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									                Why Do I Need SEO?

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Many business owners ask the question: “why do they actually need SEO?” The short answer is that it is
part of a much bigger process.

Drum roll please…………… getting targeted traffic to your site. The dentist analogy always comes up for
me here, in that no one in their right mind actually enjoys going to the dentist. Though we all like to
have good attractive teeth! Which is a bit like SEO.

SEO is the necessary process that helps your site rise to the surface. If your site does not do that you
only stand a slim chance of getting found. There are literally billions of WebPages, with more being
added by the minute.

As the name implies. It is all about optimization or optimization depending where in the world you are.
Which means constant improvement. That is why SEO can’t just happen once.

A little know fact is that 25% of searches on Google have never been done before? Imagine if your
customers were in this quarter.

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