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									                     New Jersey Future Business Leaders of America
                         Application for 2012-2013 State Office

Candidate for the Office of              select one
Complete Home Address:

Home Telephone:                                               School Telephone
E-mail Address:

If elected, I accept the responsibility of fulfilling the duties of my office to the best of my ability.

The state officer and his/her adviser (or adult designated by adviser and approved by the school) must attend the
FBLA-PBL New Jersey (1 day/October or November) and National (2½ days/October or November) Fall
Leadership Conferences, FBLA Regional Competitive Events (1 day/January), FBLA State Leadership
Conference (2½ days/late March or April), and all FBLA State Executive Board meetings (each 1 day/tentatively
September, December, February, and May) and should attend the National Leadership Conference (June or July).
The state officer must also attend the State Officer Leadership Training Seminar (3 days/August). The state
president and his/her adviser must attend the FBLA-PBL Management Series (4 days/August). Depending upon
local school policy, the school or parent is responsible for providing transportation to and from meetings and for a
chaperone for the state officer.

The FBLA-PBL state office may assume registration, room, and some meal costs for the state officer at the New
Jersey and Eastern National Fall and State Leadership Conferences and State Officer Leadership Training
Seminar and for the state president and his/her adviser for the Management Series. A stipend may be given to the
state officer toward expenses for the National Leadership Conference.

The State Chapter Bylaws state that if a state officer misses one State Executive Board meeting or one of the
conferences (New Jersey or Eastern National Fall Leadership Conferences and New Jersey State Leadership
Conference) without notice or two with notice, it will be a sign of resignation and another member will be
appointed to the office by the State Executive Board at the next Board Meeting.

________________________________________                            ________________________________________
           Candidate’s Signature                                              School Official’s Signature

________________________________________                            ________________________________________
            Adviser’s Signature                                                 Title of School Official

________________________________________                            ________________________________________
        Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature                                                  Date

                                            This Form Must Be Typed

                                     New Jersey FBLA
                                   Résumé for State Office
       Each prospective candidate for a state office should complete this form, along with
       his/her adviser, and send it to Ms. Ellen A. Benowitz, NJ FBLA-PBL State Chairman,
       Mercer County Community College, P.O. Box B, Trenton, NJ 08690.

                                                                   Office Sought: select one
Name of Candidate:                                                 Age:
School:                                                            Years in FBLA:
County:                          Region: select one                E-mail Address:
Present Class:
FBLA Offices Held and/or Committees Worked:
FBLA State or National Conferences Attended:
Other School Activities:
Community Activities:
Business subjects completed or presently enrolled in:

Work Experience:

                                         Adviser’s Certification

The above information is correct for _____________________________ who is the choice for our chapter.
To the best of my knowledge, he/she meets the qualifications for the office of _______________________ .

Date _______________________________               Adviser’s Signature ____________________________


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