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					Local Search Engine Optimization ?
   How To Get More Sales Leads

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    Local Search Engine Optimisation ? Will It Get Traffic to My

Local Search Engine Optimisation, or local search marketing as it is sometimes called, is big
across the globe not just the United States. With over 80% + of consumers searching online for
service providers.This is an excellent video where Damon actually goes into his own analytics
A quick definition of local search marketing for you.This is where a local geographic term or
modifier is used either before or after a search term. So for example………..’ lancashire
wedding photographer’ or ‘wedding photographer lancashire.’

That way when a prospective new client searches using these terms websites ansd web pages
that have been Search engine optimised for this term will show up in the ranking. If you
remember from previous posts these are two important steps in getting found online…………

       Use relevant keywords

       Search engine optimise your website and online presence
Now some people are dismayed to find that not many people are searching [or so you think] for
that term. This great video shows that just because the Google keyword tool does not show
huge numbers does not mean people are not looking for you.

Here Damon uses a particular service provider as an example. Our experience is the context is
similar across the board e.g. local Accountant, Trainer, Designer, Solicitor etc.

Targeted traffic is the key. In Damon’s example he mentions this important fact. In his house
painter [a.k.a decorator for the UK market] example he highlights a question many people ask
“exactly how many searches do you need ?”

When you are using targeted keywords like this conversion is always higher.

Say you get 30 ish hits a month ( on just this one search term) and say around 30% contact you.
That means 10 extra sales leads a month. Provided you have good systems in place to follow
these people up imagine what could happen.

Let’s assume a 50% conversion rate [remember these are targeted leads] say each job is worth
£500 for the initial contract. So by my maths that is £2500 i.e. 5 x by £500. Now if you are a

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great decorator the chances are you are going to be used more than once ! If this does not
happen in your town move to Storth in the UK you would NEVER be short of work

Then if you have a good referal system in place you can double straight away your potential.
Alwaya ask for referals. This can reduce your client aquisition costs by thousands over the life
time value of a client.

So in summary don’t be put off by the low search numbers that Google gives back to you. We
have a number of examples where clients have received sales leads every month from a small
volume of traffic.

To You and Your Online Success,

Denise and Sharon

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