The wheels have since been found but the washers clips and bearings are missing

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					At a meeting of the Parish council held on Monday 10th May 2010 there were present, Mr J Nichols
(Chairman) Mr.S. Perks, Mr. J. Blowers, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. S. Rees, Mrs. G Soanes, Mrs J Browne,
Mrs T Townend, Mr K Wood & Mr. G Wade. SCC Mr M Barnard, PC Stranks , and 7 Parishioners
were also present.
Apologies were received from WDC Mr P Ashdown & SCC Mr C Law
The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 12th April were approved and signed.
Declaration of Interests Mrs Browne declared an interest in both planning matters relating to 59
The Street and the Chairman reminded her that her interest was such that she would have to leave
the meeting while that matter was discussed.
Clerks Report Following the previous Parish Council meeting. The ‘no dogs permitted‘signs have
now been put up at the entrance to the playground and on the surrounding fence. A parishioner
reported that a dead sycamore tree was leaning against his boundary fence. This is situated along
the footpath between the Street and The Pippins. This was reported to SCC on 14th April and as
yet has not been actioned. The clerk will report it again. Asbestos had been dumped on the grass
verge along the Flixton Road. This was reported and was immediately removed. The clerk is
waiting for a call back from Anglian water regarding the restocking of the fish in the Barkis meadow
pond and will chase if no reply received within one week. The ‘slow’ sign on Lound road was
reported on 14th April. This was covered over during re-surfacing and was not re-painted. To date
this has not been done and will be chased. We have entered for the village of the year competition.
Judging will take place in June and there will be an update next month.
15 minutes for Parishioner input. A parishioner reported that the footpath between The Street &
The Pippins is now totally impassable due to large amounts of ivy and greenery blocking it close to
the street end. Cllr Barnard will look at the maintenance of the whole footpath including the dead
sycamore tree. A parishioner requested an update on the trip hazard on the footpath outside a
property in Market Lane. Cllr Barnard SCC had tried personally to contact the owners but with no
success so they are planning to send correspondence by post. Cllr Barnard will report progress at
the next meeting. A parishioner suggested future planning applications should be looked at in
greater detail with regards to parking spaces. Parking has become more of an issue especially in
the Street due to houses being extended covering driveways and garages. The chairman advised
that often planning is opposed by the Parish Council on such grounds but subsequently approved
by WDC. A parishioner voiced concerns over parking issues along Church Road. Currently during
the school extension a large number of construction vehicles are adding to the school traffic
causing parked cars to back up further along Church Road. On one occasion she was involved in a
near miss whilst trying to pull out of her driveway. Visibility is regularly a problem caused by cars
parking so close and at times over resident’s driveways.
Other Parish Business (Parish Councillors) Mrs Soanes requested confirmation of ownership of
the poplar trees along Hall Road as a parishioner had reported they are becoming long & spindly.
The Chairman confirmed these trees are on land owned by Mrs Brown and did not think the trees
presented a safety issue and felt it was characteristic of the type of tree. Mr Blowers reported the
wheels had been removed off the mobile goal posts on the football pitch. The wheels have since
been found but the washers clips and bearings are missing. Mr Blowers asked if it was possible for
these to be replaced with the money donated by the tennis club. It was agreed that this could be
used. Mr Blowers will obtain quote to include more permanent fixings to the previous clips. Mr
Blowers enquired as to when the next full SCC meeting would be held. Mr Blowers and Mrs Browne
are planning to put a case together regarding the school parking problem along Church Road. Cllr
Barnard confirmed this will be held on 27th May and the information would be required by him at
least one week before. Mr Rees reported the road surface at the end of Market Lane (adjoining the
A12) was extremely rough with several potholes. Also a pothole has opened up half way along the
Street. There are also several potholes including sunken ironworks on Short road at the junction
with Market Lane/Hall Lane. All of these will be reported by the clerk. Mrs Browne asked if the
playground is required to have a disclaimer on display as it was reported that a child had fallen from
the monkey bars and broken a bone. The chairman reported that the playground holds a substantial
third party liability insurance and the Parish council makes sure that it is fully maintained and safe
and inspected annually. The clerk will contact SALC (Suffolk association of Local councils) to clarify
this situation. The rubber matting on the ramp up to the zip wire has become loose. This may cause
a trip hazard and the metal screws which held it on originally have been exposed. Mr Rees will
contact Playscape to resolve the problem and ask them to look at a more suitable permanent
solution. Mr Wood reported vehicles are still churning up the verges along Flixton Road. On one
particular area the verge has been eroded well past the curb causing traffic to run off the road onto
unmade surface. This was reported by the clerk in March and will now be taken up by Cllr Barnard.
Police Report. The police report was read out by PC Stranks. There were two recorded crimes for
the month of April for Blundeston & none for Flixton, one of which related to HMP. No other details
were given. Community Speedwatch update was received from PCSO Kershaw as she was unable
to attend. This was read out by the chairman. The CSW equipment is now insured & covers the
use of the equipment anywhere within the ‘Northern parishes’. Additionally the insurance company
are going to include ALL CSW volunteers under Lound’s public liability insurance.
District Councillor report No report was available
County Councillor Report.Cllr Barnard reported during the annual meeting.
Pre-School development of outside area Ms Carly Jones ( Chairperson of the Pre-school)
introduced herself and discussed future plans for the development of the outside area behind the
village hall. These plans will hopefully include a hard standing area, 4m x 8 m canopy,
wheelchair/pushchair access by ramp, small wooden playhouse, willow tunnel, sand pits and
planters for vegetables and flowers. The plans are still to be finalised and drawn up and will be
presented at the June meeting. Approval for the willow tunnel needed to be sought as the willow
needed to be planted as soon as possible. This was approved.
Accounts The following accounts were approved for payment.
Chairman’s broadband allowance Jan/Feb/Mar                     £ 25.00
Allianz/Aon Insurance plc                                      £ 2,079.68
Skate Park – Final stage payment                               £ 6,593.25
The Annual accounts were on display.
At this point Mrs Browne left the room
Mr Mr & Mrs Doddington, 11 Orchard Close – Construction of single storey front extension. This
was approved by the planning sub committee at an earlier date.
Mr Jason Browne of 57 The Street – Construction of two storey rear extension at 59 The Street. A
parishioner expressed concerns about neighboring loss of light. It was advised that they would be
able to forward their views separately. This planning was approved.
Mr Jason Browne – Construction of end terrace house adjoining 59 The Street. This was approved
after discussion but with recommendation that sufficient parking is provided off the road as it was
unanimously felt that parking in the street continues to be a problem.
Correspondence Suffolk Acre – Certificate of membership placed on notice board in village hall.
WDC – World of planning events. Presentations to be given on 18th May and 24th May
WDC – Waveney local development framework passed onto councilors for perusal

The next meeting will be the annual Parish Council Meeting and is to be to be held Tuesday 22nd
June 2010 at 7.30p.m. There being no further business the meeting closed at 10:10p.m.


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