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                                                                         Vol. 49 NO. 2-3 March 2012

Pork Congress 2012

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Complete Iowa Pork Congress Summary
Eldon McAfee’s GIPSA, feed lien summaries

                                                                     March 2012                       1
2   March 2012
                                                                March highlights
                                               04 2012 IPPa Leadership
                                               07 randomly Speaking – a message from the president
                                               12 System to save energy, reduce ammonia emissions
                                               14   2011 IPPa Membership Survey – Pork producers embrace
                                                    PQa Plus
                                               16   hog farmers want quicker payment from packers
                                               18   Introducing the new IPPa president
                                               20   IPPa co-sponsors Sacramento TOE
                                               22   Dubuque chefs take top spots in Iowa Pork TOE
                                               24   Keynote speaker decodes activist communications
                                               26   2011 Master Pork Producer biographies
                                               31   IPSc’s top Seedstock producer for 2011
                                               34   Washington producers earn 2011 Pork all-american award
                                               35   SE Iowa producers are top environmental stewards
The 2012 Iowa Pork congress was held           36   2011 honorary Master Pork Producers
Jan. 25-26. catch all of the highlights        38   2011 IPPa Membership award winners
beginning on page 24.
                                               40   Outstanding Project award winners
                                               42   hog Wild, Belle ringer award winners
                                               43   Iowa Pork Foundation Scholarship fund gets boost
                                               44   Des Moines residents enjoy free pork lunch
                                               45   2012 Iowa Pork Youth Team selected
                                               46   Three teams earn scholarships at Youth Swine Judging
Programs are made available to pork                 contest
producers without regard to race, color,       47   One day, two awards for Wapello county pork producers
sex, religion or national origin. The Iowa
Pork Producers Association is an equal         48   SunnyBrook inspired by pork
opportunity employer.                          50   Feed suppliers prevail in Iowa Supreme court feed lien ruling
                                               52   Eldon Mcafee summarizes new GIPSa rule now in effect
The Iowa Pork Producer is the official
publication of the Iowa Pork Producers         55   2011 Exports top $6 billion
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Phone: (515) 225-7675
Iowa Toll-free: (800) 372-7675
FaX: (515) 225-0563                            MISSION STaTEMENT
e-mail: info@iowapork.org                      The Iowa Pork Producers association is an industry inclusive organization whose
                                               mission is to provide a unified voice to promote and educate for a sustainable,
                                               socially responsible, profitable and globally competitive pork industry.

                                                                                       March 2012
                                                                                       March 2012                                3
    IPPA 2012 Leadership
    Iowa Pork Producers Association Board of Directors
                                             Executive Committee

          Bill Tentinger                                      Greg Lear                                   Leon Sheets
            President                                       President-elect                               Past President
             Le Mars                                           Spencer                                         Ionia

        David Struthers                  Mark Meirick                           Mark Johnson             Jamie Schmidt
       Vice President of                Vice President of                      Vice President of        Vice President of
          Operations                       Resources                                Market             Producers Services
       Southwest Region                     District 3                           Development                District 2
            Collins                          Protivin                             Stakeholder                Garner

        Conley Nelson                  Derrick Sleezer                           Howard Hill             John Webber
       National Pork Board            National Pork Board                       National Pork            National Pork
             Algona                        Cherokee                           Producers Council        Producers Council
                                                                                  Iowa Falls                Dysart

                                        Iowa Pork Association Mission Statement
      The Iowa Pork Producers Association is an industry inclusive organization whose mission is to provide a unified voice to
           promote and educate for a sustainable, socially responsible, profitable and globaly competitive pork industry.

4                   March 2012

    Joe Rotta                    Al Wulfekuhle                            Curtis Meier                      Gene Moody
     District 1                     District 4                             District 5                         District 6
      Merrill                     Quasqueton                               Clarinda                           Maxwell

              David Calderwood                     Heather Hora                            Marv Rietema
                   District 7                        District 8                             NW Region
                    Traer                           Washington                             Sioux Center

  Joel Huber                     Brenda Schmitt                           Ryan Bailey                        Craig Rowles
   SE Region                       NE Region                                 Allied                           Stakeholder
    Wellman                          Rudd                                 State Center                           Carroll

                                            Ex-officio Directors
 The Honorable Bill Northey                                                                     Dr. Maynard Hogberg
 Iowa Secretary of Agriculture                                                            Chair, Animal Science Department
                                                  Dr. John Mabry                                 Iowa State University
      Harold Hommes                              Executive Director
                                              Iowa Pork Industry Center                             Dr. Lisa Nolan
Iowa Department of Agriculture
                                                                                         Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
    and Land Stewardship
                                                                                                Iowa State University

                                                                                          March 2012
                                                                                          March 2012                            5
                                                                                                           The Iowa Pork Producers
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                                                                                                           hog house alarms ................................63
                                                                                                           International Boar Semen......................62
                                                                                                           Katolight ................................................59
                                                                                                           Kerns Farms ..........................................63
                                                                                                           Land O’Lakes ..........................................2
                                                                                                           LSG health Systems .............................63
                                                                                                           Marvin Wuebker ....................................63

         Place ad I created
                                                                                                           Pit charger ............................................13
                                                                                                           Producers Livestock ..............................63

         for this space
                                                                                                           SFP ........................................................32
                                                                                                           Stutsman ...............................................25
                                                                                                           Truline Genitics ......................................62
                                                                                                           Uddertech ...............................................9
                                                                                                           Waldo Farms, Inc. .................................62
                                                                                                           Whiteshire hamroc ................................63
                                                                                                           ZFI .........................................................60

2012 Board of Directors                                                                                            IPPa Staff
    ExECuTIvE CoMMITTEE        NPPC                                   Allied ryan Bailey, State center              DIRECToRS
                               Howard Hill, Iowa Falls                                                              Rich Degner, Executive
    President                                                         Stakeholder craig rowles, carroll
                               John Weber,Dysart                                                                    Tyler Bettin, Producer Education
    Bill Tentinger                                                    Ex-officio Directors                          Ron Birkenholz, Communications
    President-elect            National Pork Board                    Iowa Secretary of Agriculture                 Doug Fricke, Tradeshow Marketing
    Greg Lear, Spencer         conley Nelson, algona                  The honorable Bill Northey                    Joyce Hoppes, Consumer
                               Derrick Sleezer, cherokee                                                            Information
    vice President of                                                 Iowa Department of Agriculture
    operations                 DIRECToRS                              and Land Stewardship                          Bob Huckleberry, Accounting
    David Struthers, Collins                                          harold hommes                                 Cody McKinley, Public Policy
                               District 1 Joe rotta, Merrill                                                        Kelly Sheets, Producer Outreach
    vice President of          District 4 al Wulfekuhle, Quasqueton   Iowa Pork Industry Center                     Alison Swanson, Marketing/
    Resources                                                         Dr. John Mabry, Executive Director            Programs
    Mark Meirick, Protivin     District 5 curtis Meier, clarinda
                                                                      Iowa State university
    vice President of Market   District 6 Gene Moody, Maxwell         Dr. Maynard hogberg                           ASSISTANTS
    Development                District 7 David calderwood, Traer     Dr. Lisa Nolan                                Sheryl Christensen, Administrative
    Mark Johnson, Leland                                              Iowa Pork Youth Team                          Lea Clemenson, Programs
                               District 8 heather hora, Washington                                                  Mary Lea Hampton, Promotions
    vice President of                                                 Queen, Lindsay Reth, Manchester
                               NW Region Marv rietema, Sioux          Princess, Sterling Schnepf,                   Andrea Wright, Technical
    Producer Services
                               center                                 Granville
    Jamie Schmidt, Garner                                                                                           Magazine design and layout by
                               SE Region Joel huber, Wellman          Ambassador, Jacob Swanson,
    Past President                                                    Ottumwa                                       Mindz Eye Design
    Leon Sheets, Ionia         NE Region Brenda Schmitt, rudd

6                              March 2012
                                 randomly Speaking –
                                 a message from the president

       Bill Tentinger
       IPPa President

Dear Fellow Pork Industry Advocates,

I am proud, humbled and excited to serve you as your 2012 IPPA president. Proud because your association is regarded
and respected as a very well-run and professional group. I am proud because I represent some of the best and most
professional pork producers in the world. I am humbled because I know that I will be following in the footsteps of some
great past presidents who have lead this association through good times and bad times with professionalism. I am excited
because I look forward to serving all aspects of pork production. I hope to meet many new faces and continue to build
enthusiasm and respect for what the pork industry does for Iowa.

I look forward to working with the IPPA staff members because they are truly dedicated to the betterment of the Iowa
pork industry. Feel free to contact them at any time for help or with concerns about issues in pork production. I also look
forward to working with the board of directors, a group of dedicated industry leaders. I ask that they continue to come
together with open minds to discuss issues brought before them to reach a common goal for the betterment of the pork
industry in all of Iowa.

Your association will be involved in many public relations activities this year running TV and radio ad campaigns and also
getting more involved in social media. IPPA also will continue to be involved in the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance.
Public policy will be another area that will have heavy focus as we constantly monitor national and state issues that pertain
to our industry. Regulatory and rule-making issues seem to need the most attention.

There are some things that I would ask of those involved in our industry. One of them is to get involved wherever you can.
Be it helping out at a local grilling/promotion or speaking out wherever you see a need. The strength of this association
comes from you, the member. There is nothing that can beat or outperform putting a face on our industry. We are all in this
together. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Always think about the We Care responsible pork initiative and truly believe
in what it stands for. Someday, this industry will be asked to prove that we mean it.

In closing, I thank you for the opportunity to serve this organization and look forward to the coming year. Please feel free
to contact anyone of the board members or myself with any concerns you might have.

Bill Tentinger
IPPA President

                                                                                         March 2012                             7
    Pork Industry News and Updates
    attendance up at Pork              floor with various pork- related        was displayed at the Iowa Pork
                                       products and services. Several          Congress in January.
    congress                           exhibitors were at Pork Congress for
    Thanks to some unusually warm      the first time.                         Each unit can provide shelter
    January weather, nearly 4,600                                              for up to 10 people. The circular
    people attended the 2012 Iowa      Pork Congress also featured several     units are 18-feet in diameter,
    Pork Congress in Des Moines.       free business seminars, social events   100 percent termite, fire and
                                       and youth activities.                   waterproof, can withstand 130
    The Iowa Pork Producers                                                    mph winds and assemble on-
    Association announced              The 2013 Pork Congress will be held     site with simple hand tools.
    that official attendance for       in Des Moines Jan. 23 and 24.           SafeTHomes are built with a
    January’s event was 4,592.                                                 double heat shield roof to deflect
    This included pork producers,                                              heat and with screened-in lockable
                                       Iowa-built SafeThome on
    animal caregivers, special                                                 windows and door.
    guests, speakers, students and     display at Pork congress
    exhibitors.                                                                The Village of Hope was established
                                                                               last year to offer transitional
    Attendance was the largest for                                             housing to families displaced by the
    Pork Congress since more than                                              earthquake. The five-acre village can
    4,700 attended in 2009. The two-                                           accommodate up to 50 SafeTHomes.
    day show, held Jan. 25-26 at the                                           Donations also are being accepted to
    Iowa Events Center, attracted                                              cover costs of transporting the homes
    people from nearly 20 states,                                              and concrete to secure each unit.
    Mexico and Canada.
                                                                               “Special Delivery” was launched
    A wean-to-finish hog farmer                   SafeTHome                    in December and more than 20
    and livestock consultant from                                              SafeTHomes have been pledged to
    Michigan attended the event for    A massive 2010 earthquake left
    the 20th straight year.            hundreds of thousands of Haitians
                                       homeless, but Iowans are coming
                                                                               The Iowa Pork Producers Association
    “I always like to come out and     to the rescue through the “Special
                                                                               is a participating sponsor in the Iowa
    enjoy the Iowa Pork Congress       Delivery. Homes. Help. Hope. For
                                                                               Food & Family Project and supports
    and see the exhibits,” said Ron    Haiti” campaign.
                                                                               the “Special Delivery” campaign.
    Hayden, also a former exhibitor
    at the show. “I like walking the   Coordinated by the Iowa Soybean
                                       Association’s Iowa Food & Family        IPPa honors Dr. Palmer
    floor and finding out what’s
    going on in the industry. I’m      Project and the Iowa-based              holden
    mostly interested in the nuances   Global Compassion Network, the          For 40 years, Dr. Palmer Holden has
    of feed efficiency, which with     campaign seeks to raise funds           been a key member of the Iowa Pork
    higher input costs, is the         to deliver 48 SafeTHomes to the         Producers Association’s Master Pork
    number one issue.”                 Village of Hope in Les Cayes,           Producer Award program, spending
                                       Haiti by June 1. Manufactured by        countless hours each year travelling
    More than 250 exhibitors,          Sukup Manufacturing of Sheffield,       Iowa with the committee to visit
    including some international       Iowa, the grain bin-like structures     nominees for the award, being the
    companies, filled the tradeshow    cost $5,700 each. One of the units      official photographer and developing

8                       March 2012
the visual portion of the awards         EPA rule that required discharge          McDonald’s joins hSUS in
program at the Iowa Pork Congress        permits (National Pollution Discharge
Banquet.                                 Elimination System or NPDES
                                                                                   calling for end to g-stalls
                                         permits) for CAFOs that proposed to       The McDonald’s Corp. announced
Holden announced his retirement          discharge manure or other pollutants      Feb. 13 that it’s requiring its U.S. pork
from the program last year and           into the waters of the U.S. The court     suppliers to outline plans to phase out
IPPA presented him with a                found that an NPDES permit cannot         use of gestation stalls, according to
Distinguished Service Award at the       be required unless there is an actual     a statement that carried both the
2012 banquet in January.                 discharge.                                McDonald’s and the Humane Society
                                                                                   of the United States’ logos. The move
                                         In a Dec. 8, 2011, memo to all 10 U.S.    is supported by HSUS, which has been
                                         EPA regional offices, the national        pressuring the pork industry for years
                                         director of the Environmental             to end the use of g-stalls.
                                         Protection Agency’s Office of
                                         Wastewater Management stated: “In         “McDonald’s believes gestation stalls
                                         response to NPPC, which applies           are not a sustainable production
                                         nationally, we will revise the CAFO       system for the future,” said Dan
                                         regulations to remove from the federal    Gorsky, senior vice president of
                                         regulations the requirement that          McDonald’s North America Supply
                                         CAFOs that ‘propose to discharge’         Chain Management. “There are
                                         have NPDES permits.” Because Iowa         alternatives that we think are better for
Dr. Palmer Holden (left) receives IPPA   law states that any NPDES permit          the welfare of sows. McDonald’s wants
 Distinguished Service Award from        requirements for confinement              to see the end of sow confinement in
 2012 IPPA President Bill Tentinger.     operations cannot be more strict than     gestation stalls in our supply chain.”
                                         federal EPA rules, Iowa DNR rules
He retired from Iowa State University    adopted in the future cannot include      McDonald’s expects to receive the
in 2002, but continued to serve the      the propose-to-discharge standard.        results of the assessment of its U.S.
Master Pork Producer program                                                       pork suppliers in May and then share
and IPPA. ”He has maintained a           EPA also reiterated that “CAFOs that      the results and its next steps.
commitment even after retirement to      have discharged without a permit
ensure proper recognition of Iowa’s      only cease to be in violation of the      “We are pleased to see a number of our
Master Pork Producers because he         Act when circumstances that led to        U.S. suppliers adopting commercially
believes in the program’s merits and     their discharge have changed or been      viable alternatives,” Gorsky
enjoys meeting new Master Pork           corrected.” That is, if the cause of an   said. “For example, Smithfield Foods
Producers each year,” said 2011 IPPA     accidental discharge is changed or        and Cargill have made significant
President Leon Sheets in presenting      corrected, then an NPDES permit is        progress in this area. We applaud these
the award.                               not required.                             and future efforts.”

Holden plans to fully retire to Iowa
City to enjoy life with family and

EPa announces plans to
revise caFO regulations
On March 15, 2011, a fifth circuit
federal court of appeals in the
National Pork Producers Council
v. EPA case struck down a federal

                                                                                      March 2012                               9
10   March 2012
March 2012   11
     System to save energy, reduce ammonia
     emissions from livestock facilities developed
     Researchers from North            tempering – or heating up – the          introduces additional costs for
     Carolina State University and     fresh air that is pumped into the        animal agriculture operations. The
     West Virginia University have     barns.                                   researchers hope to defray those
     developed a new technology                                                 costs by reducing an operation’s
     that can reduce air pollutant     The pollution removal component          energy consumption.
     emissions from some chicken       utilizes a biofiltration mechanism,
     and swine barns, and also         in which polluted air is passed          Here’s how their prototype works:
     reduce their energy use by        through an organic medium, such          warm, polluted air from the
     recovering and possibly           as compost or wood chips, that           livestock facility enters the biofilter,
     generating heat.                  contains bacteria. Those bacteria        and some of the heat is transferred
                                       interact with the pollutants and         to the heat exchanger. When fresh
     Specifically, the research team   break them down into harmless            air from outside is pumped into
     designed, built and evaluated     or less harmful constituents.            the building, it passes over the heat
     a proof-of-concept unit that      Biofiltration also allows recycling of   exchanger, warming it up.
     incorporates a biofilter and      nitrogen because when the “spent”
     a heat exchanger to reduce        medium is applied on cropland, the       The prototype not only helps
     ammonia emissions from            nitrogen becomes available to the        recover heat from the facility, it also
     livestock barns, while also       crops. However, biofiltration also       produces its own heat. This heat

12                       March 2012
is generated within the biofilter
when heat-producing biochemical
reactions occur – for example,
when the ammonia is converted
into nitrate by bacteria. The heat
from the biofilter is also routed to
the heat exchanger.

Maintaining the appropriately
high temperature is important
for chicken and swine operations,
because it is essential for rearing
chicks and piglets to maturity.

“The technology is best suited
for use when an operation wants
to vent a facility that has high
ammonia concentrations and pump
in cleaner air in preparation for      is a precursor to very fine particulate   of ammonia and reduced the
a fresh batch of chicks or piglets     matter, which contributes to haze         energy needed to maintain the
– particularly in cold weather.        and public health problems, such as       necessary temperature in the
It is also suitable for use when       asthma.                                   facility – recovering as much as
supplemental heat is required for                                                8.3 kilowatts of heat.
raising the young animals,” says Dr.   Researchers showed that their
Sanjay Shah, an associate professor    design is effective under real-world      “We plan to continue working
of biological and agricultural         conditions, operating their prototype     to improve the system design
engineering at NC State and lead       in a 5,000-bird chicken facility. The     in order to make it even more
author of a paper describing the       prototype removed up to 79 percent        efficient,” Shah says.
research. For this to be feasible,
it would be necessary to replace
a couple of the conventional
cold weather ventilation fans
with higher-pressure fans. Shah
explains that the technology is
not compatible with summer
ventilation using tunnel-fans,
because of the high cost and
choking effect on the fans.

Shah says the researchers focused
on ammonia removal because:
it is released from chicken and
swine barns in large quantities;
it contributes to nutrient loading
problems such as hypoxia; it is an
indirect contributor to greenhouse
gases (GHGs) because it can break
down into the potent GHG nitrous
oxide in the ground; and because it

                                                                                  March 2012                        13
     2011 IPPa Membership Survey

     Survey says: Iowa pork producers embrace
     PQa Plus
     The pork industry’s Pork Quality     practices in the areas of food        seven percent said they would
     Assurance Plus was introduced        safety and animal well-being.         favor releasing non-sensitive CRP
     in 2007 and most of Iowa’s pork      Individuals are first certified       acres for feed grain production.
     producers are solidly supporting     through an education program.         Thirty-three percent said they
     the program.                         Following certification, producers    weren’t in favor of the idea.
                                          invite PQA Plus advisors to
     The results of the 2011 Iowa         conduct an objective assessment       As a possible indication of the
     Pork Producers Association           of practices on the farm.             impact of higher feed costs, the
     Membership Survey, announced                                               2011 survey found that more corn
     at January’s IPPA Annual Meeting,    “PQA Plus certification and the       grown by hog farmers was used for
     showed that 95 percent of the 438    site assessment process helps         their own feed needs. Around 72
     people responding to the annual      show customers we care about our      percent of the corn grown by pork
     questionnaire are certified in       animals and the safety of food we     producers was used for feed, up 12
     PQA Plus. Iowa currently leads       produce and aids in continuous        percent from 2010.
     the nation with more than 14,600     improvement of our industry,”
     individual program certifications.   IPPA Past President Leon Sheets       On a related question, 72 percent
                                          said in an association news release   of the respondents reported using
     More Iowa pork producers have        last year.                            dried distillers grains in their feed
     completed the PQA Plus site                                                rations. Those who use DDGS said
     assessment than any other state      Feed costs/availability               22 percent is used in both gestation
     with more than 5,400 assessments                                           and finishing.
     done to date, but the membership     The 2010 survey revealed that
     survey shows that 32 percent of      feed costs were the chief concern
                                          among Iowa producers and              Marketing
     the state’s hog farmers have yet
     to complete that aspect of the       it remained the number one            One section of the survey asked
     program. Of the 68 percent who       headache in the 2011 survey.          questions related to marketing.
     said they have had the assessment,   Disease challenges finished a         Those responding to the survey
     96 percent said it was a positive    close second, followed by market      said they receive 1.56 bids before
     experience.                          prices/access, animal rights          selling market hogs and two
                                          activists and energy costs.           different processors purchase hogs
     Producers were asked in the                                                from them during an average year.
     survey if they favored combining     A big concern of IPPA leadership
     PQA Plus and Transport Quality       in late 2010 and early 2011 was       Most producers do not have a
     Assurance into a single program      whether pork producers would          marketing agreement with a
     and 82 percent said they liked the   have enough corn at their disposal    processor or third-party, according
     idea. A total of 55 percent of the   to feed livestock due to increased    to the survey. Fifty-seven percent
     respondents are not TQA certified.   competition for corn. Those           said they do not have a marketing
                                          fears have not materialized to        agreement Of the 43 percent who
     PQA Plus was launched as a           date and 97 percent of the survey     said they do, there’s 1.73 years left
     continuous improvement program       respondents said they have had        on the agreement and they rate it
     that outlines good production        no problems accessing feed grains     fairly positively.
                                          when asked the question. Sixty-

14                       March 2012
Facilities                                   Foaming issues in deep pit barns        optimistic. Just 2.6 percent were
                                             have become a growing concern           not optimistic and 17.3 percent
Producers were asked in the                  in recent years and IPPA wanted         were unsure.
questionnaire about the age of               to find out how widespread the
their swine facilities. Twenty-nine          problem is. Just 32 percent of the      Most producers who responded
percent said their barns are 11 to           respondents said they have seen         don’t envision any changes in
20 years of age. Nearly half of the          evidence of foaming in pits, but        their operation in the next five
facilities are 10 years of age or less       they have found foaming in 40           years. More than 65 percent said
and 24 percent are older than 20             percent of their pits.                  their operation would remain
years.                                                                               the same size. Twenty-point-six
                                             The survey revealed that producers      percent said they planned to
On maintenance and repair issues,            have an average of 10.2 months of       expand and 2.7 percent said their
32 percent said they have major              on-farm manure storage capacity.        business would be smaller.
repair needs and 81 percent of
those respondents said they plan to                                                  Of the 2,500 surveys mailed to
reinvest in their facilities.                General issues
                                                                                     Iowa pork producers, 18 percent
                                             After a rugged couple of years,         were returned. The average age
The use of gestation stalls in               2011 brought a return to                of the respondents was 57 years.
farrowing operations was the                 profitability for most producers.       Producers also could respond
subject of a couple of questions.            How long will the good times            online. Results from the survey
Of those producers who farrow, 42            roll? Can it get better? IPPA asked     are used by IPPA to help develop
percent said they use the stalls and         producers how they feel about the       more effective policies, positions
58 percent said they don’t. When             immediate future of the industry.       and programs.
asked if they plan to use gestation
stalls in the next five years, the           When asked how optimistic they
percentages were the same: 42                were about the next two years,
percent yes and 58 percent no.               80 percent said they were either
                                             very optimistic or somewhat

                                               Basic Survey Results
                                            Avg. age of respondents: 57 years
                                                % Owner/operators: 56%
                                                     % Contract: 38%
                                              % Off-farm Employment: 21%
                                           % Spouse Off-farm Employment: 55%

    Production Type
                                                                                        Avg. # head Finished
                                    2010               2011                        2010         2011

      Farrow-to-Finish              27%               26%                          10,243          9,465
      Farrow-to-Feeder              1%                2%                           38,088          1,933
      Farrow-to-Wean                6%                4%                           36,363          36,385
      Wean to Finish                37%               55%                          8,904           8,907
      Seedstock Producer            2%                3%                           950             1,324

                                                                                      March 2012                          15
     2012 IPPa annual Meeting
     Producers want quicker payment from packers
     Iowa’s pork producers are looking to get paid
     quicker when they take their hogs to market.

     Delegates at the 2012 Iowa Pork Producers Association
     Annual Meeting in Des Moines Jan. 24 unanimously
     passed a resolution encouraging meat packers to offer
     electronic funds transfer as a form of payment to
     producers. The resolution also seeks to make payment
     deposits available within one business day.

     “We need a consistent process for being
     compensated [for hog sales] and there are
     opportunities for electronic funds transfer,” said
     Todd Wiley, a pork producer delegate from Benton

     The resolution, submitted by the Benton County
     Pork Producers, cited the proliferation of electronic
     banking and impending inefficiencies of the U.S.
     Postal Service as reasons for seeking electronic
     payments from packers.

     The job now falls to IPPA and the National Pork
     Producers Council to encourage packers to offer
     EFT as a payment option.
                                                                    2011 IPPA President Leon Sheets delivers his
                                                                “State of the Association” address to delegates at the
     Only three other resolutions were submitted for
                                                                             IPPA Annual Meeting Jan. 24.
     action at the annual meeting and all were approved
     with little or no debate.
                                                             before they result in retaliation such as the U.S.-Mexican
     The 106 delegates in attendance approved a              trucking dispute, the resolution read.
     resolution offered by the Montgomery County
     Pork Producers to have NPPC and the U.S. Trade          The other two resolutions were submitted by the
     Representative work with Canada and Mexico to           IPPA Past Presidents’ Committee. One called on IPPA
     negotiate a legal World Trade Organization solution     and NPPC to oppose any federally mandated animal
     to Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). The WTO           production systems. “We don’t need our government
     has determined the current COOL trade regulations       telling us how to raise pigs,” said IPPA Past President
     between the three North American countries are          Tim Bierman. “We want freedom to operate.”
                                                             Delegates also approved a resolution dealing with
     Export trade is extremely important to the pork         proposed changes in the child labor laws, which the U.S.
     industry and disagreements need to be settled

16                       March 2012
Department of Labor has already said will be revised      regulate dust and other particulate matter, requiring
to accommodate on-farm work by children. IPPA             all CAFOs to register with the Environmental
and NPPC were directed to support parental rights         Protection Agency and the new GIPSA rule were
on determining work endeavors on farms that are           among the issues.
appropriate for children, as well as organizations and
programs that actively involve youth in agriculture.      “Rules provide structure that we all find comforting,
                                                          however we don’t need a rule for every possible
Delegates from all eight IPPA districts attended          situation,” Sheets said. “More common sense and
the meeting at the Des Moines Marriott and heard          fewer rules could better serve the citizens of the
various state and national reports and received           United States.”
results of the 2011 IPPA Membership Survey. Iowa
Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds addressed the attendees,        The meeting concluded with the honoring of several
Dr. Steve Meyer of Paragon Economics provided             retiring IPPA Board members and the passing of
an economic update and National Pork Board CEO            the gavel from Sheets to 2012 IPPA President Bill
Chris Novak discussed the industry’s participation        Tentinger of Le Mars.
in the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance and how
the alliance will promote agriculture. 2011 IPPA
President Leon Sheets of Ionia also presented the
“State of the Association” address.

Sheets discussed how increased revenues from
a strong hog market have allowed IPPA to
fund new research projects addressing manure
issues. “Additional research will be conducted
on the impact of manure application on ground
to be planted to soybeans,” he said. The Iowa
Environmental Protection Commission has focused
on the issue for several years and a final regulation
will be introduced to Iowa pork producers next year.

IPPA also is directing additional research funds
to the problem of manure foaming in pits under
hog buildings. “Iowa State University has agreed to
coordinate the effort, which will include universities
in neighboring states,” Sheets added.

Sheets addressed the alliance in his association
update. “Too many people in the U.S. are removed
from agriculture, so the organizations are investing
in the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance,” said
Sheets. “The alliance is viewed as a critical way for
all of U.S. agriculture to come together and tell a
positive story. People in the U.S. have lost touch with
agriculture and this is an opportunity to help them

The industry was kept busy in 2011 responding to
proposed legislation and regulations that would
negatively impact pork producers. Proposals to

                                                                               March 2012                         17
New IPPa president says industry needs to
keep telling its story

The new president of the Iowa Pork       but also that we can be good to the           association is both exciting and
Producers Association believes the       environment while we provide jobs             sobering.
industry’s most pressing challenge       for our communities.”
this year is maintaining the right to                                                  “First of all, it is exciting to know
operate.                                 One of Tentinger’s biggest                    that I am following in the footsteps
                                         concerns as a producer is increased           of some of the most dedicated
Bill Tentinger of Le Mars in             government regulation. He hopes               leaders in the pork industry in
Plymouth County was installed as         that 2012 will mean continued                 Iowa,” Tentinger said. “Secondly,
the 2012 president at the conclusion     profitability for the industry and he’d       it’s exciting to be able to be a
of IPPA’s Annual Meeting in Des          like to see progress made toward              spokesman for and lead a very
Moines Jan. 24. He succeeds Leon         managing or eradicating Porcine               important segment of the rural
Sheets, a pork producer from Ionia       Reproductive and Respiratory                  economy of Iowa. It is sobering
in Chickasaw County.                     Syndrome (PRRS) from the herd.                to realize that I am at the helm
                                                                                       of an organization that is so well
“It is becoming increasingly more        Tentinger is a long-time IPPA                 organized and staffed with great
important for the pork industry to       member and has served on the board            professionals.”
be open and vocal about what we          for the past seven years, chairing and
do,” he said. “We need to not only       serving on numerous committees                His goals for the coming year are
tell the story about feeding the         as well. He says the thought of now           to “continue to have a board of
world and producing a safe product,      being the president of the state              directors that can work together,
                                                                                                discuss issues brought
                                                                                                before it and find common
                                                                                                ground to better serve the
                                                                                                pork industry in Iowa.”

                                                                                                Tentinger has farmed and
                                                                                                raised hogs in northwest
                                                                                                Iowa for 43 years. He has
                                                                                                350 sows that produce
                                                                                                7,200 pigs each year.
                                                                                                He also purchases an
                                                                                                additional 3,000 iso pigs
                                                                                                that he finishes to increase
                                                                                                his total number marketed
                                                                                                annually to 10,000.

                                                                                                He also grows corn and
                                                                                                soybeans and is a member
                                                                                                of the state corn and
                                                                                                soybean associations, as
                                                                                                well as Farm Bureau.
       2012 IPPA President Bill Tentinger (left) accepts the gavel from Leon Sheets,
                                   2011 IPPA president.

18                       March 2012
March 2012   19
IPPa co-sponsors first-ever Sacramento Taste
of Elegance
The Iowa Pork Producers Association, along with the          honors. Second place went to Chef Alessandra Pichardo
Missouri and California pork producers, sponsored the        of the Institute of Technology in Citrus Heights, Calif.,
first-ever Taste of Elegance event in Sacramento, Calif.,    and 3rd place was awarded to Jimmy Morales, a student
in December. The contest was held on Dec. 6 at the           at the Art Institute of California, Sunnyvale. Pichardo
DoubleTree Sacramento.                                       also won the People’s Choice Award.

The event was unique in that it allowed culinary             “Overall, we were very pleased with how the Taste of
students to compete in the contest as well as chefs.         Elegance event went in Sacramento,” said Swanson. “I
Three Sacramento-area culinary school students took          was pulled in as a judge at the last minute and I can tell
advantage of the opportunity and nine chefs from             you that it wasn’t an easy job. I was impressed to find
various Sacramento-area restaurants also competed.           out that West Coast chefs knew how to cook pork just as
                                                             well as chefs in the Midwest.”
“The IPPA Restaurant & Foodservice Committee
had been looking for a market on the west coast              IPPA Restaurant & Foodservice Committee members
to sponsor a Taste of Elegance competition and so            Grace Evans and Linda Madison
this was a great opportunity to partner with the             also attended the event.
Missouri Pork Association and the California Pork
Producers Association and promote pork in California
restaurants,” said IPPA Marketing & Programs Director
Alison Swanson.

Chef Molly Hawks took 1st place honors and was named
Chef Par Excellence with her “Duo of Pork” entrée. The
dish consisted of charred tenderloin and house smoked
pork shoulder, Italian butter beans and broccoli rabe.
Hawks owns “Hawks,” a restaurant in Granite Bay, Calif.
She also won a place in the 2012 Pork Summit that will
be held this spring at the Culinary Institute of America
in St. Helena, Calif. The event is sponsored by the
National Pork Board.

Second place, or Superior Chef, went to Chef Clay
Purcell with his “Pork and Beans ‘Italian Sausage’
Cassoulet.” Purcell is employed with the Tower Bridge
Bistro in Sacramento.

The title of Premier Chef was awarded to Chef Adam
Pechal of Restaurant Thir13en in Sacramento. Pechal
placed with his “Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin with
Butternut Squash — Potato Gratin, Caramelized
Brussels Sprouts and Pomegranate Gastrique.”

The three competing culinary students also were judged
and awarded placement. Chef Michael Ambriz, Jr. from
the Art Institute of California, Sacramento took 1st place

20                       March 2012
March 2012   21
Dubuque chef named chef Par Excellence at
2012 Iowa Pork Taste of Elegance
A chef from the Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque was             The third place winner was Chef Aaron King of Dos
proclaimed the winner of the 2012 Iowa Pork Taste of         Rios/Big City Burgers and Greens/Catering DSM in
Elegance competition in Des Moines.                          Des Moines. As Premier Chef, King received a plaque
                                                             and $250. His “Pork 3 Ways” entrée featured Honey and
Chef Jon Nelson was named Chef Par Excellence in the         Cider Caramelized Pork Belly, Morse Farms Satsuma
Iowa Pork Producers Association’s 25th annual culinary       Mandarin Marmalade, Pig Skin Ravioli, House-cured
contest Jan. 23. He prepared a pork dish he titled           Whiskey Smoked Ham and Lentil Parfait, and Adobo
“Pur Porc.” Nelson earned a plaque, $1,000 and the           Pork Loin with Negro Mole.
opportunity to compete in the National Taste of Elegance
event in California this spring.                             Chef Joseph Weisz of the Iowa Stater Restaurant in
                                                             Ames took home the People’s Choice Award. The 2011
Another Dubuque chef placed second in the contest and        Iowa Pork Taste of Elegance Superior Chef was a last-
earned the title of Superior Chef. Chef Andrew James         minute replacement in the contest and he won a plaque
Weis of Caroline’s Restaurant at the Hotel Julien Dubuque    and $250 with an entrée he called “Tre Carbonara.”
prepared an entrée titled “Pork Ribeye Specialty” and he
won a plaque and $500.                                       A total of eleven chefs from Iowa restaurants competed
                                                             for the top prize in this year’s contest at the Des Moines

 2011 Iowa Pork Queen Cheyenne McNichols with Chef Jon Nelson, 2012 Iowa Pork Taste of Elegance Chef Par Excellence

22                      March 2012
                                 Nearly 300 invited guests enjoyed the evening reception

Marriott. A visiting chef from Manitoba, Canada,
competed, but was only eligible for the People’s Choice         2012 Taste of Elegance Participating Chefs
                                                                •	 Chef Aaron King - Dos Rios/Big City Burgers
Each of the chefs was required to use a fresh pork cut             & Greens/Catering, Des Moines
in an original entrée. The winning pork dishes were             •	 Chef Patricia Weidner - Prairie Meadows Racetrack
selected on the basis of taste, appearance and originality         & Casino, Altoona
by a panel of judges.
                                                                •	 Chef Rick Beaulieu - Bev’s On The River, Sioux City
Following the day’s competition, nearly 300 invited             •	 Chef Jon Nelson - Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque
guests enjoyed the evening reception and samples of
                                                                •	 Chef Ephraim Malag - Tournament Club of Iowa,
each contestant’s entrée, as well as samples from several
                                                                   Polk City
Central Iowa wineries.
                                                                •	 Chef Rob Thomas - Manitoba, Canada
The Taste of Elegance is a Pork Checkoff-funded culinary        •	 Chef Justin Scardina - La Rana Bistro. Decorah
competition designed to inspire innovative and exciting
                                                                •	 Chef Andrew James Weis - Caroline’s Restaurant/
ways to menu pork. This event brings together talented
                                                                   Hotel Julian, Dubuque
chefs from across Iowa for an elegant occasion that
highlights pork and its popularity as a menu favorite.          •	 Chef Bryan Manning - Hotel Fort Des Moines/
                                                                   Raccoon River Brewing Co., Des Moines
The 2012 IPPA Taste of Elegance competition helped              •	 Chef Robert Day - The Faithful Pilot Café & Spirits,
kick off the 40th annual Iowa Pork Congress, held Jan. 25          Le Claire
and 26 at the Iowa Events Center.
                                                                •	 Chef Henry Rodriguez - Otis & Henry’s Bar & Grill,
                                                                •	 Chef Daniel Ankrum - Art House Café, Waterloo

                                                                                   March 2012                        23
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

Mastering Meaty Messages:
Keynote speaker decodes activist communications, urges producers to
speak out
By Darcy Maulsby
Ever wonder why activist groups have been so effective     have taken a faith-based communications approach
at attacking animal agriculture and influencing public     (www.humanesociety.org/about/departments/faith/) that:
opinion? It starts with the power of persuasion.
                                                            • Targets pet owners and taps into their feelings
“These groups know that pet-owning, meat-eating               about companion animals to undermine animal
consumers have one animal in their heart and one              agriculture. People who love their cat or dog are
on their plate,” said Dr. Wes Jamison, an associate           made to feel bad about having one animal as a
professor of communication at Palm Beach atlantic             “family member” while eating other animals for food,
University who was the keynote speaker at the 2012            said Jamison, who noted that it’s not unusual for
Iowa Pork congress. “activist groups excel at repeating       these people to be willing to spend $4,000 on a hip
simple, easy-to-understand messages that are relevant         replacement for a 12-year-old poodle. “Today’s urban
to this audience.”                                            society views animals in a fundamentally different way
                                                              than we have in the past. The public has lost contact
animal rights activism often functions like a religious       with their food supply, and the contact that they do
belief, added Jamison, who noted that this belief             have with animals is much different than when we
stresses that livestock confinement systems go against        were an agrarian society. People are now encouraged
God’s natural order. To spread their message, groups          to view production agriculture animals in the same
like the humane Society of the United States (hSUS)           way they view their pets.”

              Dr. Wes Jamison makes a point during his keynote address at the 2012 Iowa Pork Congress.

24                      March 2012
• Makes people feel guilty for using animals as                us to bring animals from farm to family. We
  food, but doesn’t ask them to stop eating meat.              farmers take that sacred trust very seriously.” In
  Instead, activist groups ask people to “help stop/           addition, farmers must re-consecrate the act of
  reduce the suffering” by contributing money or giving        using animals to disarm opponents’ arguments
  political support. “consumers are told that they             that animals are a mere commodity. This involves
  don’t have to change their consumption habits,”              re-framing the view of animal agriculture around
  said Jamison, who has studied the animal rights              respect and thankfulness, Jamison said. a
  movement for nearly 20 years. “They just have to             viable message could communicate that, “We
  help activist groups help the pigs by donating money         acknowledge the sacrifice that animals make for
  to support the groups’ legislative efforts.”                 us. We treat them with respect and thankfulness
                                                               and are grateful that animal agriculture provides
activist groups also are using undercover videos of            food security.”
alleged animal abuse on farms to spur action from their
latest target — grocery retailers. “animal advocates have      Farmers also must be aware of the pitfalls of
targeted retailers to bring about ‘value chain disruption,’”   brand hypocrisy, which can occur when an
Jamison said. “retailers guard their brands jealously,         individual, a company or an industry does not live
and when a potential animal welfare scandal appears            up to the values it appears to embrace. consider
to negatively affect their brand, they will take immediate     Tiger Woods’ fall from grace that marred his brand
action rather than suffer brand diminishment or cede a         of perfection and excellence.
competitive advantage to other retailers regarding animal
welfare.”                                                      “In pork production, it’s important to walk the talk
                                                               of the industry’s We care program,” Jamison said.
Taking control of the message                                  Just one negative video that demonstrates brand
                                                               hypocrisy can lead to a brand crisis that damages
Given all these attacks on animal agriculture, what            pork producers’ credibility.”
can the pork industry do to take control? Jamison said
producers must lead the charge. Farmers must be willing        Pork producers also will have to become more
to demonstrate what they do on the farm, as well as how        sophisticated with the messages they use to
and why they do it.                                            communicate their story, stressed Jamison, who
                                                               noted that the stakes are high. “With a growing
“If we don’t do this, we’re providing the opponents of         global population and increased demand for food,
animal agriculture with a ready-made opportunity to            there’s no question that pork production will take
show a video of our production or processing practices         place somewhere in the world. The big question
and make it look like we’re hiding something. animal           is where this production will occur. Beating the
agriculture must be able to stand up for itself and morally    activists at their own game will provide a key
claim the high ground, saying, ‘What we do is the right        opportunity for farmers to keep producing pork
thing to do.’”                                                 here at home.”

When sharing agriculture’s story with the public, Jamison
recommends using messages like, “consumers trust

                                                                                March 2012                            25
                   2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

          IPPa announces 2011 Master Pork Producers
     Iowa’s best pork producers                                                            production cycle, and an
     have been named Master Pork                                                           understanding of industry issues
     Producers by the Iowa Pork                                                            such as quality assurance, animal
     Producers association and Iowa                                                        identification and animal welfare
     State University since 1942. The                                                      are other keys to receiving the
     producers selected for the 2011                                                       award.
     award have joined an impressive
     list of the best and brightest pork                                                   There is considerable diversity
     producers of the past seven                                                           and specialization in pork
     decades.                                                                              production in Iowa today and
                                                                                           the 2011 class of Master Pork
     While production methods have evolved over the years,           Producers is representative of the diversification. The
     so have the selection criteria. Today’s Master Pork             majority of hog farming is still done primarily by farm
     Producer candidates must take daily responsibility for          families and the production diversity helps maintain the
     the health and well-being of the swine in their care to         strength of the Iowa pork industry and enables Iowa
     be considered. Production efficiency with supporting            producers to compete successfully in the domestic and
     records, expertise in one or more segments of the               international commodity and specialty markets.

                        Congratulations to the 70th class of Master Pork Producers!

                                    Bernard and David Arnts
                                    alta, Buena Vista county

                                    Bernard and David have raised pigs for 24 years and run a
                                    coordinated 250-sow farrow-to-finish system on two locations.
                                    In 2010, they marketed nearly 4,000 hogs to hormel and
                                    Producers Livestock. They apply manure from their operation
                                    to 1,000 corn and soybean acres, which are part of their family business.

                                    The arnts brothers are both PQa Plus®- and TQa®-certified. Their pork site has been
                                    PQa Plus-assessed and they have registered their premises with the National animal
     Identification System.

     Bernard and David are active in the Buena Vista county Pork Producers association. Bernard also is a member of the
     alta community Education Foundation and David is a township trustee.

     Bernard and his wife, Peg, and David and his wife, cheryl, are active in church, school and community activities. Peg
     and cheryl both work off the farm as preschool teachers. Bernard and Peg have four children. David and cheryl have
     five children.

26                            March 2012
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

                                Randy and Deb Cooklin
                                Jefferson, Greene county

                                The cooklins have been raising pigs for 43 years and they
                                currently feed pigs on contract at separate sites for two larger
                                area hog farmers.

                                Deb operates a 600-head nursery for a local family business and randy manages a 3,300-
                                head wean-to-finish site purchased in 2009. The cooklins provide all of the labor and
                                management for both sites. Both are very conscious of biosecurity and herd health issues.

randy and Deb are PQa Plus- and TQa-certified and their sites have been PQa Plus-assessed.

In addition to raising hogs, the cooklins manage a cow-calf herd and farm 500 acres of crop ground.

Both are active in church and community activities and have served as 4-h leaders for more than 25 years. randy and Deb are
active in both the Greene county Pork Producer and cattlemen’s associations. randy has been on the local cattlemen’s board
for more than 20 years and has served as beef superintendent at their county fair for several years.

The cooklins have three adult children and two grandchildren.

                               Steve and Lavonne Flygstad
                               Ellsworth, hamilton county

                               The Flygstads have been in pork production for 37 years and
                               are currently raising hogs on contract with Murphy-Brown, LLc.

                               In 2004, with the encouragement of Murphy-Brown staff, Steve
                               and LaVonne leased 20 barns from Murphy-Brown and assumed management of another
                               24 finishing barns. They have purchased 10 barns and manage the other 29 for a variety
                               of owners, both local and distant. In 2006, all sites were converted to wean-to-finish.

                               The Flygstads now operate 39 barns in central Iowa with their daughter, Lisa, and two
employees. LaVonne and Lisa start each group while Steve is responsible for finishing and building maintenance. They
all assist with receiving weaned pigs and market swine load-outs.

Steve, LaVonne and all of their employees are PQa Plus-certified. all of the production sites are PQa Plus-assessed and
have manure management plans. Manure is applied on adjacent land or sold by the building owners.

The couple is active in their local church and community. They also have hosted a number of foreign and supplier visitors
who want to understand modern U.S. pork production.

The Flygstads have two adult children and three grandchildren.

                                                                                         March 2012                         27
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

                                David and Kim Friese
                                Washington, Washington county

                                The Friese family operates a 550-head nursery and 1,100-
                                head finisher in Washington county. Two nearby finish facili-
                                ties David built are leased to a local producer.

                                They have an ownership share in Walnut Meadows Sow center that supplies 550 weaned
                                pigs every nine weeks. Market hogs are sold to Excel in Ottumwa.

                              David has been raising pigs for 21 years and provides labor and management for the
hog operation. he is PQa Plus-certified and the sites have been PQa Plus-assessed. David and Kim also farm 750 acres
of crop ground.

The Frieses are active in church and school activities and serve on the Washington School advisory committee and as
volunteer classroom aides. a retired fire and rescue member, David still helps with fire safety demonstrations for school-
children. he is active at the Washington county Swine Fair and helps grill for county pork functions.

David and Kim have three sons.

                               Ben and Janelle Johnson
                               Ireton, Plymouth county

                               Ben has raised pigs for five years since graduating from
                               South Dakota State University. The Johnsons are part-owners
                               and operators of two 2,400-head wean-to-finish buildings and
                               Ben finishes hogs on a contract basis for a large integrator.

                               Ben has shown his commitment to doing things right by earning certification in the
                               pork industry’s PQa Plus and TQa programs and having his production site PQa Plus-

The Johnsons live on a century Farm and Ben raises 550 acres of row crops with an uncle.

Ben and Janelle are both active in the Iowa Farm Bureau. They currently are on the Young Farmer advisory committee
and have been recognized as emerging young farm leaders. Ben is active in the Plymouth county Pork Producers
association and participates in grilling and other activities. Janelle is office manager for the Iowa State University
Extension office in Plymouth county.

28                       March 2012
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

                                 Joel and Faye Kooima
                                 rock Valley, Sioux county

                                 Pork producers for 40 years, the Kooimas own a 130-sow
                                 farrow-to-finish operation. Joel and Faye also partner with
                                 several of their four sons on contract finishers in the rock Valley
                                 area. They are very aware of biosecurity concerns and manage
                                 their operation to minimize visitors and other risks.

                                 Joel is PQa Plus- and TQa-certified and his sites have been PQa Plus-assessed.

he applies all manure from this site and receives manure from the partner units to fertilize their crop ground. They farm about
700 acres, equally split between corn and soybeans, and are pleased with the value of the manure the hogs produce for the

The Kooimas are long-time members of the Sioux county Pork Producers association. They also participate in church and
community activities and enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren.

                                 Dallas Muhlenbruch
                                 Dows, Franklin county

                                 Muhlenbruch, who has raised hogs for 34 years, is now a
                                 contract finisher for Murphy-Brown, LLc. he owns and operates
                                 a 4,000-head wean-to-finish site described as one of the most
                                 productive in the Murphy-Brown district.

                                 Dallas and his son, Tyler, who recently joined the business, are both PQa Plus-certified and
                                 the production site has been PQa Plus-assessed.

In addition to the swine business, Muhlenbruch also raises corn and soybeans on 2,000 acres around the production site.

Dallas and his wife, Kim, are active in church and community affairs and they take great pride in multi-generational family
activities. They have four adult sons and two grandchildren.

Muhlenbruch has been active in the Iowa corn and Soybean organizations. he was president of the Iowa Soybean
association and has served on the Franklin county Soil and Water conservation Board. he is a member of the Farmers
Mutual Insurance Board and is a past member of the Farmers coop Board.

                                                                                          March 2012                          29
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

                               Tom Nicolaus
                               Whittemore, Kossuth county

                               Nicolaus has raised hogs for 30 years, but 24 of those years
                               were spent in Ohio where he also custom-farmed 400 acres
                               for 15 owners and worked as an over-the-road trucker. When
                               his wife suddenly passed away, Tom and his teenage son
                               came to Iowa and settled in the Whittemore area. he currently custom feeds hogs for
                               another area producer and Whittemore Feeds. his operation sold 1,200 feeder pigs and
                               3,000 market hogs to various packers in 2010.

                               Tom is PQa Plus-certified and the site has been PQa Plus-assessed.

Nicolaus also grows 400 acres of corn and soybeans and applies manure from the hog barns to the fields under an
approved manure management plan. he also does custom manure application.

Tom is active in the Kossuth county Pork Producers and he also assists with the local FFa chapter. his son is an Iowa
State University student.

                               Allen Whiley
                               Iowa Falls, hardin county

                               Whiley joined Iowa Select Farms in 1993 and became director
                               of finishing in 2008. he has been involved in pork production
                               for 30 years. allen’s responsible for all production decisions,
                               grower/contractor relations, marketing strategies and capacity
                               utilization. he and his management team oversee pork production at 528 nursery, wean-
                               finish and grow/finish sites throughout Iowa. Whiley manages 240 employees and 340
                               contract producers to raise three million market hogs annually. he also manages the
                               Iowa Select research farm, where feed and nutritional research is conducted.

allen and all his employees and contractors are PQa Plus- and TQa-certified and all of the production sites have been
PQa Plus-assessed. Iowa Select’s recent introduction of the Selectcare initiative requires all of the sites to undergo
annual PQa Plus assessments and internal animal well-being audits.

Whiley and his wife, Kim, have two grown children and one grandson. Both are active in church and civic activities and
allen has previously coached youth sports.

30                      March 2012
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

Iowa Purebred Swine council selects its top
seedstock producer for 2011
The Iowa Purebred Swine council has named its Master Seedstock award winner for 2011.

robert Behnkendorf of algona was presented with the award at the 40th annual Iowa Pork congress Banquet in Des
Moines Jan. 25.

The Iowa Purebred Swine council has sponsored the Master Seedstock award since 1958. Its purpose is to recognize significant
contributions to the Iowa and national purebred industries and for evidence of genetic improvements within their selected breeds
for the benefit of Iowa, the nation and, in many cases, internationally.

                                                                       Behnkendorf has raised purebred swine for 35 years
                                                                       under a variety of arrangements. he and his brother,
                                                                       Dennis, operated the original Behnkendorf Brothers herd
                                                                       from 1962 until 1967. Dispersal was required due to
                                                                       completion of college and pending military obligations.

                                                                       In 1982, Bob guided his sons into production of the Spots
                                                                       breed. They expanded to include hampshire and chester
                                                                       White breeds and operated until 1997. In the interim, they
                                                                       graduated from Iowa State University and moved onto
                                                                       other careers. In 1997, Bob took over and maintained
                                                                       the Spots and Black Poland china breeds with a few

                                                                       Throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, Bob was a hormel hog
                                                                       buyer and later became the Kossuth county Extension
                                                                       education director.

                                                                       Behnkendorf rents several production facilities outside
                                                                       algona. he sells purebred breeding stock and crossbreds
                                                                       for show pigs. he markets custom butchering through a
                                                                       local locker plant. his true loves are the purebred pigs and
                                                                       teaching those around him about his breeds.

                                                                       Bob and wife, Pat, are PQa Plus-certified. They have no
                                                                       crop production or other livestock. Bob is current president
                                                                       of the Iowa Purebred Swine council and has taken an
                                                                       active role in enhancing that organization.

Behnkendorf has been an Iowa State Fair exhibitor since 1982 and has won numerous Premier Exhibitor awards. he had a reserve
champion Spot in the 2011 Iowa State Fair. he also is a member of the Iowa 4-h hall of Fame.

                                                                                         March 2012                             31
32   March 2012
March 2012   33
                         2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

2011 IPPa Pork all-american award
a farm couple from Washington has been named the 2011 Pork all-
american by the Iowa Pork Producers association.

Dan and rachel Berdo received their award during the 40th annual Iowa
Pork congress Banquet in Des Moines Jan. 25.

The Iowa Pork Producers association and the Iowa State University
Extension Service have named a Pork all american each year since
1970. The award was established to honor a young pork producer who
is recognized as a successful and dedicated businessperson and a
community leader. It’s the highest honor an individual pork producer can
receive! The recipient must be an IPPa Master Pork Producer and under the
age of 40.

The Berdos own and manage a 700-sow farrow-to-finish operation with
Dan’s father, John. They constructed a 1,200-head finishing barn in 2010,
but most of the grower pigs are placed with local contract finishers. Breeding
is on one site with sows moved prior to farrowing.

Dan and rachel strive to maintain maximum productivity. There are seven
rooms of stalls with continuous farrowing. They wean every two weeks at
two sites. Weaned pigs are sent to an off-site nursery to improve health and

Dan and two employees working with pigs are PQa Plus- and TQa-certified and all sites are PQa Plus-assessed.

Dan spreads the manure for his sites on 415 crop acres and on contractor land with contract sites. rachel works to keep
books both for their operation and for her parents, Jerome and heidi Vittetoe, 1991 Pork all-americans.

The Berdos have an agreement with contractors to purchase corn to feed for the operation. all feed is made on the home
site in a modern mill and delivered.

Both Dan and rachel are busy with church and school activities, and with the Washington county Pork Producers. Dan is
on the Washington State Bank advisory committee.

Dan and rachel have four children.

                                     Previous IPPA Pork All-American Award Winners
     2010   aaron and Trish cook                                  1998   Marla conley, cherokee                           1986   Kent and ross Paustian, Walcott
     2009   Mike and Sarah Ver Steeg, Inwood                      1997   rick and Brad Moser, Larchwood                   1985   robert Jon Dircks, clarence
     2008   Dana and Nicky Sleezer, aurelia                       1996   rodney, Brian, Dwight and Perry Mogler, alvord   1984   Dennis Friest, radcliffe
     2007   Todd Wiley, Walker                                    1995   rob and char Brenneman, Washington               1983   Dennis and robert Baker, State center
     2006   Brian Monaghan, ryan                                  1994   Joe and Linda Scallon, Iowa Falls                1982   harold Trask, renwick
     2005   Joel and Bryce Van Gilst, Oskaloosa                   1993   roger and Linda coon, Lohrville                  1981   Duane Miller, Wellman
     2004   Mike Pech, Winthrop                                   1992   Jon caspers, Swaledale                           1980   Dave hausman, Onawa
     2003   Thadd, Travis, Trent and Troy Knoblock, rock rapids   1991   Jerome and heidi Vittetoe, Washington            1979   Bill riggan, Washington
     2002   David Moody, ames                                     1990   Dr. John a Korslund, Eagle Grove                 1978   Jim Sobolick, cresco
     2001   allen and Darrel Burt, Marshalltown                   1989   arvin and Laura Vos, Otley                       1977   Keith Kuhn, Moville
     2000   Tom and Nancy McDonald, hopkinton                     1988   David Litscher, Stanwood
     1999   Tom Floy, Thornton                                    1987   Michael Bovy, Waterloo

34                                     March 2012
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

Southeast Iowa pork producers are top
environmental stewards for 2011
a young pork producer family from southeast Iowa has been
named the state’s top environmental stewards for 2011.

The Iowa Pork Producers association presented ryan
and Lana reed of Ottumwa with the 2011 Environmental
Steward award during the 40th annual Iowa Pork congress
Banquet in Des Moines Jan. 25. The reeds received a
trophy and $1,000 cash as part of the award.

ryan and Lana manage a 4,800-head feeder-to-finish farm
north of Ottumwa, where ryan was born and raised. They
feed roughly 12,000 hogs annually for cargill Pork, LLc.

The reeds built their barns in 2007 and worked with the
coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers to properly site the
facilities to limit potential impacts on their neighbors.

They worked with cSIF’s Green Farmstead Partner                 ryan and Lana have three children - conner, Kylee
program to plant a 1,200-tree buffer around the facility to     Jo and colt ryan - and the family represents the sixth
reduce odor and particulate matter exiting the farm. The        generation of reeds to continue the farming tradition in
buffer also provides a home to wildlife and greatly adds        Wapello county.
to the aesthetics of the operation. The tree buffer also is
enrolled in the conservation reserve Program.                   The Environmental Steward award was established
                                                                in 2007 by the IPPa Environmental committee
Manure is injected as specified in a manure management          to recognize pork producers who go above and
plan with the Iowa Department of Natural resources.             beyond in environmental stewardship. The selection
a nitrogen stabilizer is used to preserve nutrients and         committee judges nominees on the producer’s manure
assist in maintaining water quality. ryan also is a certified   management, soil and water conservation practices,
commercial applicator.                                          air quality strategies, wildlife habitat management, and
                                                                environmental management innovations.
Mortalities from the hog operation are disposed through
an on-farm compost facility. This aids in preservation of       The selection committee consists of the IPPa Board of
biosecurity on the farm.                                        Directors, the IPPa Environmental committee, Iowa State
                                                                University Extension and Pheasants Forever.
The reeds are consistently evaluating new environmental
technologies. as president of Tri-Family Farms, LLc, ryan
works with two other local farm families to study alternative
energy sources for the hog barns. The reeds hope to
incorporate more of these technologies in the future.

Neighbor and community relations also are important to
the reeds. They host a Fourth of July picnic each year to
communicate with neighbors and talk about life on the farm.

They are PQa Plus-certified and have completed the PQa
Plus site-assessment.

                                                                                    March 2012                         35
                  2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

                   honorary Master Pork Producers
                        for 2011 announced
The Iowa Pork Producers association annually recognizes two individuals who have worked tirelessly in their professions to make
a positive impact on Iowa’s pork industry. Those honored with the honorary Master Pork Producer award have exhibited out-
standing and distinguished service to the betterment and success of Iowa’s pork producers. The recipients are selected by the
IPPa Board of Directors and the program is funded by the Pork checkoff.

IPPa’s 2011 honorary Master Pork Producers are Iowa Secretary of agriculture Bill Northey and farm broadcaster Bob Quinn.

                                 The Honorable                                                        Bob Quinn
                                 Bill Northey                                                         Quinn spends
                                 Northey graduated from                                               countless hours
                                 Iowa State University                                                each year delivering
                                 in 1981, after which he                                              agriculture news and
                                 returned to Spirit Lake to                                           promoting pork over
                                 farm with his grandfather.                                           the airways for WhO
                                                                                                      radio in Des Moines.
                                he was elected Iowa
                                Secretary of agriculture                                             he graduated from
                                in 2006 and is currently                                             Iowa State University
                                serving his second term                                              and joined WhO in
after re-election in 2010. he continues to farm corn and                                             1983 and has been
soybeans, in his free time, near Spirit Lake.                      heavily involved in farm broadcasting since then. he is
                                                                   the early morning voice for farm programs and teams
Bill’s priorities as secretary of agriculture include advanc-      with Mark Pearson for WhO’s Big Show over the noon
ing opportunities available through renewable energy,              hour.
promoting conservation and stewardship and telling the
story of Iowa agriculture in Iowa, the U.S. and abroad.            Bob frequently invites IPPa representatives to talk about
he also has committed to traveling to each of Iowa’s 99            pork during The Big Show and has hosted numerous
counties every year to hear from farmers and rural resi-           remote broadcasts for IPPa, the coalition to Support
dents with a stake in Iowa’s agricultural future.                  Iowa’s Farmers and other pork industry interests. he is
                                                                   a tremendous advocate of the pork industry, featuring
The secretary has been instrumental in promoting Iowa              numerous pork-related guests and topics.
pork and agricultural products overseas. Over the past
year, Northey accompanied IPPa representatives on trade            Quinn also delivers the Iowa Pork royalty portion of the
missions to South Korea and Japan to help tell pork’s              annual Iowa Pork congress Banquet program.
story and build on important existing foreign markets.
                                                                   Bob lives in West Des Moines with his wife, ann.
Northey also served on the steering committee for the
Iowa agriscope 2030 project.

his open communication style and dedication to Iowa’s
agriculture industries has directly benefited pork produc-
ers and many others involved in producing food, fuel and
fiber across the state of Iowa.

Bill currently resides near Spirit Lake with his wife, cindy.

36                         March 2012
March 2011
      2012   37
                  2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

                        2011 IPPa Membership awards
         Recognizing the people and county organizations who are working to keep the Iowa pork industry strong!

     Many individual pork producers and their county organizations devote considerable time and effort each year
     to educating the public about the industry, promoting pork and working to increase membership in their county
     pork groups and the Iowa Pork Producers association. The outstanding work of these producers and county pork
     organizations is recognized each year during the Iowa Pork congress and the IPPa annual Meeting. The 2011 IPPa
     awards were presented during the annual Meeting Luncheon Jan. 24, 2012, at the Des Moines Marriott.

Membership is the backbone of the Iowa Pork Producers association and the county pork organizations. IPPa proudly
recognizes the county organizations that successfully retain and attract new members to the organization. Iowa’s organized
counties recruited 4,159 producer/members in 2011, a 5 percent increase from 2010!

Membership dues are used for non-checkoff purposes such as regulatory and public policy efforts. IPPa has used
membership money to address price reporting, environmental issues, animal identification, foreign trade barriers and legal
challenges on behalf of pork producers.

awards for Largest county Membership, Early Bird Membership, Direct Mail Bonus, Over-Goal Membership, Largest
Percentage Over Goal, the county With the Most New Members Over 2010, and county Involvement were presented by
conley Nelson, chairman of the IPPa Membership committee.

  Largest County Membership                                County Involvement Award - 24 Counties
  Award – Washington County

 Heather Hora from Washington County                             2011 County Involvement Award winners
        with the Largest County
          Membership Award.                  The county Involvement award was             participation and grilling at the Iowa
                                              created by IPPa in 2006 to honor            Pork Tent, to placing newspaper ads
                                            and reward counties that maintain an          or purchasing billboard space. Each
Washington county has quietly built
                                            active presence and support the state          county that earned 2,000 points for
a dynasty when it comes to recruiting
                                             organization. The program includes           their activities received $50. The top
new members and winning this award.
                                                all areas, from annual meeting              10 counties each received $100.
The county did it again in 2011,
the 6th straight year, recruiting 235      Adair *          Chickasaw            Hamilton*            Marshall       Story*
producer/members.                          Benton*          Clay                 Hardin*              Page           Tama
                                           Buchanan         Delaware*            Jefferson            Plymouth*      Washington*
                                           Buena vista      Franklin             Kossuth              Scott          Webster
                                           Cherokee*        Green                Marion               Sioux*

                                                                           * denotes top 10 county!

38                        March 2012
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

    The 2011 Over Goal Membership Award recipients                   2011 Early Bird Membership Award winners

  over-Goal Membership Award – 32 counties                     Early Bird Membership Award – 5 counties
These are the counties that reached or exceeded their 2011
 membership goal. The goals are determined by taking the      The following counties earned certificates by filing their
  three-year average of a county’s membership and then         membership lists with IPPa by the March 1 deadline:
                  increasing it 2 percent.
                                                                                   Adair County
       Adair            Fayette              Mitchell                            Buchanan County
     Audubon            Franklin            Plymouth                             Delaware County
      Benton            Greene             Poweshiek                               Lyon County
   Black Hawk          Hamilton                Sac                                 Tama County
    Buchanan            Howard                Sioux
      Butler              Ida                 Story
   Cerro Gordo         Jefferson              Taylor
    Cherokee           Kossuth             van Buren
    Chickasaw            Lyon                Warren
     Crawford          Madison             Washington
      Dallas           Marshall               Worth

     Largest Percentage over-Goal Award
               Franklin County                                        County representatives from two of the 35
   Franklin county received additional recognition for                 2011 Direct Mail Bonus Award winners
   passing its goal by the greatest percentage for the
                 second straight year!                           Direct Mail Bonus Award – 35 counties
                                                              These are the counties that elected to have IPPa mail
  County with Most New Members over 2010                      membership forms directly to producers and have the
               Sioux County                                     producers return them directly to the state office.
   Sioux county recruited 34 new members in 2011.            Benton County         Howard County       Page County
                                                             Cass County           Iowa County         Plymouth County
                                                             Cedar County          Jackson County      Sac County
                                                             Cherokee County       Jasper County       Scott County
                                                             Clayton County        Johnson County      Story County
                                                             Crawford County       Jones County        Taylor County
                                                             Des Moines County     Kossuth County      van Buren County
                                                             Fayette County        Linn County         Wapello County
                                                             Franklin County       Mahaska County      Warren County
        Congratulations to all of the                        Grundy County         Marion County       Winneshiek County
                                                             Hamilton County       Mitchell County     Worth County
        2011 IPPA award winners!                             Hancock County        Montgomery County
We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

                                                                                 March 2012                           39
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

2011 IPPa Project awards
     outstanding County Promotion and Education Project Awards
 Pork promotion helps keep pork top of mind for consumers and enhances demand for the products. Whether it’s a
 grilling, a store promotion or sampling at a major public event by a county organization, being in front of the public
 is important. When pork producers get involved, consumers listen. They want to know who is producing their food.
 Promotions are a great way to share our commitment to providing safe and wholesome products for their families.
 Many county pork producer groups actively promote the product every year and several had successful pork
 promotions in 2011. The Best county Promotion and Education Program awards, as well as the hog Wild and Belle
 ringer awards were presented Jan. 24 by IPPa Promotion committee chairman curtis Meier.

                                                               Best County Promotion Program – Plymouth County
                                                               The Plymouth county Pork Producers has operated a
                                                               concession stand at the county Fair every year since 1990.
                                                               The Grandstand Pork concession features a new pork product
                                                               every year. at the 2011 fair, the feature was the “Brat of the
                                                               Day.” customers could choose bacon cheddar, mushroom
                                                               and swiss, pineapple, pepperjack and original brats and
                                                               1,120 skinless pork brats were sold during the five-day fair.
                                                               Grandstand Pork also features its infamous “chop in a Glove,”
                                                               pork loin sandwiches and pork hot dogs. Plymouth county
                                                               also handed out 150 t-shirts featuring the Grandstand Pork
                                                               and Pork® Be inspiredSM logos to anyone who worked in
                                                               the stand. another new idea was giving away refillable mugs
                                                               imprinted with the logos. customers received the mugs for
                                                               free when they purchased a soda. Grandstand Pork sold 500
Ben Johnson accepts the Best County Promotion Program          mugs during the fair.
            for Plymouth County from 2011
        Iowa Pork Queen Cheyenne McNichols.                    The Plymouth county Pork Producers also grilled and gave
                                                               away more than 600 pork hot dogs during the county fair hog
                                                               show. They sponsored some of the hog show trophies, door
                                                               prizes at the cooking school and also provided prizes for the
                                                               Pride of Iowa contest.

                                                               For 32 years, the Plymouth county Pork Producers has
                                                               had an active presence at the county Fair. It’s estimated
                                                               that Grandstand Pork and various newspaper and radio
                                                               promotions has enabled the county group to reach more than
                                                               90,000 fairgoers with their pork message.

                                                               “We are proud of our entire team of pork producers from
                                                               Plymouth county” their nomination form read. “It takes an
                                                               outstanding membership to make all of this happen in just a
                                                               few days of summer.”

40                      March 2012
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

Best County Educational Program – Plymouth and Tama Counties
Educating consumers about pork is often a challenge, but very important to the future success of the pork industry. Two
counties were recognized for their education efforts in 2011. The winners not only educated their county schools and
4-hers about the pork industry, but other facets of agriculture as well.

                                                              Plymouth County
                                                              harold Lee with the Plymouth county Pork Producers has
                                                              taken a four to seven day-old piglet to Kuckhon Elementary
                                                              School in Le Mars for a “Show & Tell” every year for the last
                                                              four years. he started when his daughter was in kindergarten.
                                                              Lee’s visits have been well-received by the kids and faculty.
                                                              along with the piglet, harold shows video clips he made at
                                                              his sow farm and hands out IPPa promotional materials such
                                                              as pig erasers, pencils and bookmarks. his target audience
                                                              has grown from preschooler’s to 3rd and 4th grade students.
                                                              harold’s goal with this project has been to get the message
                                                              out to students and school faculty that animal agriculture is
                                                              important because it directly and indirectly impacts so many
                                                              people in the community and the state. This has been a great
                                                              way to show that pigs can be raised in a clean and humane

       2011 Iowa Pork Princess Chelsey Branderhorst           Tama County
    presents the Best County Educational Program Award        In 2011, the Tama county 4-h Youth committee decided
                       to Harold Lee.                         to show the Tama county Fair swine exhibitors how a hog
                                                              carcass is broken down and cut up for meat. after the county
                                                              fair pig weigh-in, the committee invited Maynard Wedmore,
                                                              a local butcher, to come in and cut up a hog carcass and
                                                              give the 4-hers a chance to see the entire process. Maynard
                                                              showed the kids how pork is cut into wholesale and retail cuts.
                                                              he also showed them some of the less popular cuts and what
                                                              cultures enjoyed those cuts. a total of 15 4-hers and some
                                                              parents showed up for the workshop.

                                                              “as pork producers, we want the kids to see all parts and
                                                              aspects of pork production” read Tama county’s nomination
                                                              form. “In past years, we have toured plants, posted pigs and
                                                              held other activities to keep their interest in showing hogs at
                                                              the fair. We hope through our efforts that they would decide to
                                                              become pork producers in the future.”

David Brezina accepts the 2011 Best County Educational
            Program Award from 2011 Iowa
     Premier Pork Youth Ambassador Derek Brown.

                                                                                     March 2012                            41
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

hog Wild, Belle ringer awards Presented
The Iowa Pork Producers association named its 2012            county Fair Board. Otis also packs and delivers pork
state hog Wild and Belle ringer award winners during the      weekly for Delaware county Meats.
IPPa annual Meeting Luncheon in Des Moines Jan. 24.
                                                              Prior to receiving the state award, helmrichs, David
These awards are presented each year by the IPPa              Sullivan of cherokee county and Phillip McKenna of Tama
Promotions committee to individuals who commit time           county were named district hog Wild award winners.
and effort to introducing consumers to new pork products,
educating restaurants and retailers about pork, and           For someone who has never served on the county Board
assisting with county and state promotions.                   or raised hogs, Jean Palmer has certainly outdone
                                                              herself in Iowa pork promotion.
Gary helmrichs received the state hog Wild award and
Jean Palmer was presented with the state Belle ringer
award. Both are from Manchester in Delaware county.

                                                              Nancy McDonald accepts the award for Jean Palmer from
                                                              2011 Iowa Premier Pork Youth Ambassador Derek Brown.

 State Hog Wild Award recipient Gary “Otis” Helmrichs         Jean and her husband, roger, were asked by her brother
 with 2011 Iowa Pork Princess Chelsey Branderhorst.           to help grill at a promotional event years ago and she
                                                              is still helping today. When people see the Delaware
helmrichs has been an active member of the Delaware           county Grill Team, Jean is there — whether it’s at the IPPa
county Pork Producers for 35 years and promotes pork          4th of July and Labor Day Fareway promotions, the Iowa
wherever he goes. he has served on the county board for       Pork Tent, Bumper Brigade in Iowa city or the annual
four years. Gary, or “Otis” as he’s known to most, has        coggon harvest home.
worked at several county swine weigh-ins, swine shows
and livestock sales.                                          For the past 20 years, Jean also has helped grill for the
                                                              4-h Food Stand at the Delaware county Fair and the 4-h
For more than 30 years, he has been a member of the           sale auction. She has volunteered for many years at the
Delaware county Pork Grill Team. he has served on the         county pork barbecue.
Iowa State Fair Pork Tent committee since 1981. Otis has
grilled and served pork at the Delaware county 4-h            Jean is active with her church and helps with the Knights
Food Stand and livestock auction for 25 years. he also        of columbus in her community of Manchester. When not
supports the annual 4-h pie auction fundraiser, making a      promoting pork, the Palmers attend activities that involve
great “hog Pan cherry Pie.”                                   her grown adult children and grandchildren.

Otis is active in church activities and helps with many 4-h   Palmer and amy Vossberg of Bremer county received
activities. he has served for 13 years on the Delaware        district Belle ringer awards.

42                       March 2012
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

Iowa Pork Congress Kickoff Reception and Auction

Foundation scholarship fund gets
substantial boost
The nearly 300 people who attended                                                   hammered-metal pig bench, farm
the annual Iowa Pork congress                                                        animal framed mirror and other items
Kickoff reception and auction Jan.                                                   donated by 2011 IPPa President Leon
24 at the Iowa Events center in Des                                                  Sheets and his wife, Barb, raised
Moines helped raise significant dollars                                              $1,100 and a grilling by the Tama
for youth scholarships.                                                              county Pork Producers went for $1,000.

The auction raised $16,810 for the                                                   The auction was again conducted
Iowa Pork Foundation’s scholarship                                                   by auctioneer Mike christensen and
program during a light and lively                                                    Steve Maynes of christensen auction
prelude to the 2012 Iowa Pork                                                        Services. They were assisted by
congress. That topped last year’s                                                    Ernie Barnes from the National Pork
total by just under $4,000.                joined IPPa producer leaders and          Board; Pete houska of the National
                                           others for the social hour, pork buffet   Pork Producers council; the IPPa
Pork producers, allied business            and auction.                              Board of Directors, Tyler Bettin, cody
partners and trade show exhibitors                                                   McKinley and Kelly Sheets from
                                           More than 40 contributors including       IPPa staff; 2011 Iowa Pork Queen
                                           IPPa staff, allied business partners,     cheyenne McNichols, Princess
                                           county pork producer groups and           chelsey Branderhorst and Premier
                                           individual pork producers donated items   Pork Youth ambassador Derek Brown
                                           for bidding. auction items included       and foundation scholarship winners.
                                           “Glow in the Dark” beverage containers,
                                           handmade quilts, Kansas Speedway          IPPa and the Iowa Pork Foundation
                                           race tickets, carvings, welcome signs,    extend sincere thanks to everyone
                                           gift baskets and many more.               who attended, donated and
                                                                                     purchased auction items, helping
                                           The speedway package was donated          make the event a great success.
                                           by SFP and brought in $1,150. a

                                Thank you to the following auction contributors!

aDa Enterprises                                 International Nutrition               Nioex Systems
andrew Dickson                                  Iowa Events center                    Phibro animal health corp
Bill Tentinger                                  Iowa FFa Foundation                   Pride of the Farm
chelsey Branderhorst, 2011 Pork Princess        Iowa hawkeyes                         rex & Joyce hoppes
cheyenne McNichols – 2011 Pork Queen            Iowa State cyclone club               rich & Nancy Degner
chickasaw county Pork Producers                 John & Kathy Weber                    Scott Tapper
craig rowles                                    Kelly Sheets                          SFP
Derek Brown – 2011 Pork ambassador              Latham for congress                   Sleezer Fertility center
Des Moines Marriott                             Leon & Barb Sheets                    Tama county Pork Producers
Doug & Jeannette Fricke                         Lynch livestock Inc                   Tomco chemical
Eldon Mcafee                                    Manitoba Pork council                 Tyler Bettin
hog Slat                                        Marting Mfg of Iowa                   Udder Tech
IFa roller-Grinder                              National Pork Producers council       Vittetoe Inc/Show Stopper Equipment

                                                                                      March 2012                         43
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

Des Moines residents enjoy free
pork lunch at Winter Pork Picnic
The always popular Winter Pork Picnic attracted another        industry and thank consumers for purchasing pork and
large crowd Jan. 25 as the Iowa Pork Producers                 supporting the industry. chips, pop, ice cream and pork
association conducted its annual Iowa Pork congress            loin samples also were served.
promotion in downtown Des Moines.
                                                               Several pork prizes were given away and attendees were
                                          The Tama             given discount coupons for fresh pork at Fareway Stores.
                                          and Story
                                          county Pork          IPPa accepted free-will donations to be given to the Food
                                          Producers and        Bank of Iowa to help feed Iowa’s hungry and the public
                                          several other        came through in a big way. Nearly $1,200 was collected
                                          volunteers           for the Food Bank and IPPa donated 76 pounds of
                                          grilled and          leftover meat.
                                          served 3,000
                                          ground pork          The 14th annual Winter Pork Picnic was supported by
                                          and bacon            participating sponsors Fareway Stores, Webster city
                                          burgers from         custom Meats, rotella’s Italian Bakery, Frito Lay, Pepsi
                                          11 a.m. to 1         americas, cookies Food Products, Wells Blue Bunny and
                                          p.m. at capital      Tyson Fresh Meat.
 2012 Iowa Pork youth contestants and
                                          Square to
 many other producers and volunteers
                                          celebrate the        During the lunch, pork producers ryan and Lana reed from
      helped with the promotion.
                                          Iowa pork            Ottumwa received the “Wergin Good Farm Neighbor award”
                                                               for January. The presentation was carried live on WhO radio.

          The Winter Pork Picnic attracted a large crowd to Capital Square in Des Moines for a free pork lunch.

44                      March 2012
                2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

2012 Iowa Pork Youth Team selected
                                The 2012 Iowa Pork Youth Team was introduced Jan. 25 during the 40th annual Iowa
                                Pork congress Banquet in Des Moines.

                                The new pork royalty is Lindsay reth, Iowa Pork Queen; Sterling Schnepf, Iowa Pork
                                Princess and Jacob Swanson, Iowa Premier Pork Youth ambassador.

                                reth is a senior at West Delaware high School. She is the daughter of russ and Dianne
                                reth of Manchester. Lindsay plans to attend Wartburg college in Waverly next fall and
                                study business administration.

                                2012 Iowa Pork Princess Sterling Schnepf is a sophomore at Iowa State University. She is
                                majoring in animal science pre-graduate studies. Sterling is the daughter of richard and
                                Sharon Schnepf of Granville in Plymouth county.

      Lindsay Reth,             a total of eight county pork queens competed during the Iowa Pork congress for the
  2012 Iowa Pork Queen          2012 IPPa crowns.

                                The new Iowa Premier Pork Youth ambassador hails from Ottumwa in Wapello county.
                                Jacob Swanson is a junior at Iowa State University. he is majoring in public service and
                                administration in agriculture. Jacob is the son of Don and Pat Swanson.

                                Swanson received the title over four other worthy competitors.

                                Each of the contestants was judged on their interviewing and communications skills,
                                poise, presentation and overall knowledge of the pork industry and Iowa agriculture.

                                The new Iowa Pork Queen and the Iowa Premier Pork Youth ambassador each receive a
                                $2,000 scholarship and the Iowa Pork Princess earns a $1,000 scholarship from IPPa.

                                all three title holders will serve as representatives of the Iowa Pork Producers association
                                and assist with various pork promotional and educational activities throughout the year.
     Sterling Schnepf,
  2012 Iowa Pork Princess

  Jacob Swanson, 2012 Iowa
Premier Pork Youth Ambassador

                                                                                   March 2012                            45
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

IPPa Youth Swine Judging contest
winners announced
                                                               The performance of some of the students impressed IPPa
                                                               Producer Outreach Director and contest organizer Kelly

                                                               “No matter how much a student knows about pork
                                                               production, there is always more to learn,” Sheets said.
                                                               “The more these kids know about pork production, the
                                                               better. We need these students to be advocates for the
                                                               industry and this is a good way of teaching them the things
                                                               they need to know.”

                                                               a cargill Meat Solutions team brought half of a hog
                                                               carcass for its breakout session and discussed meat
                                                               quality and the different cuts with students. Brady McNeil,
                                                               the 2012 president of the Iowa State University Block
                                                               and Bridle club, shared information about the club with
                                                               interested students.
Young 4-h and FFa members from 34 Iowa schools
                                                               Several allied business partners joined the Pork checkoff
participated in the Iowa Pork Producers association’s fourth
                                                               in co-sponsoring the event. cargill, Producers Livestock,
annual Youth Swine Judging contest at the 2012 Iowa Pork
                                                               Eldon c. Stutsman, Inc., Swine Genetics International and
congress in Des Moines Jan. 26.
                                                               Marting Manufacturing/Smidley all had a major role in
                                                               making the event a success. In-kind support was provided
Ninety two teams representing 361 students were
                                                               by Marting, highway Farms, Inc., and Tractor Supply co.
given the opportunity to sharpen their gilt selection and
                                                               More sponsors are needed for next year, when the contest
market hog evaluation skills on a herd of 24 Duroc-
                                                               moves to the Iowa State Fairgrounds.
sired crossbred hogs. The contest featured four judging
classes. The students scored a keep/cull gilt class, did
live carcass evaluation, and judged market hog and
commercial gilt classes. In addition to the judging contest,
two breakout sessions were held for the students.

Earlham Team 1 was the overall winner and each of the
four team members earned a $400 scholarship. Finishing
second was Grinnell Team 1 and each team member
received $200 scholarships. Third place was columbus
Team 3, earning each team member a $100 scholarship.
The top individual was Zach Lear from Spencer.

In the Junior Division, the Benton 4-h Team 1 took
1st place and 2nd place went to Benton 4-h Team 2.
Members of both teams received plaques. The top
individual in the Junior Division was Drew Wiley from

46                        March 2012
                 2012 Iowa Pork Congress Re-Cap

One day, two awards for Wapello co.
pork producers
Jan. 25 turned out to be a pretty         with their neighbors and the              about pork production and ask any
big day for ryan and Lana reed of         community.                                questions. “This shows the reed’s
Ottumwa. Before receiving the 2011                                                  strong commitment to neighbor
Environmental Steward award from          “When the reeds first approached          relations and communications,” the
the Iowa Pork Producers association       us about building their barn in 2007,     hollingsworths said.
that evening, they were presented         the very first thing we discussed
with the “Gary Wergin Good Farm           was trees. The reed family farm           The Wergin Good Farm Neighbor
Neighbor award” for January.              aesthetics are second to none.            award, made possible through the
                                          They have coordinated with the            financial support of the coalition to
Iowa Secretary of agriculture Bill        coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers,      Support Iowa’s Farmers, recognizes
Northey presented the award to the        Trees Forever and the Iowa Nursery        Iowa livestock farmers who take pride
reeds at the “Winter Pork Picnic”         Landscape association’s Green             in doing things right. This includes
during the Iowa Pork congress in          Farmstead Partner Program to plant        caring for the environment and their
Des Moines. The presentation was          an astounding 1,200-tree buffer           livestock and being good neighbors.
broadcast live on WhO radio’s Big         around their facility to limit odor and   It is named in memory of Gary
Show.                                     particulate matter and provide a home     Wergin, a long-time WhO radio farm
                                          to wildlife,” read the nomination.        broadcaster who helped create the
“It is exciting to be able to recognize                                             award.
a young family like the reeds that        The reed family also hosts an
not only take great care of their         annual Fourth of July picnic for area     ryan and Lana have three children:
livestock, but also go above and          residents to visit the farm, learn        conner, Kylee Jo and colt ryan.
beyond to care for their neighbors
and reach out to the community,”
Northey said. “The Good Farm
Neighbor award was created to
recognize families like this that are
an example of the great livestock
farmers we have in this state.”

The reed Family has a 4,800-head
tunnel-ventilated pork facility on
their home farm and has additional
production at another site.

Gary and Debbie hollingsworth
nominated the reeds. “We have
been lifelong friends and neighbors
of ryan’s family and it is great
to see him and his young family
succeeding in livestock agriculture,”
the nomination read.
                                                   Pictured from left: CSIF Executive Director Brian Waddingham,
The hollingsworth’s went on to                         Ryan and Lana Reed, Debbie and Gary Hollingsworth
praise the reed’s efforts to care for                      and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey.)
the environment and communicate                       (Photo courtesy of Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.)

                                                                                    March 2012                        47
SunnyBrook inspired by pork
Until four years ago, Kumar Wickramasingha was executive
chef and owner of Alpha’s on the Riverfront in Fort
Madison. In 2008, he made a career change and is now
director of public relations for SunnyBrook Assisted Living
Communities, with eight locations throughout Iowa.

As a past winner of the Iowa Pork Producers Association’s
Taste of Elegance competition, Wickramasingha always
included a variety of pork dishes in his restaurant fare,
and he is excited now to share his love of pork products
with the SunnyBrook residents.
                                                               Sunnybrook chefs competing in the pork cook-off (from left)
                                                                were Toby Cluney, Burlington; Stephanie Watson, Fairfield:
Wickramasingha recently announced a new culinary event         Dominick DeLeon, Muscatine; Kendra Husbond, Muscatine;
at SunnyBrook. A cook-off is being held bi-monthly on a           Sarah Martin, Mt. Pleasant; Linda Borkowski, Carroll;
rotating basis at the company’s locations and is a friendly                  and Tom Bryant, Fort Madison.
competition among the SunnyBrook chefs.
                                                                 cooking contest. The entrees included Island Pork
Through his association with the residents,                      Tenderloin Salad, Burlington; Pork Cutlets, Carroll;
Wickramasingha has learned that pork dishes are                  Shredded Pork Croissants, Fairfield; Hawaiian Ribs, Fort
among their favorite meals because many of them                  Madison; Mediterranean Pork Loin, Mt. Pleasant; and
grew up on Iowa farms. Wanting to introduce the                  Pork Shanks with Gravy, Muscatine.
pork industry’s new “Pork® Be InspiredSM brand to the
residents and guests, it was decided that the theme of           First place and the People’s Choice awards both went to
February’s cooking contest event would be pork.                  Tom Bryant of Fort Madison. Residents and guests alike
                                                                 enjoyed the creative variety of pork dishes.
Chefs from six SunnyBrook Assisted Living
Communities participated at Fort Madison in the                  Wickramasingha is a current member of the IPPA
                                                                 Restaurant and Foodservice Committee.

                                         Assisted living residents enjoy a pork meal.

48                        March 2012
March 2012   49
     Feed suppliers prevail in Iowa Supreme
     court feed lien ruling
     By Eldon McAfee, IPPA legal counsel, Beving, Swanson & Forrest, P.C.

     In the case of Oyens Feed & Supply,    opposite and found that the pork          will lose to the lender’s lien if the
     Inc. v. Primebank, a decision          producers’ banks’ liens had priority      lender either did not receive the
     of major importance to feed            over the feed suppliers’ liens. In the    certified letter or received the
     suppliers and lenders as well as       court decisions, the feed suppliers       letter and responded, along with
     livestock producers, the Iowa          properly filed their liens with the       the necessary financial history, that
     Supreme Court ruled on Dec.            Iowa secretary of state but did not       the farmer did not have sufficient
     30, 2011, that Iowa’s feed lien is     send a certified notice to the bank.      finances to cover the price of the
     superior to a secured lender’s         The judges then had to determine          ag supply. If the lender responded
     security interest even though a        who had priority, the banks or the        that the farmer had sufficient
     certified notice of the feed lien is   feed suppliers.                           finances, the ag supplier and the
     not sent to the lender.                                                          lender have equal priority under
                                            To briefly recap the problem,             their liens. However, the law also
     Iowa and federal courts have           Iowa law provides a lien to               states that for feed, the ag supplier
     issued conflicting rulings on the      businesses that sell ag supplies          will have priority in livestock
     priority of feed supplier liens        such as fertilizer, pesticides,           sales proceeds for the difference
     vs. a lender security interest         seed, feed or petroleum products          between the livestock’s purchase
     in a producer’s livestock. Four        used for an ag purpose. This              price and the greater of the value
     judges have ruled that a feed          lien must be filed with the Iowa          of the livestock when the feed was
     supplier’s lien for feed sold to a     secretary of state within 31 days         sold or the livestock’s sales price.
     pork producer had priority over        after the farmer purchases the ag         This section of the law dealing
     the producer’s bank’s lien, while      supply. The disputed part of the          with feed does not specifically refer
     two other judges ruled exactly         law provides that the supplier is         to the section of the law requiring
                                            to send a certified letter to the         a certified notice be sent to the
                                                  farmer’s lender. The lender         lender. Because of this omission,
                                                       must then respond              the analysis is that for a feed lien,
                                                       whether the farmer has         the supplier is not required to send
                                                       sufficient finances to         a certified letter to the lender.
                                                       assure payment of the ag
                                                       supply and provide a full      With this background, the Iowa
                                                       and complete relevant          Supreme Court in the Oyens
                                                       financial history. A           case first noted if the certified
                                                          supplier who sells an       letter sections of the law were
                                                                ag supply and files   intended to apply to feed liens, the
                                                                     an ag supply     Legislature “would have expressly
                                                                            lien      said so as it did” for the other ag
                                                                                      supply liens. The court went on to

50                        March 2012
“It makes sense the Legislature          large vendors for whom the certified   made the credit sale, not the
would give superpriority status          request process is less cumbersome.    secured lender, should be entitled
to livestock feed suppliers limited                                             to superpriority in this new value.
to the new value created, without        Importantly, the superpriority         This interpretation furthers the
requiring compliance with the            provision only allows feed             Legislature’s goal to encourage
certified request procedure.             suppliers to trump perfected           feed sales to livestock producers
Livestock feed is often supplied         secured lenders to the extent the      already burdened with bank debt.”
on an ongoing basis, and it would        acquisition value of the livestock
be impractical and cumbersome            is exceeded by the livestock’s value   After years of uncertainty, it is
to require serial certified requests     at the time the lien attaches or its   now settled law that Iowa’s feed
with ever-changing dollar amounts        ultimate sale price. Accordingly,      lien law does not require a feed
and recurring fees. Livestock feed       the secured lender generally           supplier to send a certified notice
is grown and sold by farmers. The        retains its secured position up to     to a lender with a security interest
Legislature presumably sought            the livestock’s acquisition price.     in the livestock. The Iowa feed
to encourage a fluid feed market         The feed supplier’s superpriority      supplier’s lien is superior to a
without burdening cooperatives           corresponds to the livestock’s         lender’s security interest if the
and farmers with the certified           increase in value that typically       feed supplier files a UCC-1 with
request process. By contrast, sales of   results from consuming feed.           the Iowa secretary of state within
crop seed, herbicides and fertilizer     The Legislature reasonably could       31 days after the feed is purchased.
are more often bulk transactions by      conclude the feed supplier who

                                                                                   March 2012                          51
     USDa GIPSa Final rule on 2008 Farm Bill
     contracting requirements now in effect
     By Eldon McAfee, IPPA legal counsel, Beving, Swanson & Forrest, P.C.

     The long-awaited and controversial final rule on            previously in this article, contractors may not need to
     federal swine and poultry contracting requirements          include any specific contract language to comply with
     was released by the USDA Grain Inspection, Packers          this section of the rule. Producers should review the rule
     and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) in December.          definition of additional capital investment (in essence,
     The rule went into effect on Feb. 7, 2012, and applies      “a combined amount of $12,500 or more per structure”
     to contracts “entered into, amended, altered, modified,     and maintenance or repair costs are excluded) and
     renewed or extended” after that date.                       the criteria GIPSA may consider to determine if there
                                                                 is a violation. If a contract requires additional capital
     Before analyzing the final rule, it is important to note    investments, contract language must conform to those
     that the final rule does not change the current GIPSA       criteria. More importantly, regardless of whether the
     legal actions penalizing packers and contractors for        contract requires additional capital investments, these
     failing to have disclosures in contracts regarding          criteria should be reviewed at the time of any additional
     arbitration and court venue clauses, as well as             capital investment and the contractor and contract
     legal actions against contractors for failing to have       grower should sign a contract addendum which lists
     disclosures regarding the three-day right to cancel         each criteria in the rule, and any others that may be
     contracts and additional large capital investment           applicable, and which states that the criteria have been
     requirements. Contractors must continue to review           reviewed and complied with, including the criteria
     their contracts entered into, amended, altered,             that the grower had discretion to decide against the
     modified, renewed or extended after June 18, 2008, for      investment.
     compliance with these requirements.
                                                                 reasonable period of time to remedy a
     It also is important to note that each section of the
     final rule sets out criteria that GIPSA may consider
                                                                 breach of contract
     in determining if there is a violation and each section     This section applies to swine and poultry production
     states that “these criteria include, but are not limited    contracts. The criteria GIPSA may consider in
     to” the specific criteria listed. The effect of GIPSA’s     determining whether a requirement that a swine
     broad discretionary language is that the rule allows        production contract grower or poultry grower has
     GIPSA to use criteria in each of the three sections in      been provided a “reasonable period of time to remedy
     addition to the listed criteria and producers and others    a breach of contract that could lead to contract
     subject to the rules cannot be certain what criteria they   termination” include but are not limited to (these
     must follow to comply with the rules.                       criteria do not apply where “food safety or animal
                                                                 welfare is concerned”, but note that GIPSA did not
     Some of the most controversial sections of the rule         exclude environmental emergencies):
     proposed in June of 2010, such as pricing premiums
     and packer-to-packer sales, were withdrawn from              1. Whether the grower was provided written notice
     the final rule by GIPSA. The final rule includes the            of the breach upon initial discovery of the breach
     following three sections:                                       if the other party to the contract intends to take
                                                                     an adverse action, including termination, against
     additional capital Investments criteria                         the grower.
                                                                  2. Whether the notice of breach includes:
     This section applies to swine and poultry production            a. A description of the act or omission believed
     contracts. Other than including the disclosures as noted        to be a breach, including the contract believed to
                                                                     have been breached

52                         March 2012
    b. Date of the breach                                  • Producers must be able to show that they
    c. Means by which the grower can satisfactorily          “took into account” the grower’s “ongoing
    remedy breach, if possible, based on the nature of       responsibilities related to the raising and
    the breach                                               handling” of the hogs under contract
    d. A date that provides a reasonable period of time      when they established the time period for
    to remedy the breach, based on the nature of the         correcting the default. See section 3 above.
    breach                                                 • As noted in section 4 above, one criteria is
 3. Whether the contractor took into account the             whether a grower was given adequate time
    grower’s ongoing responsibilities related to the         to rebut the alleged breach after the notice
    raising and handling of the poultry or swine when        was received. Very few contracts contain a
    setting the date to remedy the breach.                   clause giving a grower a specific period of
 4. Whether the grower was given adequate time after         time to rebut the alleged breach. As a practical
    the notice of breach to rebut the allegation of a        matter, the opportunity to rebut the alleged
    breach.                                                  breach is included in the time period to cure
                                                             the default. However, as a result of this rule,
Producers should review clauses in their contracts that      producers may want to either establish a
govern breach and the grower’s right to remedy a breach.     specific time period for rebutting the breach
This review should include:                                  or specifically refer to the opportunity to
                                                             rebut the breach when setting the time period
  • The amount of time provided to correct the breach/       to cure the breach.
    default after the grower receives written notice of    • If a grower default occurs, the notice sent to the
    the default, before the contract can be terminated.      grower must contain all of the points set out
    The primary question raised by the rule is whether       in section 2 above. In addition, although not
    that period of time is reasonable for the specific       specifically required by the rule, contractors
    situation.                                               may want to include a reasonable deadline date

                                                                             March 2012                           53
          for the grower to rebut the alleged breach.           on whether to elect arbitration for dispute resolution:”
        • As noted in section 1 above, if the contractor          1. Payment of the costs of arbitration
          intends to take an adverse action against the           2. The arbitration process
          grower (including termination) because of               3. Any limitations on legal rights and remedies
          a breach, one criteria of reasonableness is
          whether the grower was provided written               Finally, an arbitration clause should be reviewed taking
          notice of the breach when the contractor              into account the following criteria:
          initially discovered the breach. This requires
          the contractor to balance maintaining a                 1. Whether arbitration costs and time limits are
          good working relationship with the grower                  reasonable
          by working to correct performance issues                2. Whether the grower or producer is “provided
          before sending written notice vs. complying                access to and opportunity to engage in reasonable
          with the rule.                                             discovery of information” held by the other party
        • If the contract has a clause allowing the               3. Whether arbitration is required only for disputes
          contractor to take action against the grower,              under the contract
          such as termination, if there is an environmental       4. Whether a “reasoned, written opinion based on
          problem, that clause must be carefully reviewed            applicable law, legal principles and precedent for
          to make sure there is a reasonable period of time          the award is required to be provided to the parties”
          for remedy by the grower.
                                                                Under all three sections of the final rule, other than rule
     arbitration                                                requirements that specifically require contract language,
                                                                it is not clear when a violation of the rule would occur.
     This section applies to all livestock or poultry           Is a violation based on the contract language itself
     marketing or production contracts. A contract that         or is it when that contract language comes into play,
     requires arbitration must first have the following         such as when there is a breach of the contract? The
     clause on the signature page of the contract in “bold      safest course of action is to try to make sure contract
     conspicuous print:”                                        language complies with the rule and then implement
                                                                that contract language. However, it appears to be more
     “Right to Decline Arbitration. A poultry grower,           critical to comply with the rule when a regulated event
     livestock producer or swine production contract            occurs, such as when an additional capital investment
     grower has the right to decline to be bound by the         is required, when a breach of contract occurs, or when
     arbitration provisions set forth in this agreement.        arbitration is required.
     A poultry grower, livestock producer or swine
     production contract grower shall indicate whether          Again, this final rule went into effect on Feb. 7, and
     or not it desires to be bound by the arbitration           applies to contracts “entered into, amended, altered,
     provisions by signing one of the following statements;     modified, renewed or extended” after that date. Existing
     failure to choose an option will be treated as if          contracts that are not “amended, altered, modified,
     the poultry grower, livestock producer or swine            renewed or extended” after Feb. 7 are not required to
     production contract grower declined to be bound by         meet the requirements of the rule.
     the arbitration provisions set forth in this Agreement:
     I decline to be bound by the arbitration provisions set    There are and will continue to be many questions about
     forth in this Agreement ____________                       what the language of the criteria in the final rule actually
     I accept the arbitration provisions as set forth in this   means. IPPA will provide additional information as
     Agreement____________”                                     these questions surface.
     Second, a contract that requires arbitration must also     As with any legal issue, producers should consult an
     have a clause in bold conspicuous print that gives         attorney for individual legal advice.
     sufficient information about the following so that the
     grower or producer may make “an informed decision

54                         March 2012
2011 U.S. pork exports top $6 billion
Exports of U.S. pork set an all-time record in 2011,    For the year, pork exports equated to 27.5 percent of
according to year-end statistics released by USDA       total production when including both muscle cuts
and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation.        and variety meat. Export value per head slaughtered
                                                        was $55.55, an increase of 27 percent (nearly $12)
Pork exports totaled 2.255 million metric tons valued   from a year ago.
at $6.11 billion, breaking the previous volume record
of 2.052 million metric tons and shattering the value   In December, pork exports were down slightly from
record of $4.88 billion, both set in 2008. Year-over-   November’s record performance but remained well
year, pork exports were up 18 percent in volume and     above the previous year’s pace. Exports increased
28 percent in value.                                    16 percent in volume (215,870 metric tons) and 32
                                                        percent in value ($582.6 million) from December
While the record-breaking performance of 2011 is        2010.
impressive, USMEF President and CEO Philip Seng
feels strongly that USMEF and its industry partners     In addition to setting a global value record, Seng
have laid the groundwork for even greater success in    noted that the U.S. industry achieved new heights in
the future.                                             its top two markets, Japan and Mexico.

“Demand for U.S. red meat has never been stronger,      Pork exports to Japan set new records for both
and we are well-positioned to build on this success,”   volume (493,313 metric tons) and value ($1.96
he said. “We have the marketing tools in place          billion), respective increases of 13 percent and 19
to showcase the quality and consistency of U.S.         percent over 2010. While slightly lower in volume
products, which our industry is able to deliver at      (537,535 metric tons) than last year,
a very competitive price and end users are able to
utilize in extremely creative and innovative ways.      Mexico became the first market other than Japan to
Real opportunities exist for further growth, and        import more than $1 billion in U.S. pork in a single
USMEF fully intends to capitalize on this strong        year. Exports to Mexico jumped 6 percent in value
momentum.”                                              over 2010, reaching $1.04 billion.

                                                                              Other pork export highlights
                                                                              included several new records,
                                                                              with a very strong year in the
                                                                              Hong Kong/China region
                                                                              pushing exports up 64 percent
                                                                              in volume to 483,323 metric
                                                                              tons and nearly doubling in
                                                                              value to $910 million (and
                                                                              surpassed 2008 records).

                                                                              Exports to South Korea more
                                                                              than doubled in volume to
                                                                              188,307 metric tons and
                                                                              increased 162 percent in value
                                                                              to $497 million.

                                                                            March 2012                          55
                                 News from the
                                 National Pork Producers council
NPPc statement on McDonald’s sow                                The U.S. pork industry exported more than $6.1 billion
                                                                – about 2.3 million metric tons – of pork last year,
housing decision
                                                                topping the previous record of $4.9 billion exported in
McDonald’s Corp. announced Feb. 13 that it would begin          2008. Exports increased by 18 percent in volume and 28
developing a plan to transition its pork supply away from       percent by value compared with 2010 pork exports. Japan
farmers who use conventional sow gestation stalls.              again was the No. 1 export market for U.S. pork, with
                                                                $1.96 billion. Other top export markets included Mexico,
The National Pork Producers Council issued a statement in       Canada and China. The record numbers were driven by
response to the announcement, saying it’s an opportunity        strong demand in China, South Korea and Japan.
for the pork industry to respond to its customers.
                                                                In the coming year, NPPC will continue to press the Obama
Farmers and animal care experts know that various types of      administration to keep export markets open to U.S. pork and
housing systems can provide for the well-being of pigs. After   will advocate for the acceptance of new free trade agreements
an extensive review of scientific literature, the American      to expand U.S. pork exports abroad.
Veterinary Medical Association determined that both
individual sow housing and group housing can provide for
                                                                NPPc opposes federal ‘farm takeover’ bill
the well-being of sows.
                                                                The National Pork Producers Council criticized congressional
Perhaps most importantly, McDonald’s announcement               legislation introduced Jan. 23 that would prescribe cage
reflects the best process for meeting evolving                  sizes for egg-laying hens, saying it would set a “dangerous
consumer demands – through the market, not through              precedent” for allowing the federal government to regulate
government mandates. Pork industry customers have               on-farm production practices, including animal housing.
expressed a desire to see changes in how pigs are raised.
Farmers are responding and modifying their practices            The legislation seeks to codify an agreement the Humane
accordingly. That process is effective, it’s efficient and      Society of the United States came to with the egg industry.
doesn’t require an act of Congress.                             HSUS agreed to forego trying to pass state ballot initiatives
                                                                that would dictate egg production practices and to stop 10
The pork industry supports a free market; it opposes            years of litigation against and undercover investigations of the
legislative mandates on farmers pushed by special               egg industry in exchange for egg producers nearly doubling
interest groups. Farmers are some of the most innovative        the size of their cages for laying hens. In addition to cage sizes,
and resourceful people in our country. They will                the bill, H.R. 3798, includes labeling requirements for eggs
continue to meet the ever-changing needs of customers           and new air-quality standards for hen houses.
and provide consumers with safe, nutritious and
affordable food produced responsibly.                           NPPC says the legislation would take away producers’
                                                                freedom to operate in ways that are best for their animals,
NPPC stands ready to offer its assistance to McDonald’s as it   make it difficult to respond to consumer demands, raise retail
assesses sow housing.                                           food prices and take away consumer choice, devastate small
                                                                and niche producers and, at a time of constrained budgets for
                                                                agriculture, redirect valuable resources from enhancing food
U.S. pork exports reach new heights in
                                                                safety and maintaining the competitiveness of U.S. agriculture
2011                                                            to regulating on-farm production practices for reasons other
The U.S. pork industry exported a record amount of              than public and animal health.
product in 2011, according to data released in February by
the U.S. Department of Agriculture.                             NPPC is urging congressional lawmakers to oppose the
                                                                “Farm Takeover Bill.”

56                        March 2012
high court tosses california ‘downer’ law                      Your participation in the Strategic
In a unanimous decision issued Jan. 23, the U.S. Supreme       Investment Program allows the
Court struck down a California law that bans the               National Pork Producers Council and
processing of all non-ambulatory animals, including hogs.      state organizations to enhance and defend your opportunities to
NPPC hailed the ruling.                                        compete at home and abroad.

The California Legislature approved the law in 2008                                                            Strategic   Mandatory
                                                                                                              Investment     Pork
after a video was released by animal activists, showing                                                        Program     Checkoff
non-ambulatory, or “downed,” cows at a California beef
packing plant being dragged and prodded to enter the           Negotiate for fair trade (import/export)
processing line. The statute prohibited the buying, selling,   Fight for reasonable legislation
or receiving of non-ambulatory animals, the processing,
                                                               Fight for reasonable regulation
butchering or selling of meat or products from non-
ambulatory animals for human consumption and the               Inform and educate legislators
holding of non-ambulatory animals without taking               Provide producers direct access to lawmakers
immediate action to humanely euthanize them.
                                                               Proactive issues management with media
[As part of its efforts to address Bovine Spongiform           Secure and guide industry research funding
Encephalopathy, or “mad cow” disease, the U.S.
                                                               Enhance domestic and global demand
Department of Agriculture already forbids the slaughter
of “downed” cattle.]                                           Provide producer information and education

                                                               Funding                                      $0.10/$100 $0.40/$100
The National Meat Association (NMA) challenged
the law, and a federal district court judge in California        Your voluntary investment is NPPC’s primary source of funding;
blocked it. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth            Checkoff dollars cannot be used for public policy funding.
Circuit in San Francisco in 2010 overturned the lower
court ruling. NMA appealed the case to the Supreme
Court, arguing that the Federal Meat Inspection Act
(FMIA) pre-empts the California law.                           The National Pork
                                                               Producers council (NPPc)
The high court agreed with NMA, ruling that the FMIA           conducts public policy
“expressly pre-empts” the California law’s application to      outreach on behalf of its
federally inspected swine slaughterhouses. It reversed the     44 affiliated state
Ninth Circuit decision and sent the case back to that court    association members
“for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.”
                                                               opportunities for the success of U.S. pork
                                                               producers and other industry stakeholders by
NPPC, which along with the American Association of
                                                               establishing the U.S. pork industry as a consistent
Swine Veterinarians and the National Farmers Union             and responsible supplier of high quality pork to the
filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case, argued that     domestic and world market.
the California law would create an animal health risk
and criminalizes the work of federal slaughterhouse            NPPc is primarily funded through the Strategic
inspectors. The organization also has pointed out that         Investment Program, a voluntary producer investment
the state law could have prevented from being shipped to       of $.10 per $100 of value that funds state and national
California meat processed in another state that did not        public policy and regulatory programs on behalf of U.S.
adhere to the statute’s ban.                                   pork producers.

                                                               For more information on NPPc, visit www.nppc.org.

                                                                                           March 2012                              57
     News from the
     National Pork Board
     checkoff research helps wage war                      Veterinarians met with USDA and the U.S. Centers for
                                                           Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about influenza.
     against PrrS                                          The objective was to find accurate ways to describe
     Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome         influenza viruses that prevent confusion about pork’s
     (PRRS) is a formidable and costly enemy to            safety.
     fight, but extensive research funded by the Pork
     Checkoff is helping the pork industry gain ground     The CDC, along with international human and animal
     in the battle against the tenacious virus.            health agencies, recently announced that it will now
                                                           refer to influenza viruses that normally circulate in
     “The Pork Checkoff is committed to finding            animals and may infect humans as “variant influenza
     practical solutions to this very complex disease      viruses,” designated by a “v.” For example, the recent
     through investments in research,” said National       human cases of influenza A(H3N2) that contain
     Pork Board President Everett Forkner. “Whether        components of human, avian, swine and H1N1
     it’s looking at real-time challenges, such as the     influenzas are now called influenza A(H3N2)v.
     implementation of regional elimination, or long-
     term issues, such as determining genetic resistance   “This will allow the media to use more accurate
     to PRRS, the Checkoff is involved on the research     terminology to communicate to consumers and will
     frontlines on producers’ behalf.”                     help reinforce to consumers that you cannot get the
                                                           flu from eating or handling pork,” said Dr. Jennifer
     To aid producers, the Pork Checkoff recently          Koeman, director of producer and public health for the
     mailed producers a copy of the 40-page PRRS           Pork Checkoff.
     Initiative Research 2004-2011 Report, which offers
     a comprehensive reference on the evolution of         research shows less bedding needed
     PRRS research and can help with the development
     of herd health management strategies, said Lisa
                                                           during hog transport
     Becton, director of swine health information and      Texas Tech and Iowa State University researchers
     research for the Pork Checkoff.                       have found that the pork industry can generally use
                                                           less bedding year-round than it currently does while
     “Thanks to the breadth of the research that has       improving overall animal well-being - a breakthrough
     been gathered in recent years, our understanding      finding that could save the industry an estimated $10.1
     of PRRS is increasing by leaps and bounds,” said      million per year.
     Becton, noting that the PRRS Initiative Research
     program, supported by the Pork Checkoff ’s Swine      The results are from a new study funded by the Pork
     Health Committee, has funded 123 projects             Checkoff.
     totaling more than $10 million since 2004. “There
     are definite things producers can do to control       John McGlone, a swine researcher at Texas Tech
     PRRS from getting in their operation.”                University and principal researcher for the study, along
                                                           with Anna Butters-Johnson an Iowa State University
     checkoff supports new flu naming                      researcher, looked at various rates of bedding in
                                                           semi-trailers at different times of year and in different
     Before the current flu season got into full swing,    locations throughout the Midwest. This approach
     the Pork Checkoff, the National Pork Producers        provided data representing cold, mild and hot weather.
     Council and the American Association of Swine

58                      March 2012
Specifically, the research trials showed that groups of
pigs headed to market can experience lower mortality          The National Pork Board has responsibility
rates in warm weather and overall improved well-being         for Checkoff-funded research, promotion
year-round when less bedding is used in transport             and consumer information projects and for
trailers. According to McGlone, the current standard in       communicating with pork producers and
the industry is to use four bales of bedding per semi-        the public. Through a legislative national
trailer.                                                      Pork Checkoff, pork producers invest $0.40
                                                              for each $100 value of hogs sold. The Pork
“During the study we found that the surface temperature       Checkoff funds national and state programs
of the pigs changed with the air temperature and that         in advertising, consumer information, retail
increased surface temperature actually caused a negative      and foodservice marketing, export market
effect on the pigs’ welfare,” McGlone said. “In cold          promotion, production improvement,
weather, we found that there is no added effect to using      technology, swine health, pork safety
more than six bales of bedding per trailer.”                  and environmental management. For
                                                              information on Checkoff-funded programs,
“We concluded that if the industry changed to using           pork producers can call the Pork Checkoff
only three bales per trailer, it would create a big savings   Service Center at (800) 456-7675 or check
with no change in welfare,” McGlone said. “So it’s            the Internet at www.pork.org.
something the industry will need to consider carefully.”

Task force outlines “road map” to
Improve sow lifetime productivity
How productive sows are during their lifetimes has
sizeable economic and animal welfare implications for
the U.S. pork industry. That’s why the Pork Checkoff
created the Sow Lifetime Productivity Task Force to
chart a “road map” of research tactics to improve sow
retention rates and pig survival.

The task force, made up of leading industry experts,
has set a goal of improving sow lifetime productivity
by 30 percent over the next seven years, according to
Chris Hostetler, director of animal science for the Pork

The task force recommends research priorities be
concentrated on three main areas:

1. Increasing sow life in the herd through focused
   research on increasing average number of parities per
   sow and decreasing herd fall-out in the early parities.
2. Increasing the number of pigs weaned per litter
   through improved litter size at birth and decreased
   pre-wean mortality.
3. Optimizing gilt development and retention to
   increase lifetime productivity.

                                                                              March 2012                     59
     coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers
     News and Notes
     From your side of the fence: combination farms
     By Kent Mowrer, CSIF field specialist

     Combination livestock farms         a free farm visit by contacting the       used to support the increasingly
     can be challenging if a farmer      Coalition at (800) 932-2436 or visiting   popular Green Farmstead Partner
     is considering expanding. The       supportfarmers.com.                       program, which offers timely and
     most common example of a                                                      cost-effective assistance to farmers
     combination farm is cattle and      alliant Energy invests in                 wanting to plant trees and shrubs
     hogs on the same farm site.                                                   around their livestock and poultry
     Under state law, for the purpose
                                         Iowa agriculture
     of new construction permitting,     Alliant Energy, a Midwest energy
     all animal units in the same        company that provides electric and        “Alliant Energy’s Ag program is
     production practice need to be      natural gas services to communities       dedicated to promoting energy
     counted together.                   throughout Iowa, Wisconsin and            efficiency and environmental
                                         Minnesota, recently affirmed its          stewardship with our agriculture
     What this means is if you have a    support of Iowa agriculture through       customers,” says Dave Warrington,
     2,400-head confinement hog barn     an investment in CSIF.                    agricultural representative for
     and are considering building a                                                Alliant Energy. “Alliant Energy’s
     600-head cattle confinement barn,   Their financial commitment will           sponsorship of the Green
     you will need to count the animal   assist CSIF in its efforts to provide     Farmstead Partner program is
     units from both confinements        direct assistance to livestock and        an excellent way to enhance our
     together. Animal units determine    poultry farmers as they grow their        efforts to help support livestock
     which separation distances and      farms successfully and responsibly.       production in the state of Iowa.”
     permitting requirements need        The Alliant Energy investment will be
     to be met for the proposed cattle

     In this case, the combined animal
     units are 1,560 animal units
     (2,400-head of hogs is 960 animal
     units and 600-head of cattle is
     600 animal units). The proposed
     cattle confinement would need
     to meet the separation distances
     and permitting requirements for
     a confinement feeding operation
     between 1,000 and less than 3,000
     animal units.

     If a farmer needs assistance
     in better understanding DNR
     regulations and how these
     regulations apply to their
     individual farm, they can request

60                         March 2012
Delicious pork recipes

for Easter
Basic Boneless
5-6 pounds fully-cooked boneless
ham                                                                   Italian-stuffed Pork
Place ham in shallow pan and heat Nutrition Facts                     Tenderloin
in a 350 degree F. oven, uncovered, Calories: 343 calories
for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours or until     Protein: 46 grams
                                                                      2 Pork Tenderloins, about 1 pound
                                      Fat: 16 grams
an inserted meat thermometer          Sodium: 2879 milligrams         each
reads 140 degrees F. (about 18-20     Cholesterol: 119 milligrams     2 tablespoons butter
minutes per pound.) Serves 12.        Saturated Fat: 5 grams
                                                                      1 8-oz carton fresh mushrooms,
                                      Carbohydrates: 1 grams                                                  Nutrition Facts
If desired, glaze your ham with a     Fiber: 0 grams                  chopped                                 Calories: 579 calories
mixture of 1/2 cup honey and one                                      1/2 cup green onions, sliced            Protein: 39 grams
6-ounce can thawed orange juice                                       1 6-oz package long-grain and           Fat: 31 grams
                                                                                                              Sodium: 1141 milligrams
concentrate during the last 15 minutes of reheating.                  wild rice mix, cooked according to      Cholesterol: 117 milligrams
                                                                      package directions and cooled           Saturated Fat: 10 grams
                                                                                                              Carbohydrates: 34 grams
                                                                      1 cup pecans, chopped
harvest Pork                                                          2 tablespoons fresh parsley,
                                                                                                              Fiber: 3 grams

roast with                                                            2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning
Vegetables                                                            1/2 teaspoon salt
                                                                      1 10-oz container alfredo sauce, refrigerated
                                                                      3 tablespoons chardonnay, Or other dry white wine
3 pounds pork loin roast
1 0.7-oz package dry italian salad       Nutrition Facts              heat oven to 425 degrees F. cut lengthwise slit in each
dressing mix                             Calories: 182 calories       pork tenderloin, cutting to but not through the other
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin             Protein: 12 grams
                                         Fat: 4 grams                 side. Set pork aside. Melt butter in large saucepan over
1 1/2 teaspoons dried oregano            Sodium: 65 milligrams        medium heat. add mushrooms and green onions; cook
leaves                                   Cholesterol: 30 milligrams   until tender. remove from heat. Stir in cooked long grain
8 cups fall vegetables, (potatoes,       Saturated Fat: 0 grams
                                         Carbohydrates: 27 grams      and wild rice mix, pecans and parsley. Set aside 3/4 cup
carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips,                                    of the rice mixture. Spoon remaining rice mixture into 1
onions, bell peppers) cut into 1 to 1                                 1/2-quart casserole; cover and set aside. Divide 3/4 cup
1/2-inch chunks                                                       rice mixture between slits in pork tenderloins, spreading
                                                                      evenly in slits. close slits; secure with toothpicks.
heat oven to 350º F. Place pork in shallow roasting pan.              Stir together Italian seasoning and salt in small bowl.
Blend Italian salad dressing mix, cumin and oregano in                Sprinkle evenly over top of pork tenderloins. Place
small bowl. Sprinkle half of seasoning mixture over pork;             pork tenderloins on rack in shallow roasting pan. roast
cook uncovered for 1 hour or until internal temperature               tenderloins, uncovered, for 25-27 minutes until internal
on a thermometer reads 145º F. remove roast from oven;                temperature is 145 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by
let rest about 10 minutes. While pork is cooking, coat                a 5-minute rest time. Bake casserole of rice mixture
a separate baking dish with vegetable cooking spray                   alongside tenderloins. Meanwhile, for sauce, combine
and add vegetables. Sprinkle remaining seasoning over                 alfredo sauce and chardonnay in medium saucepan.
vegetables. cover and roast in oven for 30 minutes.                   cook and stir over low heat until bubbly. To serve, spoon
remove cover, stir and continue roasting 15 to 30 minutes             rice mixture onto serving platter. remove toothpicks from
until vegetables are tender. Slice roast and serve with               tenderloins. cut pork tenderloins into
vegetables. Serves 6 to 8.                                            1-inch-thick pieces; arrange on rice
                                                                      mixture on platter. Serve sauce with
                                                                      pork and rice mixture. Serves 6 to 8.

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PRoDuCERS’                          MARKET

                                      your ad

     contact Doug Fricke for more
     information on how to reach
     Iowa’s pork producers.


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                    Thank you
                 for attending the
                  2012 Iowa Pork
                The 2013 event will
                  be Jan. 23-24.
                     Mark your

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                                                  U.S. POSTaGE
     Iowa Pork Producers association                   PaID
     P Box 71009
      .O.                                        DES MOINES, Ia
     clive, Ia 50325-0009                        PErMIT NO. 1911

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