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					                                                        LUNCH MENU
                                                    UNION STREET CAMPUS
                                           WEEK OF September 24, 2012
    Monday 9/24              Tuesday 9/25              Wednesday 9/26           Thursday 9/20                   Friday 9/27
 Main Entrée Choice        Main Entrée Choice          Main Entrée Choice         Main Entrée Choice         Main Entrée Choice
   Grilled Chicken         Chicken and Cheese           Orange Chicken                 Ham Slice             Corn Dog on a Stick
      Sandwich                  Quesadilla                  Rice Bowl             Whole Grain Roll                    OR
      Dill Pickles                 OR                    Fortune Cookie              w/Margarine               Build Your Own
           OR               Build Your Own                     OR                         OR               Salad(Includes 1 Bread
  Build Your Own            Salad(Includes 1            Build Your Own             Build Your Own                  Choice)
  Salad(Includes 1            Bread Choice)         Salad(Includes 1 Bread         Salad(Includes 1                   OR
    Bread Choice)                  OR                        Choice)                Bread Choice)                 PBJ Meal
          OR                    PBJ Meal                       OR                         OR               With Yogurt or Cheese
      PBJ Meal               With Yogurt or                 PBJ Meal                   PBJ Meal           Veggie Choices
   With Yogurt or                Cheese             With Yogurt or Cheese           With Yogurt or               Green Beans
        Cheese            Veggie Choices            Veggie Choices                      Cheese                     Lettuce
Veggie Choices                   Lettuce            Homemade Kale Chips         Veggie Choices                     Carrots
   Fresh Broccoli            Diced Tomatoes                  Carrots               Mashed Potatoes                  Celery
     French Fries                Carrots               Stir Fry Vegetables               Peas             Fruit Choice
       Lettuce                    Celery                      Celery                    Lettuce             Variety of fresh fruit,
    Fresh Carrots         Fruit Choices:            Fruit Choices:                      Carrots            canned fruit and juices
Fruit Choices:            Variety of fresh fruit,     Variety of fresh fruit,           Celery
Variety of fresh fruit,     canned fruit and         canned fruit and juices    Fruit Choice
  canned fruit and                juices                                        Variety of fresh fruit,
         juices                                                                 canned fruit and

                                           Lunch Prices 2012
                                             All Guests-$2.60
                                  Snack Milk and Extra Milk- $ .30
                    Please note that fruits and vegetables may be subject to change
                                            due to availability.

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