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					MERCY HEALTH                                                                  POSITION DESCRIPTION
                                                          Gynaecology Outpatient Clinic Coordinator
                                                                           Outpatients Department

Core Mercy Values:          Compassion, Hospitality, Respect, Innovation, Stewardship, Teamwork

Position title:             Gynaecology Outpatient Clinic             Employee name:
                            Coordinator Grade 3A

Entity/Mercy Health:        Mercy Hospital for Women                  Date:                    August 2012
Business Unit/Department:

Position reports to:        Nurse & Midwifery Unit Manager-           Positions reporting      Communicates receptionists/triage staff
                            Outpatients Department                    to this one:             and other members of the multi
                                                                                               disciplinary team

Position Purpose:              Compliment and support the strategic direction and management within Outpatients Department
                               Promote excellence in clinical practice and woman centred care.
                               Provide effective and efficient organisation and coordination of the specialist gynaecology clinics
                               Ensuring the timely and appropriate processing of referrals into relevant clinics
                               Proactively manage clinic sessions to ensure adequate appointment availability and clinic utilisation
                               Support NUM to apply redesign principles to manage waiting times and fail to attend rates
                               Working alongside the Clinical Director, Gynaecology Services to develop guidelines and procedures
                                aligned with the Specialist Clinic Access Policy.

Qualifications:                Division 1 Registered Nurse with a current registration certificate.
                               Graduate degree in nursing or equivalent qualification.
                               Post graduate qualification in relevant clinical area (preferred).

Mercy Health                                                     Gynaecology Outpatients Clinic Coordinator – Mercy Hospital for Women
                   Personal Competencies required                                                    Job Competencies Required
   Excellent interpersonal and effective communication skills.                     Good knowledge, understanding and commitment to the mission,
                                                                                     vision and values to the Sisters of Mercy.

   Effective customer/client and team focus.                                       Knowledge of the organisation and operation of MHW.

   Adaptability and flexibility.                                                   Knowledge of contemporary nursing issues relative to women’s

   A practical common sense approach to problem solving and                        Advanced clinical skills in the delivery of gynaecology care
    trouble shooting.
   Good judgement.                                                                 Demonstrated achievements in driving clinical innovation in the
                                                                                     relevant clinical area.
   Individual Leadership, Influencing and/or Negotiating skills.                   Ability to think strategically and coordinate the delivery of quality
                                                                                     care within a busy multidisciplinary environment

     Key Result Areas                        Standard Measures                                            Key Activities
   Ensure                             Internal compliance (culture,          Assist the OPD Nurse & Midwifery Unit Manager in facilitating the
    nursing/midwifery                   behaviour and practice) and             implementation of operational strategies in line with the MHW
    leadership within                   commitment from staff on the            Strategic Direction
    maternity services                  unit                                   Act as resource person in facilitating change management and
                                                                                clinical care.
                                                                               Ensures adequate skill mix for delivery of good clinical care
                                                                               Awareness of and compliance with allocated budget.
                                                                               Has excellent knowledge of all role responsibilities in OPD
   Ensure the provision               Organisation successfully              Complies with OH&S policy, Infection Control, Quality Control
    and implementation of               accredited by ACHS                      procedures and policies
    quality clinical care              Ongoing provision of quality care      Takes on portfolio/s relevant to OPD and reports outcome measures
   Assist in the                                                               at department meetings
    implementation of                                                          Attends in-services as required
    quality management                                                         Demonstrates high level of clinical knowledge and skill
                                                                               Ensures clinical accountability by participating in unit audit meetings
                                                                                at MHW to review department practice and own practice.
                                                                               Contributes to smooth running of Gynaecology clinics by assisting
                                                                                with procedures and ensuring necessary equipment is available
                                                                               Keeps up to date with quality accreditation standards

Mercy Health                                                                        Gynaecology Outpatients Clinic Coordinator – Mercy Hospital for Women
     Key Result Areas                   Standard Measures                                              Key Activities
                                                                          Successfully completes and supports others to complete mandatory
                                                                          Promotes care that upholds the rights of patients and family in
                                                                           relation to safety, privacy and confidentiality.
                                                                          Contributes towards the organisation being successfully accredited
                                                                           by ACHS by initiating and participating in Quality activities within
                                                                           Outpatients and all of MHW.

   Ensure effective lines of      Well informed staff working in a      Ensure and promote behaviours that reflect Mercy Health’s values at
    communication are               harmonious environment                 all times.
    maintained both                Evidence of a culture with open       Demonstrates supportive behaviours for colleagues promoting team
    internally and with             and transparent communication          work with in the department and with other departments.
    external facilities.                                                  Establishes and promotes effective and appropriate patterns of
                                                                           communication with clients, families, colleagues and management
                                                                          Takes a proactive approach to conflict resolution with colleagues and
                                                                          Attends hospital forums and outpatient department meetings as
                                                                          Meets monthly with OPD Unit Manager
                                                                          Initiates and maintains accurate documentation
                                                                          Participates in ensuring adequate staffing for the department taking
                                                                           responsibility for rostering and pay global data entry as required.
                                                                          Ensure all clinic activity is reported in line with MHW reporting
                                                                           requirements (iPM)
                                                                          Maintains open and transparent communication with external
                                                                           agencies (GP’s , MCHN, DOH)

   Ensures all services and       Minimal customer complaints           Knowledge of ‘Mercy Health’s ‘Complaints Policy’ and Incident
    practices are delivered        Robust knowledge of the                Reporting
    with strong focus on            appointment process and               Involve women and their families in planning care
    customer service and            maternity waiting list                Act as a role model in the adoption of a customer service focus for
    continuous                      management                             both internal and external customers
    improvement.                   Develop and support discharge         Has a proficient working knowledge of relevant patient management
                                    planning                               system (e.g. iPM) for referral and appointment management
                                                                          Constantly monitor service standards and participate in review and
                                                                           improved work practices as required.
                                                                          Participation in staff surveys as required

Mercy Health                                                                Gynaecology Outpatients Clinic Coordinator – Mercy Hospital for Women
     Key Result Areas                   Standard Measures                                                Key Activities
                                                                            Collects waiting time data for Maternity performance indicators Feb
                                                                             and August
                                                                            Participates in customer service surveys as necessary
   Ensures responsibility of      Clinical and theoretical                Attend relevant professional development opportunities ensuring
    own professional                knowledge is up to date                  compliance with Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia continuing
    development                    Staff and self appraisals as             professional development registration standard
   Encourages and                  directed by NUM                         Participate in annual staff performance reviews
    facilitates the                Attendance at compulsory staff          Regularly attend in-service seminars
    professional                    education                               Keeps up to date with evidenced based practice
    development of others                                                   Successfully completes performance appraisals
                                                                            Promote the utilisation of the education team
                                                                            Utilise internal/external education opportunities
                                                                            Acts as preceptor to students
                                                                            Maintains own practice portfolio
   Contributes to                 Improved patient care                   Demonstrates the ability to access and understand research findings
    nursing/midwifery              Progressive and up to date care          and how to adopt these findings in clinical practice
    clinical practice               in all areas of midwifery/nursing       Encourages evidence based practice
    research and the                                                        Shares knowledge with other members of the team
    application of findings                                                 Supports research activities

   Contributes to a               Participates forward planning as        Actively pursue improved practice guidelines
    collaborative approach          part of the strategic direction of      Pro-actively contribute to continuous improvement within the
    to change                       MHW.                                     organisation resulting in change.
    management &                                                            Actively support and assist NUM with change management and
    application                                                              application
                                                                            Communicate organisational change to staff
   Contributes to a               Continuous Policy &Procedure            Develop & maintain professional standards of knowledge of Policy
    collaborative approach          review and development                   and Procedures
    to policy & procedure                                                   Keep abreast of developments and research in clinical practice in
    review & development                                                     order to monitor their impact on patient services
                                                                            Demonstrate a knowledge of evidence based practice
                                                                            Actively participate in the development of protocols for midwifery
                                                                             models of care
                                                                            Communicate planned changes effectively and in a timely manner
   Provide so far as is           Completes Risk assessments              Undertake regular risk assessments
    practicable, a healthy          and implements controls                 Complete VHIMS reports as necessary
    and safe environment           Records incidents thoroughly            Actively investigate incidents

Mercy Health                                                                  Gynaecology Outpatients Clinic Coordinator – Mercy Hospital for Women
    Key Result Areas                  Standard Measures                                              Key Activities
   for staff and others in       and accurately                         Assist injured staff to return to work in a safe and timely manner
   the workplace and            Conducts and completes incident        Keep induction/orientation records
   actively review work          investigations in a timely manner
   procedures and               Provides alternative duties for
   supervise staff to ensure     staff on return to work plans
   all work is performed in     Ensures all new staff are
   a safe manner                 provided with an
                                 induction/orientation to the work
                                Reduces number and cost of
                                 WorkCover claims

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                                                                                                                  Review Date: August 2012

Mercy Health                                                              Gynaecology Outpatients Clinic Coordinator – Mercy Hospital for Women

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