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                                                        NR210: Nursing Care Plan
Great job, Rex! Your interventions are appro. Specific and cover the outcome criteria of the goal. You have provided an appro rationale for all but
one of the interventions, and have listed a source for each rationale – GREAT…remember to use APA format to cite your sources. The Evaluation
                     addresses the outcomes of the goal – not that you did not address one outcome in the evaluation section.

Nursing Diagnosis: Nutrition imbalance: more than body requirements r/t excessive sugar intake AEB 24 hr recall that reveals desserts after every meal.
        Client Goals with          Nursing Interventions                                     Rationales                                Evaluation
        Outcome Criteria

The pt will have an         ASSESS:                                       1. Include type/amt of foods, how                       Goal met AEB:
understanding of how          1. Assess Pt knowledge of                      prepared, intake pattern/quantity (p.
to consume a well                                                                                                                 Pt compliant
                                 rationale for balanced diet,                116, NCP).
balanced diet w/o                                                                                                                 w/RDA of
                                 low in excessive sugars
excessive sweet                                                           2. Pt may be unaware of actual BGL (p.                  balanced diet
intake in 24 hours               (w/out excessive sugars)
                                                                             116, NCP)                                            w/out excessive
AEB:                          2. Assess BGL q8hr. Would it
                                                                                                                                  sugar intake.
     Pt correctly                be more beneficial to assess            3. Pt understands origin of intake and
         states                   the BGL ac, hs?                            portion control (lecture, Hopkins, B.).              Goal met AEB:
         rationale for        3. Assess 24hr diet recall.
         well balance       TREAT:                                        4. Changes in eating habits required for                Pt does not
         diet w/out
                              4. Offer diet low in refined                   effective BGL control (p. 117, NCP).                 engage in extra-
         excessive                                                                                                                curricular
         sweet intake            sugars. Consult w/dietary                5. Memory is inadequate for
                                 for menu options.                                                                                “sugar-
     Pt verbalizes                                                          quantification of intake. And to
         desire to            5. Pt to keep daily food log.                                                                       snacking”.
                                                                             encourage pt to make more food
         comply with          6. Provide positive                            choices (p. 117, NCP).                               Goad met AEB:
         prescribed              reinforcement as
         diet                                                             6. ?                                                    Accucheck q8hr
     Pt consumes
                            TEACH:                                                                                                w/in BGL
         100% of                                                          7. Many pt unaware of amts of sugar
                              7. Teach pt re: balanced diet                                                                       normal facility
         dietary tray,                                                       present in daily intake (p. 111, NCP).
         pt does not             low in refined/excess                                                                            limits.
         consume                 sugars.                                  8. Many pt unaware of s/s of elevated
         supplemental                                                        BGL. (p. 117, NCP).
         high CHO             8. Teach pt of s/s r/t elevated
         dessert                 BGL.                                     9. Many pt unaware of dangers asso
                              9. Teach pt of complications                   w/chronic incr. BGL. (p. 117, NCP).
         BG WNL
          consistently.          of chronic elevated BGL.
NR210clin.pap 6/98JR                                  Nutrition class Lecture, Fall, 2003. Barbara Hopkins RD, MS.

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