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					Google Panda: 5 Ways To Get Your
        Website Found?

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          Google Panda: 5 Ways To Get Your Website Found

                             How To Get More Traffic To My Blog Posts ?
Google panda is a pretty hot topic at the moment. Particularly how it affects what we do as
online business owners and marketers. In this blog post I wanted to share 5 ways to ensure you
and your website do not end up on page 10 of the search engines.

A few days ago we wrote a post on sales lead generation tips. Specifically online. We talked
about adding value and making sure that you were answering an issue or problem that your
reader had. Hint. This is the nub of managing the Google panda at the same time as giving
both Google and your readers what they want.

So how do you avoid your website disappearing from Google? No doubt you will have guessed
that there is a way to do this? The truth is this is constantly changing however if you would like
some tried and tested principles that will work for Google keep reading.

Google is attempting to clean up the web for its users. No longer does it think that duplicated
re hashed content is fine. The wordsmiths amongst us need to add value to the people that
consume our content. Many small business owners have not even heard of the Google panda
update or how that might affect them.

In a nutshell Google wants you to have relevant readable and informative content on your
website. This needs to be a decent length and have links that are not all self-serving. If you
read what the majority of the SEO experts at SEOmoz say you will get a sense of what needs to
happen. To ensure that your search engine rankings get ‘better’ rather than plummet.

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Here are the 5 steps to implement:

1. Unique Content.
The more original your content the more likely you are to be found. I am not saying
that PLR does not work anymore. It still does. What you need to ensure is that it is ‘tweaked’
at least and used as a basis for informative content.

Other than that write content relevant to your field that people are looking for. Put your own
spin or opinion on it. If you are unsure what to write about go to Google news and add in your
keyword and you will find out what is topical. Visit a forum and find out which new posts are
getting the most views.

2. Valuable Content

Fast on the back of unique content is its twin sister. That is making it valuable and content
that answers a question that your reader has. You can do that using the ideas we suggest
above. If you need more ideas head over to Google insights. Here you will find the rising
trends and searches in your niche.

3. Length of Content

Ezine articles are one of the biggest Article directories online and we always recommend
people place Articles here for visibility and backlinks. What is interesting is that many Articles
placed there have almost disappeared. Many of which were smaller pieces of content of less
than 300 words. Top tip! Make your articles longer.

The minimum I would now suggest for a blog post is 500 words. You can of course mix them up
and yet I would recommend that at least 70-75% of your blogposts should be this length.

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4. Frequency of posting

                          How Often Should I Update Content On My Website

This is one I can fall guilty of on our Najeda Online website. Google loves to see fresh content
on a regular basis. Ironically the more you post the more traffic comes your way. Whatever you
are doing make a commitment to double it. Yes I know that might be a challenge. My own
experience says this strategy is spot on.

Some time ago I set a challenge of posting every day. During that time traffic to the site
increased by over 456% within 30 days. Make sure that you have a list of relevant and trending
keywords. Write your post and then promote each post… You can do these using RSS
directories, or otherwebsites.

5. Links to other websites.

Having a good article that links to others will also serve you in good stead in the eyes of
Google. There is nothing wrong with having your own links back to other relevant content of
yours. This is a key link building strategy. Importantly link to other Authority websites online.
You will notice that is exactly what I have done in this Article.

You might think all this seems like hard work. Well yes it is work. Work though that will reap
benefits for you in both the short and the long term. Straight away in answering questions for
your market, and secondly as a resource that will bring you traffic for years. We have a
number of websites where posts we wrote years ago still rank on Google and get traffic. Here
is a post that gets thousands of visits a month.

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Next steps then?

Well first of all master writing content for the web. There are lots of courses out there that
will take you step by step. Of course you can outsource writing later. Initially write your won
content. It will help you get into the flow of the best way to communicate with your clients.
Before you sit down research what you are going to write about and have a plan of action. It is
easier than you think. Put yourself in your customers shoes. What questions might they ask.
? Validate this using Market Samuraior the Google keyword Tool. Both are free.

Write your content and add your links to the article /post that add value.

Then …..rinse and repeat

To You and Your Online Success,

Denise and Sharon

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