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									Disclaimer : This Document isn’t a Promotional Purpose, I am writing this time inspired by the book
"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.

        This book was first introduced to me about 2 years ago by my friend, he said that it was good to
read. And it’s true, that book is very useful, especially for us who want to know how to have a lot of

          In this post I want to convey what things discussed in the book. The point of this book gives us a
lesson on how we can obtain more friends, and ways in which we have influence in socializing, in our
daily life in society, and how to build relationships.

More specifically the famous book by Dale Carnegie is useful for:

    1.    Remove your bad mental habits, give you new ideas, new vision and new ambitions.
    2.    Makes you easily and quickly make friends, it's easy to find friends
    3.    Increase your popularity in your neighborhood
    4.    Entice people to follow your way of thinking
    5.    Increasing influence, prestige, your ability to get things done
    6.    Allows you to obtain new clients and colleagues
    7.    Improve your ability to earn more income
    8.    Making your workers, leaders, salespeople, managers or executives better
    9.    Makes you a better speaker and more fun
    10.   Generating enthusiasm among business partners

Here I want to provide summaries in this book:

     Fundamental Techniques in Handling People:
      1. Don’t criticize, blame, or complain
      2. Give honest and sincere appreciation for the achievements of others
      3. Generate interest in other people

     How to Make People Like You:
      1. Be sincerely interested to others, like “the others” firstly
      2. Give them a Smile
      3. Given the name of a person is the most impressive thing for others, Especially their Full Name
      4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves, things they like.
      5. Not too much to talk about our own interests, but rather multiply Talk to her interests of
       “others” (talking about what “other people” like).
      6. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely (not a necessity)

Entice “Others” to Follow Your Mind:

    1.    The only way to get the most benefit from the debate itself is avoiding debate
    2.    Show respect for “others” opinions. Never say, "you are wrong".
    3.    If you are wrong, admit it quickly and sympathetically
    4.    Begin in a friendly way
    5.    Keep the “other person” saying "yes" immediately
    6.    Let the “other person” talk more
   7. Let the “other person” feel that it was his idea
   8. Try earnestly, to see things from another person's perspective (don’t ever see things from our
       own point of view anyway).
   9. Be Sympatethic, to the ideas and desires of “others”
   10. Encourage motives are more noble
   11. Dramatize your ideas
   12. Throw a challenge

How to Become a Good Leader

   1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation of “others”.
   2. Tell mistakes of others in an indirect way, don’t yell, and don’t discredit the “other people” that
      you think are wrong (we're human, humans could not infallible).
   3. Talk about your mistakes first, before we criticize others, don’t just find fault with others while
      you were never aware of or cover up your own mistakes.
   4. Ask questions, avoid to giving direct orders, and don’t hesitate to say the word "please".
   5. Let the “other person” save their face, never discredit or show someone else's fault.
   6. Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement. "sincere in your reception and
      generous in your appreciation."
   7. Give “others” a good reputation, and make they deserve to get it.
   8. Use endorsement. Make the fault seem easy to fix. Don’t raise such a big deal.
   9. Make the “other person” feel happy to doing the things you suggest.

Good Luck

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