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MINUTES of the eighteenth meeting of School Board/Whole School Meeting,
held on Wednesday, 16 January 2008 in Room M055 (Norbert Singer Lecture
Theatre), Mansion Site, Avery Hill Campus. This is a special meeting for the
purpose of annual monitoring.

18.1   PRESENT: List of attendees and apologies for absence attached.


18.2   The Minutes of the meeting held on 13 November 2007 were approved as a
       correct record subject to the following amendment:

       Minute 17.17: New Department of PLD
       (amended text in italics)

       ‘The second change proposed was the merger of the Education Leadership
       Department with the Department of PCET, to form the Department of
       Professional Learning and Development (PLD). Given the merger of the two
       departments the new name had been subject to consideration and approval by
       both former PCT and ELD staff and was now endorsed by School Board. The
       Chair undertook to submit this change to Academic Council.’

18.2   An update on Matters Arising [attached] had been circulated to all members.

18.3   Minutes would be posted on the staff portal with an email alert to staff. A
       request was made for Minutes to be accompanied by summaries of action
       points and this would be considered as part of the updating process.

       Action: Head of School/DLQ/SQO


18.4   The Chair undertook to update the School Board’s terms of reference, in
       consultation with the Director of Learning & Quality and School Quality
       Officer. The revised version would be circulated to all staff for comment
       within two weeks.

       Action: Head of School/DLQ/SQO

(presentation slides available on the Staff Portal)

       Report from Head of School

18.5   There had been successful outcomes to both the Secondary and Primary
       Education Ofsted Inspections in November and December 2007 respectively.
       A favourable report had also been received from the Children’s Workforce
       Development Council following its Quality Assurance visit to the Early Years
       Professional Status pathways. Funding for the pathways had been secured for
       a further 3 years (2008-2011). Staff were congratulated on these

18.6   Staffing changes: the Acting Head of ECS had returned to his leadership role
       in PE and Sport and the vacancy would be advertised shortly. The Head of
       Secondary Education would take on this additional responsibility for a limited
       period. It had been agreed that the non-QTS degree in PE and Sport should be
       moved to Secondary Education.

       Report from Director of Resources

18.7   The Space Management Office had audited Schools’ use of teaching rooms on
       a number of Fridays. The results indicated that our usage was better than that
       of other Schools, with 10% of the rooms checked (10 out of 70) having been
       unoccupied. The School needed to further improve on this given that penalties
       could be introduced for non-usage. Staff must remember to cancel unwanted

18.8   All Greenwich-based staff had been allocated space to work at Avery Hill
       from the 2008/09 session and this included tutorial rooms for academic staff.
       Rooms for staff in the Honeycomb Building would be refurbished and three
       teaching spaces in the Mansion Building would be upgraded to the match the
       standards of Greenwich teaching accommodation. The move had been
       planned to ensure that staff would not be worse off following the relocation.
       However, creative timetabling would be necessary to release more teaching
       space. Given that there would be 120-150 extra students on Campus from the
       full-time Certificate/PGCE, the additional demand for parking space at peak
       periods would need to be carefully managed. It was reported on behalf of
       Mary Clare Martin that the paper produced for Academic Council was
       available electronically and could be obtained on request.

18.9   Following the recent fire on the Mansion Site the Fire Service had given
       positive feedback on the swift reporting of the incident and orderly evacuation
       of the buildings affected. School Board commended Primary Education staff
       in particular on the way in which they had dealt with the aftermath, given that
       the fire had happened just prior to their Ofsted visit.

18.10 After the incident a thorough inspection had been conducted by a local fire
      officer, one outcome being the requirement to remove posters and notice
      boards in corridors since they posed a fire risk. This had been done. It was

       hoped to install replacements which enclosed notices with a perspex casing.
       The inspection report had also indicated some unsafe practices such as fire
       doors being wedged open so staff were urged not to do this. Damage to 120
       data cables had regrettably caused some inconvenience to staff, although the
       problems had now largely been addressed. In the case of the Design
       Technology laboratories there was a delay because of a query over the refit
       cost by the insurers.

18.11 In two days’ time the Health & Safety Committee would be reviewing the
      School’s action plan: one important feature of the plan was the introduction of
      a registration process for all of our visitors to Campus, as part of which they
      would receive an orientation pack and information on health & safety. A
      question was posed regarding the role of Fire Officers and the procedure for
      providing cover when they were not on Campus; it was also pointed out that
      some entrances had been found to be locked at times when they should be
      open and this reduced the number of exit routes from the building. Guidance
      would be sought from University Health & Safety staff.

       Action: Yana Tainsh

       Report from Director of Learning & Quality

18.12 The National Student Survey was now underway and a series of Powerpoint
      slides was available for staff to show students. It was important that we raised
      the profile of the survey, encouraging our final year students (including
      Foundation Degrees) to complete it so as to improve participation rates. A
      target response rate of at least 65% had been set by the University. A
      laboratory (Room H116) had been booked at various times to allow students to
      complete the survey online. Staff would be notified of the booking slots.

       Action: Heads of Department, Programme Leaders and all academic staff

18.13 It was a major University imperative that all final items of assessment must
      have marks on the Banner system. Staff should therefore ensure that all scores
      were supplied in a timely fashion. The code used for non-submission (NN) in
      an individual course had the effect of generating no funding at all for the entire
      programme, even if the student had attended for it, so it was preferable to
      input a mark. The Director of Learning & Quality undertook to draft a
      strategy paper.

       Action: Gavin Farmer

18.14 New assessment regulations relating to grade boundaries and the capping of
      marks had been approved by Academic Council for immediate
      implementation. All staff and students would receive a letter explaining the
      changes and the University would be holding training sessions for academic
      and administrative staff. Further briefings would be provided by the School
      Learning & Quality Office. Revised Banner reports were under development
      which should provide clearer and more accurate recommendations in terms of
      degree class but staff must engage with the pre-PAB checking process in order

       to facilitate this.

       Action: School Learning & Quality staff

18.15 A concern was raised regarding the volume of paperwork generated by the
      assessment process and it was agreed that more could be done electronically.
      A number of University Schools were of the view that Banner results letters
      should be made more student friendly but a suggested solution, the devolution
      of this responsibility to Schools, carried significant resource implications
      which would first have to be addressed. In the meantime, we should ensure
      that any instructions sent to students on reassessment requirements are clear.

18.16 A first draft of the Learning & Quality Sections of the Annual Reporting &
      Planning document (ARPD) had been circulated for comment and inclusion of
      any interesting work in which staff were engaged, for example, relating to

       Report from Director of Research

18.17 Work had begun on a ResearchXtra programme for advanced research funding
      (£5,000), involving both the Education and Health Schools. Staff were urged
      to contact the Director of Research with any proposals. A research forum, led
      by Maggie Gravelle and Mary Clare Martin, would be organised for School
      staff. A new Pro Vice Chancellor for Research & Enterprise, Tom Barnes,
      had been appointed. The new PVC, previously at the University of Auckland,
      had an impressive background in research and planned to work with us to
      bring in more research funds. All staff were encouraged to participate and
      could contribute, for example, to student-centred bids such as widening

18.18 A revised version of the Research and Enterprise Section in the ARPD was
      tabled at the meeting. This version incorporated feedback already received on
      the draft. A research survey would shortly be circulated via email and staff
      were urged to complete it.

       Action: All academic staff


18.19 The Chair and Learning & Quality staff had taken a preliminary look at the
      data for the 2006/07 academic year using the University’s Advisor tool. A
      significant amount of data had already been produced and analysed for Ofsted
      visits and these figures would also inform the ARPD. The Advisor data had
      been interrogated in the light of the University’s Operating Statements and
      Targets and the following positive features were highlighted:

              the School had exceeded the University’s target with regard to
               increasing A-Level tariff scores for first degree entrants (the School’s
               average was 215.8 in comparison with the University target of 205);

              we had also surpassed the University’s target for non-completion
               (21%, the HEFCE benchmark) with a School average of 12.3%. There
               had been a substantial improvement in the ECS average in comparison
               with the previous year (from 20.8% in 2005/06 to 14.8% in 2006/07).
               Each subject should also be measured against the relevant national
               benchmarks. For example, it should be noted that the relatively high
               non-completion rates on the Youth & Community degree were not
               markedly high in comparison with national figures in this subject area.

              In the context of the widening participation agenda, ECS had the
               highest number of students in the School who were from ‘low
               participation neighbourhoods’: 20.2%. For Childhood Studies the
               number of such students was high (26.3% of the total) but it was
               interesting to note, in terms of ‘value added’, that their performance
               compared well with other students on the programme (10.9% non-
               continuation rate against the overall figure for the programme of

18.20 Non-continuation and participation rates for the main undergraduate and
      postgraduate programmes were also provided but in some cases the numbers
      were too small to detect trends. It was important that the School focused on
      data that would be helpful in improving the student experience, eg analysing
      the reasons for non-continuation. The three year trend showed that 2005/06
      had been a problematic year in terms of non-continuation.

18.21 More figures for 2006/07 on student characteristics would be produced via
      Advizor by the School Learning & Quality Office which would also respond
      to further requests from staff. Thanks were extended to School Learning &
      Quality staff for the data supplied. It was also planned to run a School-
      specific workshop on the interrogation of Advizor data so that Programme
      Leaders and other staff could produce their own analyses.

       Action: Diane Coutinho and Sara Macalister

18.22 Other University targets set for 2007/08 as against 2006/08 were: (i) an
      increase of 10% in courses using eLearning (from 35% in to 45%); (ii) the
      number of Foundation Degree students to grow from 575 to 730. The School
      had contributed 312 students to the 2006/07 target; (iii) the employability of
      graduates – the School had the best profile in 2005/06 with only 3.6% of
      survey respondents not in employment of further study; (iv) the target for
      research students remained unchanged at 325; (v) the percentage of staff under
      40 years old to increase by 1% from 17% to 18%. There were no targets for
      ethnicity in regard to staff, as there were for students, and it was suggested that
      the staff profile should be monitored and possible actions and targets

18.23 Staff were invited to provide feedback by 5pm on Friday, 18 January on the
      draft sections of the ARPD already circulated . These would be condensed
      into a more concise and focused document, from which the School Operating
      Plan for 2007/08 and 2008/09 would be generated. The final document would

      be made available on the Staff Portal.

      Action: All staff/Head of School


18.24 Thursday, 22 May 2008 at 2.15 pm in Room M140, Mansion Site, Avery Hill

                         UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH

                    SCHOOL OF EDUCATION & TRAINING


Date: Wednesday, 16 January 2008 Time: 2.00 pm
Place: Room M055 (Norbert Singer Lecture Theatre), Avery Hill Campus

Ade-Ojo, Gordon                            Flynn, Andrew

Ainley, Patrick                            Freeman, Andy

Aldridge, Hatty                            Gibson, Alex

Alexis, Hyline                             Goddard, Bill

Ashton, Rachel                             Golden, Jim

Barnard, Jane                              Gravelle, Maggie

Beeson, Lynne                              Headington, Rita

Choak, Clare                               Hilditch, Felicity

Coutinho, Diane (Secretary)                Jacques, Diane

Crawford-Piper, Nadine                     Jameson, Jill

Crisp, Martin                              Jeffreys, David

Culwick, Gary                              Kemp, Marion

Davy, David                                Kilderry, Anna

Denby, Angie                               Leachman, Sue

Dixon, Lynne                               Leathers, Shirley

Durrell, John                              MacAlister, Sara

Evans, Keith                               McKelvey, Cecilia

Farmer, Gavin                              Meers, Tricia (Chair)

Farr, Jackie                               Morrison, Liz

Murphy, Chris

Nyangon, Maurice

Panting, Jan

Parker Brown, Lynda

Philpott, Chris

Randall, Carol

Reeves, Colin

Rowlands, Dave

Shah, Pakiza

Speare, Jane

Stone, Abbie

Tainsh, Yana

Taylor, Janet

Webb, Mark

Bailey, Suzanne                Martin, Mary Clare

Bath, Diana                    McFarlane, Marie

Bland, Ray                     McNay, Ian

Bodenham, Garry                Mindel, Carla

Bourne, Doug                   Morgan, Robert

Brown, Charmaine               Okoumene, Caroline

Brunskell-Evans, Heather       Orpin, Hilary

Carpenter, Andrea              Page, Damien

Colquhoun, Sue                 Partridge, Tracey

Cox, Anne                      Potter, Mark

Cranwell, Keith                Rawlinson, Chris

Field, Jenny                   Reeves, Margaret

Freedman, Liz                  Ross, Heather

Garner, Les                    Ryan, Malcolm

Gleeson, Julie                 Saridogan, Alison

Good, Keith                    Smith, John

Grant, Pat                     Smith, Penny

Gregory, Peter                 Smith, Sarah

Hannah, Kairan                 Steele, Susanna

Hornsby, Roz                   Thapa, Dika

Kazim, Raza                    Tharia, Shehnaz

Kinchington, Francia           Travi, Sue

Leahong, Trevor                Walker, Simon

Leggatt, Simon                 Watmore, Sue

                       UNIVERSITY of GREENWICH


Matters arising from the Minutes of 13 November 2007 – Update on Action

Minute 17.4: Professional Body Visits
The Children’s Workforce Development Council’s quality assurance visit to the Early
Years Professional Status pathways had had a successful outcome and a positive
report had just been published.

The short Ofsted Inspection of Primary Education had also had a favourable result
and Inspectors had given positive oral feedback. The published report and final
grades are expected in January 2008.

Minute 17.5: 2007/08 Recruitment Figures
The current position with regard to registered students will be reported to the next
meeting on 16 January 2008.

Minute 17.16: Name of School
The outcome of the electronic survey was that the existing title of School of
Education & Training should be retained. There had been 101 responses in total,
consisting of 38 for Education, 39 for Education & Training, 23 for either (ie did not
mind which) and 1 for an alternative title.

Minute 17.17: New Department of PLD
Proposed amendment to the Minute as follows (indicated in italics):
‘The second change proposed was the merger of the Education Leadership
Department with the Department of PCET, to form the Department of Professional
Learning and Development (PLD). Given the merger of the two departments the new
name had been subject to consideration and approval by both former PCT and ELD
staff and was now endorsed by School Board. The Chair undertook to submit this
change to Academic Council.

Minute 17.20: Relocation of Greenwich-based staff
At Academic Council, the Vice Chancellor had confirmed that the decision to relocate
Greenwich-based staff to Avery Hill had been made and no further discussion took

Minute 17.21: Equal Opportunities issues
Update from Director of Resources and Head of School to be given at the meeting on
16 January 2008.


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