Namecheap Discount Code for December 2010

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					    Namecheap Discount Code for
         December 2010

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If you are looking for the discount code for Namecheap for December just scroll down to the bottom of
this post, though remember to pick up your free video on the way.

If you are anything like me December usually starts the cogs moving about Goals for next year and what
areas to move into next year.

I admit it I am the archetypal ideas person and am a touch obsessed with buying domain names! If you
are like me the odd discount here and there is useful

The best place I have found is Namecheap. The interface is easy and you get free whois guard
protection. If you would like some top tips on purchasing domain names you can download a free video
below. These are the exact steps I use to source domains and then use them for profit including getting
sites on page 1 of Google       within a matter of days. When you open the zip file read the pdf that says
read me for instruction on how to view the video.

Ok your free Video is below.

Click here to down load Domain name tips video
The Namecheap coupon code for December is: JINGLENAMES

To You and your online Success

Denise and Sharon

      2 08452570073 email:
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