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					          Yellow Pages or Google ?

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Yellow Pages or Getting Found on Google that is the question. On Monday this week I had a
phone call from Yellow pages asking if I wanted to place an advert this year. Now I am not
adverse to any method of bringing in new clients. However I was astounded to realise that a
half decent advert was going to cost in the region of £2000

This could not be altered either. It reminded me of a video that one of my mentors shot in
Australia David Jenyns. I know it is the other side of the world and yet the lesson is similar.
Below I have copied a summary of Davids findings.

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The Survey Results
Q1. How often do you use the print version of the Yellow Pages?
7.69% use it regularly
23.08% once a month
15.38% once a year
53.85% never use it
Q2. How do you search for products and services you’re looking for?
92.86% use
7.14% use Yellow Pages
Respondent Quote: “I reckon the yellow pages is obsolete, why would you spend money on the
yellow pages when they’ll just as easily find you on Google.”
Q3. How often do you use Google?

100% use everyday
Respondent Quote: “If I need information I go straight to Google.”
Q4. Do you know what SEO stands for?

92.86% didn’t know
7.14% knew what SEO is
Q5. How do you choose what to click on Google?
46.15% visit top few results
30.76% click only top 5
100% never go past the first page
End survey results…
So what did we learn?

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A very interesting sidenote to this survey emerged in relation to search engine optimization
(SEO). Whilst 100% of respondents use Google every day, only 7% of respondents knew what
SEO was.

Unsurprisingly where people chose to click next, on the search engine results page (SERPS),
was heavily weighted towards the top of Google with 100% of people claiming to only browse
the first page of search results – 46% of respondents concentrating on the top 3.

Respondent Quote: “Your eyes are automatically drawn to the top of every search engine
page. It’s human nature to look at the top of the page rather than the bottom.”

For us, it became even more clear that an “SEO Knowledge Gap” exists. Browsers find the few
first results in the SERPs the most relevant and important whilst having no clue as to how
Google works. People simply trust Google is providing the best information. This represents a
great opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the trust people have with Google’s brand. If
your website features more prominently on Google, your website is automatically seen as the

So here’s 3 final questions to ask yourself:

1. Will online media advertising kill offline print media?
2. Does this signal the end of the print version Yellow Pages?
3. Is online marketing and SEO a more effective, better value for money, form of advertising?
Food for thought ? Personally there will always be a place for print media. Maybe not as mnuch
and at least in my life time there will be. Is SEO better value. Possibly depending on if you
have a good seo firm involved.
To You and Your Online Success,

DEnise and Sharon

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