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									                                               Julian Bond

    Once again, I want to thank you for agreeing to give the keynote address, which was very
    inspiring. People are still talking about it. By all measures, the conference was a smashing
    success. I do think that this was a tremendous learning experience for all who attended.

                                                                                  -University of Pittsburgh

    The Julian Bond event went exceptionally well. His message is significant and timely and he is an
    exquisite speaker. My comments don't do him justice. Here's a quote from a thank you e-mail I
    received this morning: "I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated hearing Julian Bond
    last night. His eloquence, his passion, his political incorrectness for this day and age...I have not
    heard anyone speak like that for years! It was truly a call to arms. I am so grateful for having had
    the opportunity to listen to someone as committed as he is even after all these years. It was
    reinvigorating, to say the least.

                                                                                  -Mount Mercy College

    Julian was fabulous, wonderful, absolutely wonderful. He made such important points and we
    got a great community reaction. He was a HIT!

                                                                                   -Conover & Company

           It went great! He is an extraordinary public speaker and a nice man! Thanks for your
    help with arranging this event.

                                                                                       -University of Texas

    Julian Bond's presentation was powerful, challenging, thought-provoking, and magnificently
    delivered! We have had a tremendous response from our audience, both the in-house
    audience and the radio listeners, with letters and phone calls expressing gratitude for his honest,
    insightful, and pull-no-punches comments.

    I think it's been many years since the Town Hall Forum has received this kind of reaction. People
    were deeply moved by his words, many calling them prophetic, and on countless occasions
    they have quoted lines from his speech back to me. His presentation was interrupted by
    applause at least a dozen times (unusual for this normally reserved audience).

    We are so grateful that he took time from his vacation to visit us, and we are honored and
    pleased to add his name to our list of distinguished Town Hall Forum speakers. Thanks to you for

313 Washington Street, Suite 225 | Newton, MA 02458 | Phone: 617.614.1600 | Fax: 617.965.6610 |
    your help in making this event take place! And please extend our deepest gratitude to Mr.
    Bond for an extraordinary day!

                                                           -Program Chair, Westminster Town Hall Forum

    Stunning. Julian Bond’s speech was one of the best I have ever heard him give. Most of the
    people there said it was one of the best speeches they had ever heard anybody give.

                                                                          -Council of Great City Schools

    Everything went fantastic! One of the best events we have ever had. We were very pleased
    with Mr. Bond’s presentation and I have heard only very positive feedback. Once again our
    thanks to you and all the hard work you put into helping us plan our MLK Celebrations.

                                                 -Campus Minister/Director, Cameron Campus Ministry

    We had a record crowd of just under 400 (392) and the overall comments have been great.
    Julian Bond's presentation and panel discussion in the afternoon was overwhelmingly attended,
    packed crowd in the University Theatre. The evening's banquet proved to be very successful
    and Julian Bond's delivery there was right on target. Thank you for all your assistance in
    completing this year's program.

                                                    -Administrative Assistant, Cameron Campus Ministry

    The convocation with Julian Bond was spectacular! He is a vivacious speaker that knows how to
    mingle fact, opinion, and joke seamlessly to form a captivating performance. The event was
    well attended, over 300 students. The event was covered by the Brown Daily Herald, which had
    a praiseworthy review. The article noted a racially diverse audience and the reporter noted that
    Julian’s speech included a variety of political views.

    The students enjoyed him, he brought the numbers we wanted, and he brought the diverse
    audience we wanted. It was an absolute pleasure having him.

                                                                      -Co-Programmer, Brown University

    Mr. Bond was absolutely fantastic and he is, no doubt, the best African American speaker, and
    perhaps just one of the best speakers period, on the circuit today. His demeanor, attitude,
    oration style, and just everything about him is truly top notch. He was great.

    It was another great event and as always, I truly enjoy working with you and all the staff at APB.
    I’ll be calling in the next month or so to book for next year so if you have any great suggestions,

313 Washington Street, Suite 225 | Newton, MA 02458 | Phone: 617.614.1600 | Fax: 617.965.6610 |
    I’d love to hear them. Thanks again for all your support and assistance. I truly appreciate it and
    I’m sure we’ll talk soon.

                                     -Associate Director Student Activities , Johnson & Wales University

    Julian Bond was excellent. He was very gracious at both the reception and before, during and
    after the breakfast. I hope that he enjoyed his time with us as much as we did with him.

    One full week later I am yet receiving kudos for the outstanding MLK Celebration we sponsored.
    Each time Julian Bond's brilliant keynote speech is cited. The word has traveled also to those
    who were unable to attend. The students, staff and faculty lined up for autographs and words
    with him. Unlike some of speakers, Bond stayed the course until he had interacted with each
    one. Julian Bond made our 16th MLK Commemorative Celebration the best that I have chaired

    Thank you for setting everything up for us - again, it was a sincere pleasure working with APB.
    You are a cut above the rest!

                                                                          -Florida International University

    Mr. Bond's visit went well! We had a wonderful crowd -- we think in the range of 1500-1700!! And
    received many, many, many wonderful words regarding his speech. He is a dynamic speaker
    and had a wonderful message.

                                                                                   -University of Chicago

    The event was a great success! Students and faculty alike enjoyed Julian's lunchtime
    conversation, and I'm still hearing raves about the evening lecture. It drew hundreds of people
    (some from quite far away), and the lecture was compelling, entertaining, and provocative.
    Thanks so much for all your help with the planning.

                                                                                      -Wesleyan College

    Thank you so much for recommending Julian Bond for the Fairfax County Public Library’s speaker
    series. The presentation on the history of music was wonderful and just enough outside his
    “normal” role, that it was all the more amazing.

                                                                            -Fairfax County Public Library

    We would like to thank Julian Bond for presenting the keynote address and the Education Forum
    workshop at the Human Rights Day 2003: “Education is the Path to Equality” conference. It was
    an honor to meet him and we appreciate his being a part of this important event.

313 Washington Street, Suite 225 | Newton, MA 02458 | Phone: 617.614.1600 | Fax: 617.965.6610 |
    The conference was a tremendous success with over 400 attendees. A large part of its success
    was due to his excellent keynote speech and workshop presentation. His remarks were both
    informative and inspiring. His work and his words continue to be an example to all of us who
    ware committed to the advancement of Human Rights.

                                               -Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Human Rights

    I just wanted to brag about our absolutely successful event with Julian Bond last night.
    Approximately 620 people attended. About 100 people had to stand in the ballroom (where the
    event took place) because there was no room left to sit. Another 200 people could not get into
    the ballroom, and therefore had to listen to the conversation via speakers hastily set up by the
    site staff.

    Moreover, most of those who attended stayed around for the reception afterward, where many
    of them waited in line for a chance to talk and take a picture with Mr. Bond.

                                                              -University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

313 Washington Street, Suite 225 | Newton, MA 02458 | Phone: 617.614.1600 | Fax: 617.965.6610 |
            We were impressed not only with the volume of attendance (which was more than twice
    the number we had anticipated), but also with the diversity of the audience, which included
    students, faculty, staff, university administrators, a University of Illinois trustee, and leaders and
    residents of the broader Urbana-Champaign community. Many of them waited in line for a
    chance to chat and take a picture with Mr. Bond, who gamely entertained their requests until
    his exhaustion became plainly visible

                                                              -University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

313 Washington Street, Suite 225 | Newton, MA 02458 | Phone: 617.614.1600 | Fax: 617.965.6610 |

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