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					                          Harold R. Stanley & Sandra E. Knudsen
                                 2238 Scottwood Avenue
                                 Toledo, Ohio 43620-1102
                                     Cell (419) 320-2087 or (419) 320-2170
                              Email: or

                            APARTMENT LEASE AGREEMENT
Date of Lease Agreement: _______________              This is a binding document. Read carefully before signing.

1.   Parties. This Lease Contract is between you,           8.   Storage of our belongings. We will continue
     the resident(s), _______________________                    to store personal items along the sides and
     and us, the property owners: Sandra E.                      back of the garage, one room of the
     Knudsen & Harold R. Stanley.                                basement, the attic at the back of the third
                                                                 floor, and the cedar closet on the second
2.   Lease Term. This Lease covers the period                    floor.
     _______________________. The lease
     may be renewed, but there will be no                   9.   Keys and Locks. You will be provided two
     month-to-month agreement.                                   keys, which fit all of the exterior doors,
                                                                 including the apartment side entrance. There
3.   Occupant. The house will be occupied only                   is also a separate key to open the storm door
     by you. No one else may live in the house.                  on north side entrance. The locks may not be
     Guests may not stay more than three nights                  changed or re-keyed unless specifically
     in a row.                                                   authorized by us.

4.   Third floor occupant: Please note that the             10. Safety. You and your guests are expected to
     third floor apartment is rented separately, at             keep the outside doors locked at all times.
     this time to Jessica Stolle. She uses the side
     entrance to access the stairway to the third           11. Alarm System The house and the apartment
     floor. She has laundry privileges on the                   are monitored by Guardian Alarm. You are
     second floor, which you can schedule to be                 expected to keep the “STAY” feature of the
     mutually convenient. She has access and use                alarm system on whether you are inside or
     of the back yard and patio.                                not. We will explain the system to you and
                                                                authorize you to communicate with
5.   Rent. You will pay $800.00 per month                       Guardian Alarm.
     ($400 per person) for rent, payable on or
     before the first day of each month,                    12. Smoke Detectors: There are smoke detectors
     delivered in person or by mail to                          on all floors of the house, both battery-
     CharterOne Bank, payable to account no.                    powered detectors and units tied into the house
     ___________.                                               alarm system. If the battery-powered units
        Your cashed check will be your                          chirp continuously, this indicates that the
     receipt.                                                   battery is dead and you are expected to replace
        You may not withhold or offset rent                     the battery immediately.
     unless authorized in advance in writing.
                                                            13. Utilities. We will pay for the following utilities
6.   Security Deposit. The total security and                     * Water, sewer, garbage
     cleaning deposit is $800, payable in advance                  * Gas (hot water and radiator heat)
     when this lease is signed.                                    * Electricity
                                                                Utilities may be used only for normal
7.   Furniture. The house is mostly furnished,                  household purposes and must not be wasted.
     including linens and kitchen equipment. We
     have taken photographs of all rooms and                14. Outside: lawns, gardens, and snow:
     will review the contents and condition with                * We have agreed to a low monthly rent with
     you in advance, so that we agree on                        the understanding that you will promptly clear
     inventory and condition.                                   snow from the driveway and sidewalks and
                                                                porches. An electric snow-blower, rotary screw

    hand-push snow remover, and snow shovels are            Agreement term ends. After that period, we
    provided.                                               reserve the right to change the terms of the
    * You have also agreed to keep the lawns                agreement, including increasing the monthly
    mowed (gas-powered lawn mower provided).                rent, by giving you notice of the change(s) at
    * We hope you will plant the side garden, raised        least forty-five (45) days in advance of the
    beds, and take care of the peach trees, raspberry       effective date of the change.
    bushes, and shrubs.
                                                        24. Disclosure Rights. If someone requests
15. Repairs and Maintenance: Please let our                 information on you or your rental history for
    representatives Marge and Jim 00000, who                law-enforcement, government, or business
    lives at 0000 Parkwood Avenue, Telephone                purposes, we may provide it.
    419-000-0000, know immediately, any time of
    the day or night, if you have any problems          25. Parking. You may park in one of the garage
    (such as radiator heat too hot or inadequate,           spaces or in the driveway; an automatic garage
    wastewater stoppage, plumbing leaks) so that            door opener is provided.
    he can have them fixed at once.                            Please be considerate of Patty ad John
                                                            Gallagher, our neighbors to the north, as the
16. Renter’s insurance. We require you to arrange           driveway is shared by the two houses.
    your own renter’s insurance in order to protect
    yourself and your belongings in the event of        26. Disclosure of information about lead-based paint
    losses due to theft, fire, water damage, and the        and/or lead-based paint hazards. Please read and
    like.                                                   sign the attached disclosure form that explains that
                                                            this house was built before 1978 and may contain
17. Limitations on Conduct. The house, its                  lead paint.
    access stairways, and other areas used by you
    and your guests must be kept clean.                 27. Condition of the Premises and Alterations. You
      Your trash must be disposed of at least               accept the house, fixtures, and furniture as is,
    weekly. Recyclables are collected alternate             except for conditions that affect health or safety.
    weeks. On collection days, please move the              You will be given an Inventory List of furniture,
    bins onto the street for pick up before 7 a.m.          etc., with this Lease Agreement. Please note on the
                                                            List all defects or damage and return it. Otherwise,
18. Limitations on Conduct. Your and your                   everything will be considered to be in clean, safe,
    guests may not anywhere in the house or on              and good working condition.
    the outside porches use candles or any open                You must use ordinary diligence in maintaining
    flame or kerosene lamps or kerosene heaters.            the house in a clean and neat condition.
    If you wish to barbecue, please do so in the               Unless authorized by us, you may not perform
    back yard.                                              any repairs, painting, wallpapering, carpeting,
                                                            electrical changes, or otherwise alter our property.
19. Limitations on Conduct. Smoking is not                     No water bed or similar furniture, additional
    permitted in the house.                                 phone or TV-cable outlets, satellite dish or
                                                            antenna are permitted unless specifically
20. Limitations on Conduct. Pets are not                    authorized by us.
    permitted in the house.
                                                        28. When We May Enter. Upon giving you notice,
21. Prohibited Conduct: You and your guests                 we or our repairers, contractors,
    may not engage in any illegal activity, nor in          representatives, or other persons may enter the
    any of the following asocial activities:                apartment at reasonable times during normal
    behaving in a loud or obnoxious manner,                 business hours upon giving you 24 hours
    disturbing or threatening the rights,                   notice. If nobody is in the apartment, such
    comfort, health, safety, or convenience or              persons may enter by duplicate or master key.
    others; possessing or using any controlled              We also have the right to enter your home
    substances or drugs.                                    without giving 24-hour notice in case of an
                                                            emergency (such as, but not limited to, fire,
22. Noise Levels: Music and television sound                smoke, gas, explosion, overflowing sewage or
    levels must be kept moderate, particularly              water, electrical shorts, or crime in progress).
    before 8 A.M. and after 9 P.M.                          After you have given notice of move-out, we
                                                            may also show the apartment to prospective
23. Rent Increases and Lease Agreement Changes.             residents, or to government inspectors for the
    No rent increase or Lease Agreement changes             limited purpose of determining housing and
    will be implemented before this Lease                   fire ordinance compliance by us and to
    lenders, appraisers, contractors, prospective      Signature of Renter #1:
    buyers, or insurance agents.
                                                       Print: _________________________________
29. Laundry facilities. The washer and dryer on the    Date: ____________________________________
    second floor are available for you and the third
    floor tenant to use at times to be arranged that   Signature of Renter #2:
    are mutually convenient.
                                                       Print: _________________________________
30. Move-out Notice. Before moving out, you            Date: ____________________________________
    must give us 30 days advance notice in
    writing. Before departing you must thoroughly
                                                       Signature of Owner:
    clean the house, including carpets, doors,
    windows, furniture, bathroom fixtures and
    floor, kitchen appliances, terrace, and all        (Sandra E. Knudsen / Harold R. Stanley)
    stairways to the tenant entrance.
        You will then meet with us or our              Date: ____________________________________
    representative for a joint move-out inspection.
    Your security deposit may be used to cover
    repairs or damaged caused by negligence,
    carelessness, accident, or abuse, including
    stickers, scratches, tears, burns, stains, or
    unapproved holes.

31. Deposit return. We will mail your security
    deposit refund and an itemized accounting of
    any deductions no later than 30 days after
    termination of your tenancy.
       In order to receive a full cleaning and
    security deposit return, you will need to leave
    the apartment in as clean condition as you
    found it, including:
    * Vacuum all carpeted floor areas
    * Wash the bathroom and kitchen floors
    * Scrub sinks, tub and shower stall, and toilet
    * Dust and clean walls, shelving, fixtures, and
    * Replace burned-out light bulbs
    * Clean the two flights of stairs, including
    banisters, that provide access from your
    entrance door to your apartment

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36. Other special provisions:

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