2011 Coach s Workshop Starting from scratch

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					                                       Starting from scratch
                                           2011-12 Coach Workshop
                                                  Jay Lytle

                            Experienced Division (ages 15-18)
Senior Quizzing
                           Intermediate Division (ages 12-14, or first year quizzer)

                          Junior Division (ages 9-11)
Junior Quizzing
                          Beginner Division (ages 8 and under)

  Junior Quizzing (ages 11 and under)                            Senior Quizzing (ages 12-18)
         Morey and Cynthia Redmond                       Ryan Jordan                         Jay Lytle
        11700 Lower Green Valley Rd.                 7810 Hawkins Court                     Dublin, OH
           Mt. Vernon, OH 43050                      Sylvania, OH 43560                  Lytle.49@osu.edu
       ohiojrbiblequizzing@yahoo.com                 RyRy0126@aol.com

Season Timeline
    January – June
          o Monthly Ohio tournaments
                  Junior and Senior on different Saturdays
          o State finals
                  June
                  2 day tournament (Fri-Sat)
    March / April
          o Junior Extravaganzas (regional competitions)
                  March 16-17, 2012---Western: Aloha, Oregon (Pastor B. King)
                  March 23-24, 2012---Eastern: Washington D.C. (Pastor J. Staten)
                  April 20-21, 2012---Northcentral: Mattoon, IL (Pastor D. Doughty)
                  April 27-28, 2012---Southcentral: Mesquite, Texas (Pastor R. Flowers)
          o Senior Extravaganzas (regional competitions)
                  March 29-31,2012—Southcentral: Dallas, Texas (Pastor T.Foster)
                  April 12-14,2012—Northcentral: Cincinnati, Ohio (Pastor N.Paslay)
                  April 19-21, 2012—Eastern: Richmond, Virginia (Pastor J. Forbush)
                  April 26-28, 2012—Western: Bakersfield, California (Pastor J. Mullings)
    July / August
          o North American Junior Bible Quizzing Tournament (NAJBQT)
                  July 23-27, 2012 – Branson, MO??
          o North American Bible Quizzing Tournament (NABQT)
                  July 28-August 1, 2012 - St. Louis, MO

        Promotions – Inform and inspire
            o YJBQ by Gary Kufel (www.ohiojbq.com)
            o Ryan O’neil’s videos (www.seniorbiblequizzing.com)
                     Who will tell the world? (2009)
                     Focus (2010)
                     Obsession (2011)
           o   Skits
                    Mock quiz
                    Sword of the Spirit
          o Testimonials
          o Visit each Sunday school class
          o One-on-one conversations
      Assistant coaches
          o Godly, committed adults who love kids and love the Word

Orientation meeting
      See example orientation packet
      Start in the Fall of the preceding year

What should I buy?
      Coach
          o Rules manual
          o Score sheets
          o Practice questions
          o Concordance
          o Laminated material
          o Buzz box
      Quizzers
          o Laminated material
          o Box of verse cards
      All registration forms should be mailed to the appropriate location 2 weeks prior to the tournament to
       avoid any late fees.
      Monthly Ohio tournaments (mail to appropriate coordinator: Redmonds – Juniors, Ryan Jordan - Seniors)
            o Juniors
                     www.ohiojbq.com
                     $50 for first team / $40 for second team
            o Seniors
                     www.ohioyouthdivision.com
                     $40 for first team / $35 for second team
      Extravaganzas (mail to UPCI headquarters)
            o Juniors
                     www.sundayschooldivision.org
                     $75 for first team / $50 for third team / $40 for fourth team
            o Seniors
                     www.seniorbiblequizzing.com
                     Online registration available in 2012
                     $75 for first team / $55 for third team / $45 for fourth team
      Nationals (mail to UPCI headquarters)
            o Juniors
                     www.sundayschooldivision.org
                     $100 per team
            o Seniors
                     www.seniorbiblequizzing.com
                      $125 per team

    Quote-a-thons (each child gets sponsors to pay per verse quoted)
    Dessert auctions
    Bake sales
    Car washes (if your quizzers are old enough)
    Restaurant fundraisers (ie. Max & Erma’s)

Common pitfalls
      Mid-year burn out
          o Don’t miss any tournaments
          o Extravaganza
          o Fresh practices
          o Encouragement (it’s a marathon not a sprint)
      Lack of success
          o Additional rewards system
                    Personal learning goals
                    Finishing the season
                    Correct answers in practice
      Quizzers who don’t study
          o Send study reminders during the week
          o One-on-one conversation
          o Accountability
          o Get parents on board

Bible quizzing websites
    www.upcquiz.com
            o International tournament updates
            o Statistics (individual quizzers and teams)
            o Computer buzzer system & software
            o Online games
            o Various resources
    www.seniorbiblequizzing.com
            o North American senior Bible quizzing
            o Extravaganza & NABQT information
            o Coach and parent resources
    www.sundayschooldivision.com
            o North American junior Bible quizzing
            o Extravaganza & NAJBQT information
    www.ohiojbq.com
            o Ohio junior Bible quizzing
            o Monthly tournament dates and results
            o Various resources
    www.ohioyouthdivision.com
            o Ohio senior Bible quizzing
            o Monthly tournament dates
            o Various resources
    www.bqpowers.com
            o Official BQ material distributor

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