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  Small Business Email Marketing Services

Small business email marketing is hot at the moment and in fact has been for the last couple
of years. No matter what the gurus say Social networking is not all it is cracked up to be. If you
are really serious about developing your business online then creating a good website that
engages your audience and builds a list at the same time should be one of your key priorities.

You then know that you have an interested data base to market to. We often run educational
and training webinars on various topics. Each time we do we build a targeted list. That way
when we have content relevant to that market we can reach out and send the relevant

This means we are serving our clients and……..they are much more likely to open emails and
act on them in the process.

Small Business Email Marketing Services is quite a mouthful and can be split into a number of
different areas.

You need an email provider.

There are many on the market. We use Aweber. It is reliable works and adheres to all the
spam laws. For around £12-14 a month it is fantastic. The interface is simple to use and it
integrates with all the key systems online and paypal.

You Need a reason for Your Client to Optin

It’s called trading! I give you this you give me that. You will notice that is you add your name
and email into our box at the side we send you a free video. In return. You therefore need to
create something of value to offer your market.

You need Content for Your Emails

Emails appeal to all of us. The current comscor data says particularly the over 35’s. Time or
money spent on good email content can make a significant difference to click through rates on
emails. You can learn this skill or outsource it.

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You need an Email Marketing Plan

This is where most people fall down. People will open many more emails than we give them
credit for as long as it is relevant to them and their business. Emailing everyday [unless it is a
daily tips email} is likely to hack people off. A couple of times a week is fine. If you make your
headlines compelling your client base will open the ones relevant to them…….and this is OK.
Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. We all need things at different times. To give you an
example. We spoke to a very switched on business owner just afew days ago who was
developing her company. She had a longer term plan in the key areas of focus.Small Business
Email Marketing Services had not been at the top of the list other things had priority. Now they

Decide on a plan at least for the first 60 days. Vary your emails between content, promotions
and newsletters.

So what next? Take some action.

Action Plan

Collect a subscriber database online [still over 60% of website owners don’t]

Use a service to provide this so you are in control

Create a marketing plan with a regular communication and make subscriber offers

Write it yourself or outsource to a Small Business Email Marketing Services provider

To You and Your Online Success

Denise and Sharon

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