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					                                                                                                             BETHEL CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH
                             SERVICE SCHEDULE

                       Christmas Day        New Year’s Eve       January 1                                                         December 25, 2011
                                                                 Worship at 11AM
ELDER                  A. Tamming           P. Beerda            B. De Vries                             Inviting community ...seeking God ...growing in Christ ...caring for all
DEACONS                P. Colyn             I. Thorausch         H. Heuving
                       I. Thorausch         H. Heuving           R. Vlieger            Today – December 25 – 10AM - GLAD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY!! Today is CHRISTMAS DAY!
GREETERS               I. Thorausch         A. Rowaan            P. Beerda             We join together for singing, celebration and encouragement as we mark the birth of our Lord Jesus
                       J. Pasma             R. Vlieger           H. Heuving
                                                                                       Christ, the Saviour of the world for all times and places and peoples. Our prayer and theme title is
WELCOME PERSON         T. Nieuwland
                                                                                       – “Come to Us” The suggested lectionary gospel readings include Luke 2:1-20 and John 1:1-
                       P. Beerda                                 M. Saarloos
NURSERY                A. Beerda                                 G. Brus
                       J. Vanderlei                              M. Groot-Nibbelink    Later this Week and Next Week
CHILDREN’S STORY       M. Rowaan                                 M. Hessels            Worship Services –      Dec.31 7.30PM – New Year’s Eve Service
COFFEE                 F & L De Vries                            H & R Jeninga         Jan.1 – special time –10.15AM brunch and 11 - AM Worship –
                       B. Knapper                                J & R Vlieger         Join with God and each other as we mark the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.
USHERS                 C. Baarda                                 P & B Mook
                       Y. Emun                                   T. Super
                                                                                       BRUNCH 10:15a.m. As we do other years, we will have a time of fellowship, conversation and
SOUND                  B. Heuving           J. de Boer           S. Jeninga
                                                                                       offering each other New Year’s blessings beginning at 10:15a.m. Please bring any leftover goodies
                       M. Hamstra           M. Beldman           C. Howlett
SUNDAY SCHOOL                                                                          from your own New Year’s celebrations for our fellowship time together. They can be dropped off in
                       No Sunday School                          No Sunday School
MUSICIAN               M. Heuving           J. Beldman           J. Beldman            the kitchen.
                       I. Ott
                             WEEKLY CALENDAR

SUNDAY                10:00a.m.        Christmas Day Worship Service                                                        BETHEL CHURCH FAMILY
                12:30-7:30p.m.         Ark Aid Dinner                                           Early this past Wednesday morning, John deVries passed on to be with the Lord. We pray
MONDAY           7:00-9:00p.m.         Visitation in Bethel church for John De Vries   for God’s strength and eternal comfort to surround his in the loss of a husband, father and
TUESDAY                1:00p.m.        Memorial Service for John De Vries              grandfather. We also extend our prayers to his wife Tina and their children John and Chris,
WEDNESDAY              6:30p.m.        Youth Group Skating evening                     Rick and Joanne, Ed and Janice, Rita and Harold and their families and Christian sympathy
SATURDAY               7:30p.m.        New Year’s Eve Service                          to Ruth Poortinga whose father also passed on this past week. Ruth had received word of her
                                                                                       grandmother’s passing just the week before last. Ruth will be travelling this week to be with her
SUNDAY                10:15a.m.        Brunch followed by service
                                                                                       family in Eritrea. Pray for comfort and safety in travel. Bernie Hengeveld continues his
                                                                                       recuperation from his recent surgery to remove a malignant abdominal tumour. Pray for recovery
                                                                                       and healing for Nel deVries after her recent breast-cancer surgery. Keep Sylvia Reitsma in your
                                                                                       prayers as she awaits word on a treatment plan for dealing with her lymphoma. Andy and Alice
            Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink – 519-453-0767;              Vanderveen’s granddaughter Leah had breast-cancer surgery this past Wednesday and awaits
                    Chair of Council – Peter Beerda – 519-268-3255                     further word on any future treatment plan.
                    Clerk of Council – Harry Jeninga – 519-284-3224
                                                                                                Pray for others who may be awaiting medical appointments and tests in the near future.
          Secretary – Joanne Pasma; 519-453-6565;
            Office hours: Monday and Thursday morning, Friday afternoon
                     Bulletin submission deadline: Thursday 9a.m.                      Thank you for your cards, emails, and prayers in connection with the recent death of my dad,
                           Church website:                           Bill Smids. Through you we have experienced God's comfort, care and grace. Marg Kooy

                                                                                       Pray on...
                                                                                       Sunday … for - Canadian Ministries - Urban Aboriginal Ministries—Christmastime is a
                                                                                       challenge for people living with addictions. It is a time when people who have given up their
                                                                                       addictions are more likely to fall, and when those actively addicted are inclined to use even more.
Pray that God will guide people away and protect them from their addictions and that the power of      Next Week: Denominational Ministry Shares
these addictions will be broken.
Monday…for renewal. In the midst of the busy-ness of this season, pray that we may be able to                             Gift Fund-Ark Aid/Food Bank: $721.00;
set aside time to reflect meaningfully on the great love of God that came to the earth in the person                      Back to God Hour: $50.00
of Jesus Christ. Continue to pray for new opportunities to share this love with those who do not yet
know Christ.                                                                                                                          Bethel Proportional Giving and
Tuesday...ongoing Bethel prayer concerns: Pray for those for whom this time of year is especially                                       Offerings for the year 2011
difficult because of losses of the past and the missing of loved ones. Also pray for those unable to                  Offering needed weekly                        $ 4,946.00
be with us regularly; Tina Wiersma at Richmond Woods, Rika Voogt, and Alice Vanderveen.                               Budget requirement year to date               $252,180.00
Pray for Danielle Rowaan in Mali, Jocelyn Beldman as she has returned from Antigua and Leah                           Offering received                             $ 7,190.00
Hopp in Karamoja, Uganda.                                                                                             Offering received year to date                $187,921.00
Wednesday… for our global neighbours ... Pray for the people of the Philippines who have
lost so much in terms of lives and homes. Pray for stability for North Korea and its global
neighbours with the change of power in leadership.                                                                                            OFFICE HOURS
Thursday…for CRWRC - Praise God that his deep love has been shared in more than 4,500                  The office will be open on Monday, Thursday and Friday morning, please have all bulletin
communities around the world this year through CRWRC’s community development programs.                 information in by Thursday 9a.m.
Thank God for all the people who have supported CRWRC’s ministry of love, providing clean water,
nutritious food, literacy programs, business development training, and health care to communities in                                       CHURCH ACTIVITIES
need.                                                                                                  BETHEL CONGREGATION!!
Friday… for Home Missions - Campus ministry—A new part-time campus ministry has started                116 knitted items were counted and boxed up for ARK AID MISSION CHRISTMAS DAY
at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, B.C. Please pray for pastor Sam Lee, a second-         CELEBRATIONS. THANK-YOU so much for your support of the MITTEN TREE 2011.
generation Korean, as he leads this new ministry.
Saturday… for World Missions - Mexico—San Pablo Theological Seminary in Merida, Mexico,                "CROSSFIRE" YOUTH GROUP GRADES 7 - 12 (BRING A FRIEND)
prepares pastors and church planters to serve across southern Mexico. Pray that seminary teachers      Wed. Dec. 28 - Skating, campfire, hotdogs, hot chocolate. Meet at Good News at 6:30 for carpool
and administrators will perceive what training their students need. Pray for seminarians to draw       to Victoria Park. Please be picked up again at Good News at 9 p.m. If you don't skate just come and
nearer to God through their studies.                                                                   hang out. Come with your friends, bring your family.
                                                                                                       Mon. Jan. 9 - leader's meeting at Bethel 7 p.m.
*E – CLASS****E – CLASS**** E – CLASS****E – CLASS**** E – CLASS*
BUSY WORKING? AT COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY? – Interested in building your faith, becoming a                WORSHIP COMMITTEE - Thursday January 12th 7:30pm
member at Bethel Church but are out of town or can’t commit to a night every week? Then think
of joining an “E-CLASS” with Pastor Eric. Through email, readings can be assigned, discussions held                                  REQUESTED ANNOUNCEMENTS
and periodic meetings arranged for when you are available or home. If interested please email          SAVE THE DATE …..for Classis Chatham’s annual DAY OF ENCOURAGEMENT on February 11,
Pastor Eric at - Of course, those interested in a regular in-person class are also   2012 at London District Christian Secondary School. The theme for this year is Generation
encouraged to contact Pastor Eric.                                                                     Now…. Conversations with and about Emerging Adults (18-25+) Stay tuned for more information.

SENIORS FELLOWSHIP – NEXT GATHERING – will be scheduled for January 18, 2010.                          INFORMATION EVENING FOR PARENTS OF GRADE 7 AND 8 STUDENTS
                                                                                                       Parents of students in grades 7 and 8 are invited to attend a Dinner and Information Evening at
                                        FROM COUNCIL                                                   London District Christian Secondary School on Friday, January 13, 2012, from 6:30 –
Needed request: The Thielke's (missionaries whom Bethel supports) are retiring from the mission        9:30 p.m. The program will include alumni reflections, curricular highlights, and student
field. They are coming to our Church on Sunday January 8, 2012 for a farewell. At that time they       perspectives on Christian education. If you wish to attend, please email ( or call the
are going to give us an update on what they have been doing on the mission field. We are in need       office (519-455-4360) by Monday, January 9, 2012.
of accommodation for them on Saturday January 7, 2012, if anyone can help us out please contact
Harry Jeninga ASAP. Many thanks

                                    FROM THE DEACONS
Today’s Offering: Christmas Day: CRWRC
New Year’s Eve: Budget
                                       December 25, 2011
                                      Christmas Day Worship
                                           Bethel Church


                                                                 WE RECEIVE GOD'S WORD
                                                                 The Reading of Luke 2:8-20
Opening Prayer
                                                                 Sermon: “Come to Us”
The First Reading: Isaiah 9:6-7
                                                                 The Pastoral Prayer
The Lighting of Four Candles and the Christ Candle
                                                                 WE SING TO THE GLORY OF GOD
*The Gospel Reading: John 1:1-5, 14, 29
                                                                 PH 355:1,2,3 “Good Christian Friends, Rejoice”
*Song: "Magnify the Lord"
                                                                 PH 214 “Ere Zij God”(Glory to God)
*The Call to Worship:
                                                                 PH 345:1,2,3 “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”
*God's Greeting and Congregational Amen!
                                                                 “He Came” (singers)
*Worshipers greet one another with the peace of Christ.
                                                                 “Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne”
The Reading of Luke 2:1-7
                                                                 *The Benediction
PH 337: 1,2,4 “Joy to the World”
                                                                 *Song: “AMEN”
PH 349 “Away In A Manger
SNC 115 “ Gloria “

PH 347 “Angels, We Have Heard on High”                           *You are invited to stand

PH 340 1,3,4 “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

1st Offering: CRWRC
2nd Offering: Bethel Budget and Denominational Ministry Shares

“He’s Still the King of Kings” (Singers)

Children’s Message – Marlene Rowaan

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