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									                            TIENET Documented Adaptations Plans
According to the NS Department of Education (and included on Documented Adaptations Plans in TIENET),

“Adaptations are strategies and/or resources to accommodate the learning needs of an individual student. They are
developed, implemented, monitored, and reviewed to enable a student to achieve the public school program
curriculum outcomes or to meet the enhanced capabilities of a student within the public school program
curriculum outcomes. Adaptations strategies, and/or resources are documented in the student’s cumulative record
but are not indicated on the student’s report card or high school transcript.
Adaptations are developed on the basis of the specific strengths and challenges of a student and within the context of
the public school program curriculum outcomes. Therefore, the student’s strengths and challenges must be considered
before developing specific adaptations.”

Adaptations should be documented for a student when without the specific adaptation, the student’s learning and
achievement of the PSP curriculum outcomes in a particular course would actually be hindered or unsuccessful.

        To Create and Complete a Documented Adaptation Plan for a Student in TIENET

     In the student’s document section of their TIENET file, go to Create New Document and choose one of the
      Documented Adaptations forms available from the drop-down menu – either Teacher Exploration or PPT
      (Program Planning Team). Both plans let all teachers and school staff who have access to the student’s
      TIENET info see the documents, but the PPT form also allows more than one staff member (as a PPT
      member) contribute to the plan (add, edit, review, etc.).

     Choose the appropriate document and hit Go.

     A Comment box will appear and here, the course(s)/subject(s) that require adaptations should be listed (ie.
      Math, Science and Phys. Ed., all subjects, etc.), click Create and then begin filling in the document.
   NOTE: As with all TIENET documents, it is important to regularly Save, Continue Editing as the
   document is being completed to avoid losing important information or changes.

 The Adaptation Implementation Date must be filled in at the beginning of the plan (it will default to today,
  then changed if necessary).

 Next, the option to use a worksheet to document the student strengths and challenges is available with Click
  here for Strengths and Challenges Worksheet. This opens up a worksheet that can be saved elsewhere (ie.
  on a computer desktop), filled out and then reattached to the Documented Adaptations plan upon completion.

 Then Specific Adaptation(s) (within the Provincial School Program Grade Level Curriculum Outcomes for
  each applicable area) are chosen in any one of 6 categories – Organizational, Environmental,
  Presentation/Instructional, Motivational, Assessment and Resources (human and material).
     There is a drop down menu with suggested strategies to choose from within each category. Also there is
      Other: which gives a text-box to type in another strategy from that category.

     Once a strategy is selected, the Person Responsible and Subject Area(s) must also be filled in for that

     If another strategy within the same category is needed, Add Row gives the option to repeat the same process
      within a category. To delete a row click on the garbage can icon, which will turn the whole row red.
        You must then click on Save, Continue Editing for the row to delete.

     Complete document with any appropriate strategies within any necessary categories (only those that are filled
      in will appear on the final document).

     At the end of the document, the Proposed Review Date must be filled in.

     The Author is included but can be changed if necessary with look-up. For the PPT form, the Author
      indicates Program Planning Team.
     Once completed, Save, Done Editing can be clicked.

     At the top of the document, the message in red Please provide a copy to the Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
      is a reminder to provide the student’s family with a copy of the plan.

        Other Features Available Upon Completing Documented Adaptations in TIENET

Once a Documented Adaptations plan in TIENET is completed, there are several other features available (at the top of
the document) including Edit, Print, More Actions and Navigate To.
   Attaching Files to an Adaptations Plan (like the Strengths and Challenges Worksheet if previously
            1.   From a student’s document library, choose the previously created document or create a new document.
            2.   When completed, click the Navigate To drop-down.
            3.   Click on File Attachments.
            4.   Click on Attach File.
            5.   Click Select to locate the file.
            6.   Click Upload File.

   To Print a Document:
            1.   Go to the document you want to print.
            2.   Click on the Print icon on the Actions bar.
            3.   Choose from Print This Section, Selected Sections, or All Sections.

                  Hint: If you do not see the Print Icon, you are probably still in Edit mode and you will need to click on
            Save, Continue Editing, and then Cancel. You should now see the Print Icon.

                     To Review a Documented Adaptations Plan & Other More Actions...

To Review a Documented Adaptations Plan (which needs to happen at least once per school year or semester), the status of
the plan needs to change from Draft to Review.

To Change the Status of a Document: the status of a document allows users certain access and the ability to perform certain
things. Draft is for creating and editing a document, Review is for securing the draft and being able to review and add
updates and notes, and Final is when the document is finalized and unable to be changed at all.

       1.    Go to the document that you want to change the status on.
       2.    Click on the More Actions link.
       3.    Click on Change Status of This Document.
       4.    Use the drop-down to select the new status (Draft, Review or Final).
       5.    Then click Accept.
      Upon opening the document and clicking on Edit This Section at the top, each adaptation strategy can be reviewed
      individually. A Review of Adaptation Rubric is available and can assist with deciding if each adaptation will be
      continued or discontinued. This is documented by choosing Continue or Discontinue from the drop-down menu as
      well as adding supporting information within the text box Please provide rationale:.

      Finally the review date must be entered in Actual Date of Review: and the document can be completed with Save,
      Done Editing. Again, at the top of the document, the message in red Please provide a copy to the
      Parent(s)/Guardian(s) is a reminder to provide the student’s family with a copy of the reviewed plan.

                              TIENET Adaptations Plans Drop-Down Menus

With Documented Adaptations plans, we can adapt within the areas of Organizational, Environmental,
Presentation/Instructional, Motivational, Assessment and Resources (human or material) Strategies. In
TIENET, Specific Adaptations within each area include ...

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