; Why It Will Improve Your Marketing By Over 60_
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Why It Will Improve Your Marketing By Over 60_


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									 Understanding Google Analytics
Reports: Why It Will Improve Your
     Marketing By Over 60%

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       Understanding Google Analytics Reports: Why It Will
                         Improve Your
                    Marketing By Over 60%

Understanding Google analytics reportscan seriously change the power of your marketing and
your bottom line. I suspect many people don’t realise that, especially business owners who are
just ‘getting online’.

Just today I saw the email from Seth Godin[ see below] who talks about the New Yorker and
what they know about their readership. I have nothing against the ipad and hip technology.

The thing is as a business owner with a website you can get a huge amount of information
from your website for free by using Google free software called Google Analytics. Google
provides many such tools . Here is another one for you that will help with even more market

So Google analytics is a free software from Google, make sure your web designer has added
Google analytics to your website AND YOU HAVE ACCESS.

There are many guides online and from Google on how to understand Google Analytics reports.
If you head over to you tube this video, though a bit old goes over the basics.

Below is a screen shot from one of our ‘niche’ websites. It does not take a genius to work out
that our main audience is the UK, Australia, South Africa and the US. In that order. In fact 70%
of the products we sell on that site are purchased by Aussies ! Good on ya mate ! You can tell
where your visits are from by the shades of Green.

When we realised this was the case with the first Article we wrote we added 3 more as a start.
It took a couple of hours. Within 1 month our traffic had increased by over 100%.

Have a look at the popular Articles/blog posts. A strong indication that anything to do with
Puppies is popular. So if this was you would you create more content in that area? I suspect so.
Marketing rule 101 do more of what works. By the way this works in business as well not just
Dog training! This is just some of the information we teach on how to get new clients online in
our Experts Online Academy training programme.

      2     www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
Another field in Analytics will even tell you the words and phrases that bring people to your
website. You can leverage all this FREE Marketing information yourself or get someone else to
do it for you by creating content and building links around your popular posts.

Ok about time I let you read Seth Godins Article !

For the first time in its history, the editors at The New Yorker know which articles are being
read. And they know who’s reading them.

They know if the cartoons are the only thing people are reading, or if the fiction really is a
backwater. They know when people abandon articles, and they know that the last 3,000 words
of a feature on the origin of sand is being widely ignored.

They also know, or should know, whether people are looking at the ads, and what the
correlation is between ad lookers and article readers. The iPad app can keep track of all of
this, of course.

      3   www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
The question then: should they change? Should the behavior of readers dictate what they

Of course, this choice extends to what you publish as well, doesn’t it?

So what next.?

Action Steps

1. Make sure Google analytics is on all the pages on your website and you have access

2. Have a look around at all the different parts.

3. Analyse your popular posts

4. Write more content or hire someone to do it for you

5. Rinse and repeat

To You and Your Online Success

Denise and Sharon

      4    www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk
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       5   www.fasttrackyoursales.co.uk 08452570073 email: support@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk

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