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									                                       Federal Work Study
                                         Job Description

Position Title: Short Term Education Program Student Assistant

Supervisor: Cheryl Nutter

Department: Short Term Education

Supervisor’s Telephone Number: 419.251.1519

Job Duties:

      Answer and return phone calls from prospective students.
      Greet outside customers and answer basic interest questions.
      Assist with program and event preparation such as set up, clean up, copying, registartion, etc.
      Process incoming and outgoing mail.
      Perform computer tasks such as basic data entry, creating spreadsheets, updating PowerPoint
       presentations, etc.
      Correlate data and program documents.
      Summarize class evaluations.
      Other duties as assigned.


      Pleasant and friendly disposition both in person and on the phone.
      Commitment to giving quality customer service.
      Punctuality.
      Proficient Knowledge of Microsoft Office software (i.e., Word, Excel).
      Complete work in an efficient timely manner
      Commitment to following FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) policies & procedures

Hourly Pay: $7.70 per hour

Number of Work Hours: 5 per week
Number of weeks: 50
Hours: flexible

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