Formulaire A (EN)

                          NOTICE OF VACANCY
                      SECONDED NATIONAL EXPERTS
1. Directorate general         :COMP
   - Directorate               :B
   - Unit                      :3
   - Place                     :Brussels
   - Head of Unit              : Per HELLSTROM, Tel. +32 2 296.69.35
    - Date of beginning        : 01.11.2012

Please note that the secondment will be governed by the Commission decision C(2008)6866 of
12/11/2008 laying down rules on the secondment to the Commission of national experts to the
Commission. This decision is available on http://ec.europa.eu/civil_service/job/sne/index_en.htm

2. Main areas of responsibility :

The work consists essentially in preparing the Commission’s position on
concentrations falling under the Merger Regulation. Case handlers work in teams that
carry out legal and economic analysis of the impact of concentrations on the
competitive structure, including market investigations, detailed discussions with the
parties to the concentration and their lawyers and with customers, suppliers and
competitors. Contacts are also maintained with other regulatory bodies. The case
handler is responsible for preparing draft Commission decisions, preparing
negotiations with companies and ensuring that procedures are correctly applied. The
work also involves participation in working groups on policy issues and legislation,
drafting of speeches and briefings, etc.

The unit’s staff may also be called on to work in merger teams in different sectors and
in antitrust case teams.

3. Main qualifications :

University degree in economics or law or equivalent.
Very good knowledge of competition law, and more particularly of merger control at
national and Community levels.
Experience in working with the Community institutions is an advantage.

4. Languages:

Capacity of writing and knowledge of at least 2 Community languages, including
English, German or French.

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