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Potential Careers                                                    Resources and Info
                                                                                                                  W hat To Do Wit h
N   MU’s Criminal Justice Program prepares stu-
    dents for employment in the following careers:
                                                     For Career Planning and Opportunities:
                                                             Academic & Career Advisement Center                   A Maj or I n….
Occupations                                                  3302 C.B. Hedgcock
      Border Patrol Agent                                    www.nmu.edu/acac
      Corporate And Industrial Security Officer
                                                              Department of Criminal Justice
      Corrections Officer                                     110 Gries Hall
      Criminal Justice Professor                              906-227-2660
      Department of Natural Resources Officer
      Drug Enforcement Agent                         For Job Search, Resume and Career Information:
      Internal Revenue Service Agent                          Career Services
                                                              3502 C.B. Hedgcock
      Environmental Protection Agency Specialist              906-227-2800
      Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent                   www.nmu.edu/careers

                                                                                                                  Criminal Justice
      Federal Air Marshall                           For Information about NMU Student Organizations Associ-
      Immigration & Naturalization Service Agent     ated with this Major Contact:
                                                              Center for Student Enrichment
      Inspector General Investigator                          1206 University Center
      Loss Prevention Officer                                 906-227-2439
                                                                                                                    Associate Degree
      National Park Service Ranger
      Occupational Safety & Health Administration             The Criminal Justice Association
              Investigator                           Internet Resource Links:
      Park Ranger                                             www.careers.org
      Probation/Parole Officer                                www.bls.gov/oco Occupational Outlook Handbook
      Secret Service Agent                                    www.usajobs.com
      Securities and Exchange Commissions Agent
      State or County Officer                        For Career Information with National Organizations:
      U.S. Customs Service Agent
                                                              www.asc.com The American Society of Criminology
                                                              www.acjs.org Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
                                                              www.abanet.org American Bar Association
                                                              www.ali.org The American Law Institute

                                                                         Current as of Fall 2012
                                                                             Provided by:
Criminal Justice                                              Course Work                                                          Career Development
M      ajoring in Criminal Justice isn't like every other
       major. Just ask Northern’s Criminal Justice stu-
dents. They’ll tell you about Northern’s approach to
                                                              T    his degree includes the following courses as part of
                                                                   the program requirements, and specific major re-                Y     ou should begin the resume-building process as
                                                                                                                                         soon as you can. The Academic and Career Ad-
                                                              quirements along with liberal studies and graduation re-             visement Center can assist you with career planning,
education, the small class size with lots of personal         quirements.                                                          while Career Services will help you fine tune your re-
attention, the talented faculty, the use of technology in                                                                          sume and look for jobs related to your field. In the
the classroom, the internships, the diverse number of         Criminal Justice Core (8 cr.)                                        meantime, the more hands-on experience you have, the
career opportunities, the high job placement rate, the        CJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice (4 cr.)                      better the chances are that you will find a job. Becom-
regional police academy, and the Criminal Justice Asso-       CJ 212 The Law Enforcement Function (4 cr.) or                       ing involved in a professional related internship is a
ciation. The criminal justice major is designed to en-                 CJ 220 The Corrections Function (4 cr.)                     way to develop your professional skills and gain experi-
sure your future success.                                                                                                          ence. Your academic course work is important as well,
                                                              Criminal Justice Electives (16 cr.)                                  so be sure to maintain a high grade point average.
Nothern offers a wide variety of criminal justice cours-      Choose from the following:
es. You can explore such topics as corrections, the
judicial system, investigations, law enforcement, legal
issues, criminology, and drug enforcement just to name
                                                              CJ 214 The Investigative Process (4 cr.)
                                                              CJ 221 Roles of the Corrections Client (4 cr.)                       Additional
a few. Many course are offered via the web.
                                                              CJ 227 Correctional Institutions (4 cr.)
                                                              CJ 245 Legal Issues in Corrections (4 cr.)                           Considerations
Skills and                                                    CJ 250 Investigative Interviewing and Interrogation (4 cr.)
                                                              CJ 255 Drugs, Crime and the Justice System (4 cr.)
                                                                                                                                   T    he Criminal Justice Associate’s degree is intended

                                                              CJ 280 Criminal Law (4 cr.)                                               to allow students to find a job while still being
                                                              CJ 295 Special Topics in Criminal Justice (1-4 cr.)                  able to return to Northern for a Baccalaureate degree
                                                              CJ 302 Community Relations and Crime Prevention (4 cr.)              in Criminal Justice. Most professions will require the

L     ike other degrees, you will be exposed to a variety     CJ 323 Community-Based Corrections (4 cr.)                           BA or BS degree as an initial launch point.
      of academic coursework as a Criminal Justice ma-        CJ 360 Case Studies in Crime (4 cr.)
jor. In the process, you will acquire new skills. Specifi-    CJ 412 Crisis Intervention and Stress Analysis (4 cr.)               Some of the careers listed require special training after
cally, you communication, analytical, and technical           CJ 414 The Investigative Process II (4 cr.)                          the BA or BS degree is obtained. Good communica-
skills will be challenged and strengthened. Strong com-       CJ 420 Forensic Psychology (4 cr.)                                   tion, human relations, and organizational skills are
munication skills are, after all, necessary in every career   CJ 426 International Crime & Comparative CJ Sys (4 cr.)              beneficial to these occupations. These careers carry
field today; Criminal Justice is no exception. You will       CJ 435 Domestic and International Terrorism (4 cr.)                  great benefits as well as opportunities for rewarding
need to develop effective writing skills, as well as oral     CJ 440 Discretionary Justice (4 cr.)                                 experiences.
presentation, and persuasiveness. Leadership and pub-         CJ 454 Wildlife Crime (4 cr.)
                                                              CJ 465 Problem Solving in Criminal Justice (4 cr.)
                                                                                                                                   Job Outlook
lic relation skills are important to possess. The ability
to think critically, solve problems, and negotiate are        CJ 470 Liability Law in Criminal Justice (4 cr.)
also important in this field. You can expect to be ex-        CJ 480 Cybercrime (4 cr.)
posed to academic course work and experiences that
challenge and develop these skills. The curriculum at
NMU prepares students for the broad professional
                                                              CJ 495 Special Topics in Criminal Justice (1-4 cr.)
                                                              CJ 497 Teaching/Research Apprenticeship (1-4 cr.)
                                                              CJ 498 Directed Study (1-4 cr.)
                                                                                                                                   I   ncreased homeland security has led to the creation
                                                                                                                                       of many new jobs in the criminal justice field espe-
                                                                                                                                   cially at the federal level. Starting salaries are contin-
fields of law enforcement, adult and juvenile correc-                                                                              gent upon the agency’s geographic location and the
tions, the court systems, or graduate studies.                Detailed course descriptions can be found at www.nmu.edu/bulletin.   individuals applicants work experience, and initiative.

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