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									                           Football Supporters Europe

                           Info Sheet for Submissions
                           Please fill in the form in English!

Country: Click here to insert text.

Name of your fans’ group (in your original language – no English translation required):
Click here to insert text.

Name of the team you support: Click here to insert text.

Contact person:         (the details provided here will be used by FSE for the sole purpose of contacting you – we won’t
publish it or pass it on to any third party!)
Name of contact person: Click here to insert text.
Email: Click here to insert text.
PhoneNo: Click here to insert text.

Day and Match for which the choreo was organised: Click here to insert text.

Some Background info on your choreo:
e.g. How many people were involved in preparing and showing it? What is the message / history behind your choroeo (e.g.
is there hidden jokes behind it between you and the opponent group), if there is one? If you used banners with messages
on, what do they say (in English)?
Click here to insert text.

With the submission of our choreo pictures and this form for the ChoreoTrophy , we hereby declare
with our group that the choreo submitted was organized in line with the national legislation of the
country where it was done. Also, we confirm that we fully support the FSE Core Principles:
       We do not tolerate discrimination of any individuals on any grounds including the following: ethnic origin, ability,
        religion and belief, gender, sexual orientation and age
       We reject violence, both verbal and physical
       We stand up for the empowerment of grassroots football supporters
       We want to promote a positive football and supporters’ culture, including values such as fair play and good


Now please send us the form together with your pictures via email to !

Please keep in mind: Deadline for submissions for the 2012 ChoreoTrophy is 20 May 2012!
We won’t be able to consider any submissions sent to us after this date.

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