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									                  Agreement Regarding a Program to Reward Exceptional Merit
                                        May 25, 2011

The Massachusetts Society of Professors (MSP) and the University of Massachusetts Amherst
hereby agree as follows:

   1) In any fiscal year 2012 through 2016 in which salary increases for bargaining unit members
      are funded in accordance with Chapter 150E, the University shall have the authority to grant
      additional base salary increases to tenure system (tenured and tenure track) faculty
      members for exceptional merit. The administration shall inform the MSP by September 30
      annually of the maximum total amount it intends to allocate to such increases.

   2) The process for making salary increases under this program shall be as follows: The Provost
      shall solicit nominations, which may come from department heads/chairs, department
      personnel committees, individual faculty members, and deans. The Provost shall seek
      recommendations from school/college personnel committees on all such nominations, and
      said recommendations shall include award amounts. The school/college personnel
      committee shall forward all nominations with their recommendations to the Provost. The
      Provost shall make the final determinations about all salary increases from those
      recommended by the school/college personnel committees, and his/her determinations
      shall not be grievable. The MSP shall be provided with a list of the names of nominees, the
      award amounts recommended by school/college personnel committees, and the award
      amount granted by the Provost within two weeks of the conclusion of the award process.

   3) All tenure system faculty members shall be eligible for consideration. No individual will
      receive a salary increase under this program more often than once in any three-year period.
      Salary increases under this program shall be first distributed in January 2012. For an initial
      award, all previous accomplishments while at the University shall be considered. Any
      subsequent award to a faculty member who has already received an exceptional merit
      award shall be based only on work performed since that last award.

   4) Salary increases shall ordinarily be awarded in the range of $5,000 to $10,000, with the
      average in any year being no greater than $10,000 and a maximum award of $20,000
      awarded only in extraordinary circumstances. Awards will be granted to tenure system
      faculty members based on exceptionally meritorious performance leading to achievement of
      national or international renown. National or international renown may be demonstrated in
      research, teaching, or service, and special consideration will be given to instances in which
      an individual’s salary is lower than salaries at peer universities. Tenure system faculty
      members in all disciplines will be considered, and the measures of national or international
      renown will be those appropriate to the respective disciplines. Evidence of national or
      international renown may include but will not be limited to awards such as those tracked by
      the Association of American Universities or comparable national or international distinction.

   5) The awards each year will be distributed in approximate proportion to the number of tenure
      system faculty members in each of the following three areas: the College of Natural
      Sciences; the Colleges of Social and Behavioral Science and Humanities and Fine Arts; and
      the professional schools (School of Education, Isenberg School of Management, College of
      Engineering, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health and Health Sciences).

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