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									                                       The Portable
     March 2004

                                      The Newsletter of Austin Community College's Adjunct Faculty Association
    AFA executive
    council meeting:
    March 12
    4-6 pm
                             AFA Social at Cypress
                             Becky Villarreal                friction between full and       fication--lecturers. The
    HBC 221                                                  part time faculty. At the       college attorney is explor-
                             Adjunct representatives
                                                             meeting, adjuncts even          ing this option right now.
                             Vicke Hammond and
    AFA web page:                                            discussed the value of a        As lecturers, adjuncts
                             Becky Villarreal held a
                                                             retreat in order to bring       would have full time status
                             campus AFA meeting at
    www2.austincc.                                           the two groups together.        (at a fixed salary) and
                             Cypress on Thursday,
    edu/afa                                                                                  receive state-paid
                             March 4 from 11 a.m. till 1     Charles Zucker from the
                                                                                             benefits. This would be a
                             p.m. Attendees were             Texas Faculty Association
                                                                                             good thing for all adjuncts
                             treated to a light snack        came at 11:30 a.m. to talk
                                                                                             be-cause some long-
                             and discussed the health        about the adjunct benefits
                                                                                             serving adjuncts would
                             benefits situation.             law under SB 1370. Gerry
                                                                                             become lecturers and
                                                             Tucker has made it clear
                             Important topics included                                       other adjuncts would
                                                             that the MSTA Exceptions
                             the MSTA Exception and                                          eventually receive health
                                                             that were promised insur-
                             the Excellent, Excellent                                        benefits under SB 1370--
                                                             ance last fall will be the
                             requirement for HPTH and                                        it's a win, win situation for
                                                             first to be considered.
Contents:                    MSTAs. Now that being                                           us all.
                                                             Zucker and Villarreal
                             an MSTA could effect
1   AFA Social at Cypress                                    suggest that once MSTA          Finally, the AFA still hasn't
                             insurance coverage in the
    AFA News                                                 Exceptions get coverage,        heard back from ERS
                             future, adjuncts are even
                                                             it will open up possibilities   regarding the implement-
2   Letter from Gerry        more concerned that Very
                                                             for other adjuncts in the       ation of SB 1370. Once
    Tucker                   Good is not good enough.
                                                             future.                         that is established, the
                             Overall, adjuncts feel that                                     Board will need to make a
                                                             Zucker also talked about
                             too much weight is being                                        decision regarding fund-
Enjoy Spring Break!                                          the possibility of develop-
                             put on the Student Eval-                                        ing.
                                                             ing a new adjunct classi-
                             uations and this is causing

April issue:                 AFA News
AFA election!               Minutes of the AFAEC, Feb. 13, 2004
                            HBC 221, 4pm-5pm
General Assembly
                            1. Bill Carter (AVP for IT) spoke with us about
                            a) a pilot program to help handle spam (in which a number of us have volunteered to
                            b) the fact that at some point in the upcoming months ACC will stop accepting incoming
                            emails to the “” address because it seems to be the gateway for a
                            disproportionate amount of the spam we receive

                            2. Gerry Tucker spoke with us for about one minute just before we had to leave due to early
                            closing of ACC. No self-paid insurance will be offered to adjuncts this spring because the
                            offers received did not sufficiently conform to the RFP and thus we can not legally accept

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them. It is the intention of ACC to do another RFP to solicit offers specifically of indemnity plans (which can function
both as a supplement for employees with ERS insurance and as a self-paid insurance plan for adjuncts).The RFP will
likely go out this spring with the intention of a January enrollment period.

3. We had a preliminary discussion of the agenda for General Assembly. We agreed that having candidates for the ACC
Board would be valuable but we need some additional focus. Please forward ideas to Caleb Buckley.

Looking for Former Students to celebrate ACC

Austin Community College is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its first commencement exercises on May 6, 2004.
Noting the significance of the occasion and to honor the achievements of some of our earliest students, faculty, and
founding supporters, ACC is planning a special program addition to the traditional graduation ceremony.

One of the possibilities we're exploring is that of producing a video montage of reflections of some students from the first
graduating class of 1974, and perhaps some other graduates whose time at ACC significantly touched their lives and
paved the way to future successes.

Have you taught or worked with, or do you know of an ACC graduate who achieved significant success over the years (in
any of the various ways in which one can be successful) after being a student at ACC, and who would be willing and able
to express how ACC made a difference in her or his life as part of a message for this year's graduation class? Please
contact Linda Kluck, Director of Admissions and Records ( with the details, including the
individual's name and contact information so that we can further explore the possibilities.

Don Becker
President, Adjunct Faculty Association

 Letter from Gerry Tucker, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
 Date: February 26, 2004
 Re: Health Insurance for Adjuncts

 I appreciate the opportunity to attend your last meeting and regret that we had to leave early due to HBC closing. I
 wanted to reiterate that we will continue to work with AFA regarding health benefits for adjuncts.

 As we discussed, last year we issued three RFP’s for health insurance for adjuncts and did not get one response. This
 year we issued an RFP for health insurance and supplemental plans and got one response for an indemnity plan. Since
 it did not include a health insurance plan, the vendor’s plan was not accepted.

 We have now issued a request for an indemnity and supplemental plan and quotes from the 46 vendors. We plan to
 offer an indemnity and supplemental plan for all employees in the fall. These plans usually offer hospital intensive care
 coverage, sickness and accident provisions and cancer protection. An indemnity plan is also a reimbursement plan and
 the coverage differs from a health insurance plan. The AFA has members serving on the committee that will review
 the plans submitted by the vendors and make a recommendation to the Executive Team.

 In addition, we are awaiting the regulations and guidelines from ERS regarding House Bill 1370 that permits health
 insurance for adjuncts with certain restrictions and at the college’s cost. Once we have obtained the guidelines, we
 will present the relevant information to the Board during this budget process for their consideration. This information
 will also be made available to the officers of AFA as soon as it is received from ERS.

 If you have any additional questions, please let me know ( We want to work with you to ensure
 that these benefits are given adequate consideration in light of the needs of adjunct faculty. We look forward to
 working with you.

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