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					Creating A PPC Campaign To Improve

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                 Creating A PPC Campaign To Improve SEO

                                               PPP Marketing

Many Business owners run shy of “doing” PPC or pay per click marketing. I will even hold my hand up and
say I was one of those individuals! Having lost a lot of money at the time, because I didn’t know what I
was doing. As a mentor of mine said though, “it is all part of the education Denise”.

The truth is a small ppc campaign can be valuable in knowing what particular keywords are drawing
people into your site and what might be converting to sales.


Well, there are a number of benefits including:

Search Volume
It will allow you to get a more accurate picture as to how much search volume there is for the keyword
phrases you are targeting. Although most keyword tools will report search volume data, you’ll frequently
find conflicting information.

What Converts
If you track your conversions, you can quickly see which keyword phrases yield the highest return on your
advertising dollar. These “money” terms can then be used when performing SEO to your site.

Use Your Free Credits
If you haven’t already created a PPC campaign it’s possible that you will be offered a certain amount of
free advertising credits by the search engine of your choice. Google frequently gives out £50/$100 worth
of advertising credits to those who create an Adwords account so you might as well take advantage of it.

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In addition to the benefits listed above, it will also allow you to get quick exposure for competitive
keyword phrases. Instead of waiting for weeks, or months, you can show your ads the same day you
place them.

To You and Your Online Success,

Denise and Sharon

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