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									Where Has The Google Wonder
       Wheel Gone??

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              Where Has The Google Wonder Wheel Gone??

Well this was a frantic cry a few weeks ago when Google decided to add a new element to its search
facilities. Great though it is Google instant has for some reason disabled the google wonder wheel. Never
fear it is easy to get back!! Phew.

If that is what you want to know just scroll down to the bottom of this post to find the exact instructions
of how to make it appear again.

For visitors here that is new to Internet marketing the Google wonder wheel is a great free tool provided
by Google. If brainstorming keywords is not your bag then the wonderwheel is a great starter to give you
ideas on possible additional keywords.

We are upfront in letting people know that we have multiple streams of income as our business model.
We both decided when we left corporate life that we loved sales and marketing and other things as well.
That is when we decided there must be a way to make an income from a whole manor of different
avenues. The majority are Internet based (surprise surprise) and in the information marketing arena.

We came to the conclusion that if we were willing to pay for instant information other people would as
well. This is one area that the Google Wonder Wheel comes into play in helping our business….. and our

If we are researching a market to enter then it is useful to get an idea on what people might be looking
for. The Google wonder wheel is the perfect way to do this. It will enable you to have a real sense of the
“mindset” of your market and all the possibilities it can bring. Below is what the wonder wheel looks like
and where you will find it.

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One stream of ours that we are upfront about is our site aboutStaffordshire bull terriers. They have been
a breed that have been in my ( Denise’s ) family for years. As a result we know quite a lot about them.
So we created a low cost digital ebook about how to find and look after your first Staffy puppy.

When we are looking for different and specific search terms we go to the wonderwheel. Below is an
image that shows just how you can dig deep into your individual markets.

                                       How the Google wonder wheel works

Just go and have a play with it and you might just be surprised at the information it can give you that
could be used for your own marketing and content creation.

                How to Get the Google Wonder Wheel Back
OK the new google instant search seems to have disabled this. All you need to do is when you are on the
home page of Google go to settings in the top right corner. Open it and scroll down and then disable the
instant search facility press save and viola!! It will re-appear.

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To You and Your Success

Denise and Sharon

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