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					                        Mexican Restaurant Menu
                          5th Grade Technology Project

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Students will use Microsoft Publisher to create a
take-out menu for a Mexican-food restaurant. The menu must include
appetizers, salads/soups, side dishes, entrees, drinks and desserts. Students
must incorporate pictures and graphical design elements. Mr. Hitzig will
grade on format, layout, color scheme, design and content. This project will
be broken into steps. It is essential that you complete each step on time!

STEP 1: Decide what type of atmosphere you want your restaurant to have
(family-friendly, upscale fine-dining, sports grill, patio dining, mariachi band
entertainment, etc.). Next, decide a name for your restaurant. The
restaurant name must be original and should indicate what type of food or
atmosphere that customers may expect.

Using Microsoft Word, write two paragraphs describing your restaurant
(please include the restaurant name). Both paragraphs must be 5-8 complete
sentences in length.

Paragraph 1: Describe the food you serve and the restaurant atmosphere.
Paragraph 2: Describe the history of your restaurant (when did the
restaurant open, who is the owner, where the owner from is? Is there any
historical significance of the restaurant building, etc.).

Please proofread your document carefully. Don’t forget to include a proper
header at the top of the document (the assignment title is “Restaurant
Description”. If you work on this document at home you must save a copy
onto your flash drive. This document must be printed and turned-in at
the beginning of class Thursday, September 13th.

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