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									Mark Victor Hansen Why He Loves
       Mastermind Groups

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Mark Victor Hansen is a great example of the power of mastermind groups and the concept that
Napoleon hill made famous in his book Think and Grow Rich.

Anyone who is involved with personal development will have heard of the famous Chicken Soup for
the soul book and the world wide sensation it/they became.

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The story goes that Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield were members of a mastermind group where
the idea was first aired. If you don’t know much about Mastermind groups and their power pick up a copy
of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleons Hill. It is actually in the public domain. Just click the link below
and for the cost of an email you can download a free copy

Click here for Think and Grow Rich
We actually belong to a couple of mastermind groups and would not change them for the world. The
ability to help each other’s business and get a different perspective is invaluable.

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