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									3rd Asia Pacific Rim International
        & Psychotherapy
      15th-18th August 2013
    Four Point Hotel Kuching
       Sarawak, Malaysia

     Counselling & Psychotherapy for
 Relationships, Educational & Enviromental
                Needs Now!

A partnership of three peak International Counselling


1. Introduction to the conference: Agendas; Venue; Program;
   Trade Exhibition

2. Why your Organization should be involved

3. Sponsorship Opportunities

4. Event/Activity Sponsorship
     Guest Speaker
     Welcome Cocktail Reception
     Conference Dinner
     Breakfast Symposium
     Lunch Symposium
     Pre Conference Workshops
     Conference Bags

5. Trade and Booksellers Exhibitions

Contact details: For further details on sponsorship opportunities
please contact:

Ms Jeniece Yong
Conference Secretariat
Mobile: +6012 6950234
1. Introduction to the Conference and its

Purpose: To highlight the relationship, education and environmental needs of the
Asian Pacific Rim community.

Mission: To create a venue which will bring the counselling community from the
Asia Pacific Rim area together from which to spring board future collective strategies
that will respect the differences between Western and non-Western approach and
needs for the benefit of the Asia Pacific Rim community.

Marketing Information for Sponsors
The 3nd Asia Pacific Rim International Counselling& Psychotherapy Conference 2013
will bring together counsellors primarily from ,Malaysia, Singapore,Hong Kong,
China, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and Pacific nations, United States and hopefully
European Countries. Although the conference has targeted the Asia Pacific Rim
region, delegates and presenters will be coming from all over the world. Several
international associations will be represented at the conference. For the first time,
Malaysia won the bid of hosting the 3nd conference as this country consist of multi-
cultural and different ethnic group coupled with modern facilities definitely is a
venue that everyone will not only learned from the conference but to bring home an
unforgettable memory.

The coalition of international partners from professional associations reflects the
global interest in counsellor education within this region. This partnership will be
using the international conference to showcase the latest developments in education,
delivery, research, publications, business building and academia in counselling,
psychotherapy, and guidance practice. Leading practitioners in the region will host
discussions and challenge participants to consider the new demands and opportunities
facing counsellors, psychotherapists, family therapists and guidance counsellors. This
will be done with a focus on issues in the Asia Pacific rim region.

Delegates will come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including school
communities, private practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers,
family and marriage therapists, the business sector (both commercial and
governments sectors), authors, policy makers, planners, education sector, vocational
and higher education sectors, academics, publishing, researchers and executives.
Some delegates will represent the membership of the many professional organizations
that will be characterized at the conference through presentations and information

This is an unprecedented opportunity for primary sponsors to showcase their products
to the entire Asia Pacific Rim region with opportunities for exposure in Europe and
       A.     Conference Program

The primary Conference runs over Four Full days, 15th to1 8th of August 2013. A
welcome cocktail reception will be held on the evening of the 15th of August at the
Hotel Ballroom. This is to provide delegates and sponsors with the opportunity to get
together and network, either renew acquaintances or make new ones.
The opening ceremony of the conference including traditional cultural events will be
held on the morning of the 16th at hotel Grand Ballroom, followed by Keynotes
Speakers presentation. Parallel working groups and elective sessions during the rest
of the days will provide delegates with opportunities for discussions on a range of

There will be Trade Exhibitions as a formal component of the Conference. A
Conference Dinner will be held on 18th August 2013, 1900 hours.

Please visit www.counselingmalaysia.com for further updates as they become

       B. Trade Exhibitions
A feature of the conference will be a Trade Exhibition which will provide sponsors
and other organisations the excellent opportunity to promote their services and
products to delegates and other invited guests.
The conference offers considerable commercial opportunities for sales of educational
materials, computer software, hanficraft, self enhancement beauty products and
promotion of medical product that is helpful to the needy.

2. Why your organisation should be involved
Becoming a Sponsor of this International Conference in Malaysia will benefit your
organisation in a number of ways:
  .    Reflect your organisations commitment to the welfare of our regional
  .    Sponsors will receive a Certificate indicating their commitment to the
Region’s community and its welfare by being foundation participants in the
  .    Acknowledgement as an organisation that supports excellence and innovation.
  .    Excellent networking opportunities with delegates and other high profile
  .    Marketing opportunities to enhance your client base at a regional and global
  .    Media coverage and public relations opportunities.
  .    Showcase your brand within a captured market that represents counsellors
from across the world.
The conference will be a high profile event with estimated of 500-700 pax of
delegates. With several international associations attending along side regionally
based associations.

3.       Sponsorship Opportunities (in US Dollars)

i. Platinum Sponsor (primary sponsor)                                   USD 50,000

This is a one only level of sponsorship. Platinum sponsorship entitles you to:
 .      Logo on conference bags, lanyards and any other marketing material used for
        the conference
 .      Placement of approved marketing material in conference bags
 .      One exhibition booth space ( 12 m x 12 m )
 .      Marketing material on tables at conference dinner
 .      Link to our official conference website
 .      Banner (supplied by sponsor) placement at opening ceremony
 .      Approved Marketing material (supplied by sponsor) at the opening ceremony
 .      3 minute speech by sponsor representative at the opening ceremony
 .      2 x complimentary registrations
 .      2 x complimentary tickets to dinner
 .      2 x complimentary passes to Welcome Cocktail party
 .     1 complimentary full page advertisement at the back outside cover of souvenir
        program book
 .     Certificate of participation

ii. Silver Sponsor (3 x sponsors)                                        USD 20,000
There is provisions for 3 sponsors at this level Silver level sponsorship entitles you to:
  .    Inclusion of logo on conference bags and lanyards
  .    Placement of approved marketing material in conference bags
  .    Trade booth ( 3m x 3 m )
  .    Approved marketing material on tables at conference dinner
  .    2 x complimentary registrations
  .    2 x complimentary tickets to dinner
  .    2 x complimentary passes to Welcome Cocktail party
     .    Poster (supplied by sponsor) placement at opening ceremony
     .   1 complimentary full page advertisement at ordinary page of souvenir
         program book
     .   Certificate of participation

iii. Speaker Sponsorship                                                  At Cost
Your organisation may wish to have its name associated with a speaker. Sponsorship
includes payment for, return airfare, hotel accommodation and registration fee for the
Sponsorship benefits include:
       Priority of Doing Pre Conference Workshop with 20@ discounted rate.
       Acknowledgment of sponsorship by chairperson during session that speaker is
       Acknowledgment as a sponsor in souvenir program book
       Insert of product leaflets into conference bags

iv. Conference Dinner                                                USD 10,000

The Conference Dinner will be a memorable event of any Social Program. Over 300
delegates, speakers and accompanying persons are expected to attend.
By sponsoring the dinner, the organisation will be entitled to considerable
promotional opportunities including:
       Two complimentary conference dinner tickets
       Opportunity for brief address by company representative at conference dinner
       Company name and logo featured on menu
       Acknowledgement as a sponsor in souvenir program book
       Company brochure inserted in conference bags
       Full page advertisement ordinary page in souvenir program book
       Display material on each dinner table
       Sponsorship certificate

v. Lunch Symposium                                                     USD 1500

This would include the following opportunities:
      One hour talk by company representative at lunch break in meeting room
      Acknowledgement as a sponsor in souvenir program
      Company brochure inserted in conference bags
      Full page advertisement ordinary page in souvenir program book
      Sponsorship certificate

vi. Stationery                                                             USD500

A sponsorship opportunity exists for an organisation to receive promotional exposure
by providing all delegates with writing pads and pens.

4. Trade and Booksellers Exhibitions
The conference is offering booksellers and exhibitors a unique opportunity to promote
their services, resources and their organisation to the estimated 500 plus delegates
who are expected to attend this conference.
A standard cost of USD 1600 for a large display (2 x tables) or USD1000 for a
normal display (1 x table).
If your organisation would like to participate, please complete the trade exhibitions
form at the end of this package and return by 31st August 2012 to the address below.
Confirmation is upon 20% down payment on first come first serve basis.
For every display table booked, ONE representative from your company will be
entitled to the following:
        Morning and Afternoon Teas
        Attendance at all sessions that are not booked out
        Attendance at Welcome Reception

Sponsorship and trade display conditions
Sponsors participate on the understanding that:
    Sponsorship monies contribute to the successful planning and promotion of
      the Conference in addition to subsidising the costs of management,
      communication, invited speakers, program, publications etc.
    Sponsorship exposure and acknowledgement is facilitated by credits in the
      Conference Program.
    Display tables are situated in a predetermined exhibition room which will be
      given a high profile to ensure delegates are aware of its location. Morning teas
      will also be served in the exhibition room to encourage delegates to inspect
      your products. Security and protection of display material from theft is the
      responsibility of the exhibitor.
    Sponsorship monies are not expended on any entertainment incurred which is
      incidental to the activities of the Conference and, on this basis, sponsorship
      monies are tax deductible.
    Provision of banners, transparencies and any other promotion material is the
      responsibility of the Sponsor.
    Colour (if used) reproduction will, when printed, be as close to the specified
      colour as practical.
    Information provided in the sponsorship and exhibition opportunities
      document is correct at the time of going to print. However, as the document is
      subject to change, sponsors will be notified of any changes prior to the
   Sponsorship Application Form
        Please complete this form and post, email or fax to the below address.

                      Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy
                                 11-1, Wisma Laxton
                               Jalan Desa, Taman Desa
                                58100 Kuala Lumpur
                      Tel: 603 79824424 Fax: 603 79806332
                     Email: secretariat@counselingmalaysia.com

Section 1: Contact Details




Postcode:_____________Phone/Fax/Mobile: _______________________


Section 2: Requirements
We would like to commit to the following sponsorship package. Please list:

Amount of money committed in USD/RINGGIT _____
I have read the conditions of sponsorship and agree to abide by the above conditions.
Signed:_________________________ Dated:__________________________

Sponsorship will be confirmed in writing/email by the Conference Secretariat
Invoices will be posted and confirmation of sponsorship will be indicated in the
Payment can be done via telegraphic transfer or direct bank in :

Cancellation policy applies, any cancellation will attract 20% administration fee. No
cancellation refunds will be given after 31st August 2012
All fees and invoices must be paid in full before any confirmation will be made by the
conference conveners.
                    DISPLAY TABLE
                  APPLICATION FORM
(1) Please make any cheque for payment in USD/RINGGIT
(2) Please complete this form, post or email with proof of payment to the following
    Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy
    11-1, Wisma Laxton
    Jalan Desa, Taman Desa
    58100 Kuala Lumpur
    Email: secretariat@counselingmalaysia.com

Section 1: Contact Details





Postcode:_____________Phone: ________________



Section 2: Your Requirements

_________ We would like to insert materials in the conference satchels
600 inserts must be delivered to Four Points Hotel , Kuching on or before 12th August 2013
You will be contacted in advance should demands exceed 600

_________ We would like to reserve a Display Table for ___________

Signed:_________________________ Date: ______________________________

       Sponsorship will be confirmed in writing by the Conference Secretariat
       Cancellation policy applies, any cancellation will attract 20%
        administration fee. No cancellation refunds will be given after 1st
        February 2013

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