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					Up selling Techniques: Is There an
           Ethical Way?

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       Upselling Techniques: Is There an
                  Ethical Way?

Up selling is fast becoming the holy grail of internet marketing. The classic “would you like fries with
that Madame routine?” I could not resist putting this video on the blog from fascinating Aida a UK female
comedy band. The part to watch is on the first half of the video. A certain word they use is very Irish and
not a swear word I am reliably told by my Irish friends.

With the current trend on Price reductions sometimes we do actually need to be clear on what is and is
not included!

The point is up selling and cross selling are actually good things for both the client and business owner.
As a business owner we make more profit and actually help the customer at the same time. As a client
we are provided with items that are not standard that we do actually need.

If you have ever been battery less on Christmas day standing next to a disappointed child you will
understand what I am talking about.

Small business internet marketing generally does not utilize this strategy to its full advantage. Thinking
of your range of services what could you possibly add to the offerings to your client that would actually
add value to both of you?

Feel Free to post your comments here. Including your funny experiences with this particular airline

Best Wishes

Denise and Sharon

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