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Sample EO or Resolution for County Cost Savers Task Force by e2f57F39


									An Executive Order/Resolution creating the County Cost Savers Task Force

WHEREAS, it is advantageous to (Municipality/School District) to achieve cost efficiencies by
taking advantage of the economies of scale afforded by county government; and

WHEREAS, (Municipality/School District) needs to identify opportunities for saving money that
may be available through the programs and facilities of county government.

Now, therefore be it (ordered/resolved), by the (Municipality/School District) that a County Cost
Savers Task Force is hereby established.

Section 1. Membership

The County Cost Savers Task Force shall consist of up to seven members, including the Mayor or
the Mayor’s designee, a member of the Council, and up to six citizens all of whom shall be
appointed by the Mayor and who shall serve without compensation.

Section 2. Terms
The County Cost Savers Task Force shall exist for a period of one year, unless extended for an
additional year by the (Mayor or School Board).

Section 3. Duties

The duties of the County Cost Savers Task Force shall be as follows:

A. To identify cost-savers that are or may be made available by the county government to the
(Municipality/School District) which can reduce expenses in the operation of government or
acquisition of necessary goods or services.

B. Upon identifying cost savers, to recommend to the (Municipality/School District) a list of
options for their consideration.

C. To seek further information and take on any other responsibilities related to determining the
feasibility of taking advantage of potential cost-savings via county government as may be requested
by the (Mayor or Council/School District)

Section 4. Effective Date

This (Order/Resolution) shall take effect upon enactment and publication.

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