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					    30 Day Challenge: My 7 lessons

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                  30 Day Challenge: My 7 lessons!
With just a matter of hours to go, our 30 day challenge is nearing the end and there have been a few
lessons along the way. Probably a lot more than 7!

If you have just arrived at the blog, it was simple really. I am part of a mastermind group where we
discussed what might takes us closer to our business goals and what does not. I decided that more
writing for our own online marketing as well as our clients would be novel! So I committed to writing one
blog post and one article for Ezine articles on marketing and selling online every day for 30 days.
Sounds simple?
So here goes with some of the key learning’s so far

1. It Works
I know that is probably obvious that, anything done in a consistent manner will eventually bring results.
We are consultants in the online marketing field with promotional packages where we do everything for
our clients from research, developing a strategy, writing content, to total delivery.

In addition another growing part of our business is teaching companies how to market themselves online.
In other words to do some of the things we do, for themselves! So I thought it might be novel to
experiment writing in the same way people who are new would write. This is usually without too much
attention to keywords and research. I wanted to see how successful you can still be if you do
something consistently.

So here are some interesting results. The final data is not yet available. Though up to last week the
traffic to this blog had increased over the month by 68% Good news to know what is actually possible.
Every so often there will be a spike. Take note of this and think about what you did differently. Keep the
faith. Some days you think what the heck………. is this worth it. Then there will be an upswing and then
another and another. Focused action will always create results. It just might take a little longer than you
originally anticipated.

                                         Google Analytics Traffic data

The stats so far are encouraging. Pretty good considering the area of SEO has well over 150 million
competing pages and only 5 million searches a month. Let’s put that into perspective. Women’s shoes
have over 37 million searches a month. So even though in SEO the competition is stiff the searches are
not as huge as other areas.

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So top line is ………”this stuff works” as my mentor would say………. and really well. I literally only made a
couple of tweets and emailed out to a small list twice, about a couple of posts. The results speak for

2. Have a Specific Outcome
I think mine was a touch vague. Next time I will have some specific clear outcomes. Then I will have
more chance of getting the result. For example. Building a twitter list, have X number of views on Ezine
article, Y number of new RSS subscribers etc. If you set a clear outcome it is more likely to happen.

3. Set a Regular Time to Write
This last month has been busy along with having woman flu! I am a morning person. So it would have
been logical for me to get up just a bit earlier and do my “posts and articles” for the day. I did not
actually do this! Enough said. Though it is a great lesson on making things important. Marketing your own
business has to be one of your key jobs. It is the classic advice of working on or in a business. If you have
not read Michael Gerber treat yourself to his book where he explains everything in the E myth seminar.

If you do too much of working “in your business”, one day you will wake up to find that your pipeline of
clients have disappeared! Give you and your business the time it deserves.

4. Decide Topic Areas in Advance
Being the creative person I am, I tend to have ten ideas before breakfast. Which has its advantages and
disadvantages for the reader? A structure and flow makes it easier for people to assimilate the message
you want to communicate. It also gives people a reason to read and come back for more.

Say the topic for the month was; online research leading up to content writing, then sales letters etc. It
keeps your audience engaged and happy. Knowing where things are heading.

5. Research Your keywords and Who Knows What Might Happen
Keywords are pivotal to success for anyone on line. The dream is lots of searches a month and no
competition! Well realistically there are still gems out there………..!! However you may need to think
laterally and go for the keyword phrase. This makes traffic generation more than possible.
The beauty of writing keyword optimized blog posts is that they hang around for a long time.
Imagine if a blog post keyword phrase had 50 searches a month. That is still over 600 a year. If half of
these hit your site and then just five percent ring you……… I’ll do the math’s for you.

That’s 300x 5% = 15 contacts. So let’s say you write 5 days out of 7 and work 48 weeks a year. Still with
us? Great. That means you write 240 posts in a year each one potentially creates 15 warm leads or phone

We are looking at over 3600 very warm leads or phone calls in a year. Just imagine if you wrote twice
that amount and actually got double the hits and conversion rate? You see where I am going with this. It
is all possible by the way. All from some focused keyword research.

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6. Have a Plan and Promotion Strategy That Goes With The Outcome
Logical really. If you have an outcome you have got to have a plan as well to make sure it is delivered.
This could include how you promote anything you do.

Blogging is no different. Making sure that you maximise everything. Wether that is tweeting your blog
post. Leaving comments on blogs in your niche. Social book marking everything, submitting R.S.S feeds.

7. Keep Good Records.
It is so easy to have a genius moment or event that brings untold of rewards. Trust me it is! When this
happens it is useful to know the process you followed. That way you can repeat it again.

“Do more of what works and less of what does not” as my mentor says. Unless you measure and get
organized how you actually know what is worth doing and what needs to be tossed out.
Don’t look on it as failure think about is as testing, measuring and getting feedback on what works.

Well it looks like the next challenge is ahead of us. Watch out in the next week or so and we will let you
know what it is!

To You and Your online success!

Denise and Sharon

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