willing to believe that this was not only a huge mistake set in motion by your predecessor, but that you
    could dramatically enhance the constructive role of your great company, in a profitable manner, by payinig heed
    to myself and to C.K. Prahalad, author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Wharton and Yale are
    beginning to get it—why not take the lead in getting a grip on mid- and long-term reality instead of letting your
    staff embarrass you?
    My short one-page biography is attached for your convenience. My web site is, with 30,000 pages from over
    2,000 global authorities that I have drawn on over the past 18 years, my reality reference. My global network
    includes 7,500 professionals directly, including people that walk the ground that your executives never see.
    This is not a sales message as much as a wake-up call. I have won the war with the secret intelligence
    bureaucracies, and am now in the process of recruiting leaders from among the seven tribes (government,
    military, law enforcement, business, academia, ground truth (NGOs and media), and civil (citizen advocacy,
    labor unions, and religions). Our 20+ medium and small companies, and the emerging public networks, are
    creating the Open Source Information System – External. Details are at www.oss.net/IO. I have no interest in
    dealing with PAO or whoever claims to be your business intelligence specialist—for this advertisement to have
    seen the light of day tells me that only helping you directly will work.
    I would be most pleased if you cared to explore the possibilities of combining your power with my knowledge.
    I can be reached at DELETED (direct desk), DELETED (24/7 cell), and DELETED (unlisted email—my public
    email is DELETED).

I still have the 1960’s TIME cover story on Esso               Sincerely yours,
being the greatest global company on the planet, and I
knew John Ehrenreich at Mobil in the 1980’s. If you
get serious about reinventing energy, you have the
power to win a Nobel Prize and save the planet at
great profit. Why not listen to the smart instead of the       Robert David Steele (Vivas)
sychophants? I speak truth to power, whatever the              Chief Executive Officer
cost to me—in the long run, that is profitable for the
larger group and for you.
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