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					Online Video Marketing Ideas: It
 Works Anywhere In Any Market

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    Online Video Marketing Ideas: It Works Anywhere In Any Market

Online video marketing ideas are something we often discuss at length with our clients here at SEO
services Cumbria.

The statistics are pretty convincing most people engage with visual media to a much greater extent than
words alone. When you then combine this with sound and things that move the sky could be the limit!

Generally speaking over 40% of the populations have a visual preference in the sense that they prefer
visual media in the way that they take in and process information. You only need to look at sites like you
tube on the internet where the average traffic on an hourly basis is beyond belief.

As a general rule of thumb if you have video on your site you will keep visitors engaged longer. It does
not always have to be instructional either. Pictures of you your office maybe clients or mentors you

It helps to brand you as well.

The short video above has pictures of our office sign I know very original. Where we are based. Cumbria
is a great place to live and work. Our Mascot Flo the dog. Plus some of our mentors including Howie
Schwartz and Carrie Wilkerson. Both two top names in online marketing from the US. AlongsideDonovan
Kovar and Martin Maybruck who are two experts in online marketing in the US. Donovan is also a
musician as well. Hence the link to his site!

Online marketing in Cumbria is ultimately possible. There are so many different ideas and ways to
promote your company.

It is also much easier than you think. Uploading to You tube is really quite easy. You can then put the
same video on your site as well. If you have a blog like this site it is even easier. Most PC’s also have
windows movie maker as standard and you can create small videos quite easily from there as well.
In honesty with the advent of inexpensive video cameras and easy to use software it is amazing what you
can create. Most ordinary picture cameras these days will also record video and if you look at our about
you page on the site these two videos were created with a camera
Contrary to popular belief videos don’t need to be perfect to have an effect either. As long as you are
honest and connect with your audience they appreciate it.

To You and Your Online Success

Denise and Sharon

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