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Digital Marketing for Local Business Owners Is It Worth It


									Digital Marketing for Local Business
        Owners Is It Worth It?

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Digital marketing is the new buzz word or at least one of them. From most local business owners
perspectives it is all about how to market in the digital age. Wether that be through email marketing,
via your website, RSS feeds etc. Don’t panic about all these terms by the way you will find many
definitions on this site. We even have a digital internet dictionary you can buy for a few pounds.

Back to digital marketing. Many business owners shy away from it thinking . “this won’t work for me”.
Like any marketing strategy you have to have a plan and think through how you utilise it. Digital
marketing is no exception.

First of all do you have a website? Or an email data base? What do you have on your site that helps your
customers or potential clients? Perhaps a video or an informative article? All this helps to build a
connection with your clients.

That makes them feel good towards you. Hands up how many of you have given business to some one
who helped you? It is called the law of reciprocity by the way. Digital marketing really can help you
excel at this side of your marketing.

Many people get confused by digital marketing and social media marketing. In essence they are very
similar. One uses the other if that makes sense.

Let’s take this website as an example. It is actually a blog on a wordpress platform. Blogging is part of
social media. So we are using a social media activity in a digital way. I know it can all get very confusing.

All you need to know and think about is your market;

1. What do they need?

2. Where do they hang out?

3. How can we help them?

4. Can we interact online?

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Simple questions. Which when you have the answers will make a huge difference to you and your
business. In answer to the original question in the current business economy digital marketing will enable
you to interact with more of your customer’s mores of the time. With over 30 billion searches a month
on Google each month. Some of your customers will be there. All you have to do is get in the flow of
them and blow them away with your product or service.

To You and Your Online Success,


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