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									                  FG D CIC ACTIVITY REPORT FROM 8/1/12 – 8/31/12

FGD CIC Assignments:

5029 MBC Telecom, LLC                                              5029/XMB
5032 Cibolo Creek Ventures, LLC dba
     RoutePoint Communications                                     5032/RPZ
5078 JKM Consulting, Inc. dba M2 Connections                       5078/JKT
5109 Southeastern Services, Inc.                                   5109/SEF

FGD CICs Reclaimed/Returned:

0139   Worldcall Interconnect, Inc.                                0139/XWC
0845   Mount Angel Telephone Company                               0845/UMA
0879   SnowCrest Telephone, Inc.                                   0879/SXN
5529   Southeastern Services, Inc.                                 5529/SEF


From: Home Telecom LLC                                             5519/HEM
To:   Berkeley Cable Television, Inc. dba Home Telecom             5519/HEM

CICs Transferred: None

Name Changes: None

ACNA Changes: None

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