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					How to Write Articles Easily: The
 Power of Your F.A.Q Document

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     How To Write Articles Easily: The Power of
              Your F.A.Q Document

How to write articles easily is something many business owners want to know about. Often a challenge
can be what to write about or, what can you do to add additional and yet valuable content to your sites.
This quick video covers a couple of these areas.

The area we are exploring is the F . A. Q document. For those of us who like the long version the
frequently asked questions part of our websites or promotional material.

Having an F.A.Q document is invaluable and if you look at it carefully you will appreciate it is also a
great way to develop additional content for your site.

Content is becoming increasingly more important in the eyes of the search engines and using something
relevant gives you even more credibility. Sharon in the quick video gives a few suggestions of quick ways
to use your F.A.Q

To You and Your Online success

Sharon and Denise

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