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					            DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS
                   Monday, September 10, 2012
                      TODAY IS A “B” DAY
TO:       Staff / Students
FROM:     Anthony Riscica, Chief School Administrator

                                      CAFETERIA MENU
                                 Soup Du Jour-Italian Wedding Soup
                              Today’s Specials-Chicken Parmesan on a Roll
                          Hot Side Selections-Tater tots or mixed Vegetables
                       Soup Du Jour-French Onion served with melted Mozzarella
                    Today’s Specials-Steak Sandwich served with or without Cheese
                             Chicken Salad served on your choice of Bread
                            Hot Side Selections-Hash brown or Green Beans
                                     Soup Du Jour-Broccoli Cheddar
                  Today’s Specials-2 Beef Tacos on shells with salsa & cinnamon snack
                  Cheese Tortellini with Marinara sauce served with a Roll on the side
                              Hot Side Selections-Baked Potato or Broccoli
                                      Soup Du Jour-Chicken Noodle
                Today’s Specials-Breaded Chicken Nuggets served with a Roll on the side
                      Creamy Macaroni and Cheese served with a Roll on the side
                             Hot Side Selections-Mashed Potatoes or Corn
                               Soup Du Jour-New England Clam Chowder
                           Today’s Specials-Whole Grain French Bread Pizza
                                       Hot Side Selections-Zucchini
                                   MENU ITEMS ALWAYS AVAILABLE:
                         Sandwiches: ham, turkey, salami, tuna fish, egg salad,
                           or hoagie (ham, salami, cheese, lettuce & tomato)
               Sandwiches are served with or without cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion.
                            Sandwiches are served on your choice of bread:
                          White, rye, whole wheat, whole grain or Kaiser roll.
                                Salad Platters: Tuna Fish, Chef or Garden
                  Hot and cold breakfast items are available every day prior to Block 1.

                                        ATHLETIC EVENTS
                      For up-to-date information regarding athletic events, dial Lakeland’s main number
                              973-835-1900, then press 6, followed by 2.

                                   DAILY CHARACTER QUOTE

   “One of the greatest and simplest tools for learning more and growing is doing more.”

                                                                                            Washington Irving
                                     NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS

                   FREE & REDUCED SCHOOL MEALS:              Applications are being distributed at all class
assemblies, and additional forms are available at the Main Office. If you wish to apply, your parent/guardian
must fill out the form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

                                   REPEAT ANNOUNCEMENTS

            ATTENTION ALL FRESHMEN: Make a difference in your class! Run for your Class Council!
The election runs until Thursday, September 13. Petitions, Declarations of Candidacy, and Attendance Policy
Acknowledgements are due to Ms. Kraszyk by Thursday, September 13. Important election dates and
information can be found in the Candidate Packet in the Main Office, or see Mr. Placenti.

                       CLASS MEETINGS:
Junior Class:          Monday, September 10, 7:45 a.m. – 8:25 a.m., in the Auditorium
Sophomore Class:       Monday, September 10, 9:40 a.m. – 10:20 a.m., in the Auditorium

               STUDENTS: Please remind your parents / guardians to complete your on-line enrollment.
Important information is now online and several forms need to be validated NOW. This new enrollment
system takes the place of the massive summer mailing used in the past.

            Project Graduation: Win a parking spot from now until January 31, 2013! Each raffle ticket is
only $2. Keep in mind there are only 68 parking spots available for the seniors so don’t miss out on an
opportunity to win a parking spot. Raffles will be sold during lunch periods until September 25.

              Yearbook Pictures for STAFF and 9th, 10, and 11th grade STUDENTS will be taken on Tuesday &
Wednesday, September 18 & 19 in the Lecture Hall during Blocks 3 and 4. It is mandatory that you have your
picture taken. Study Hall teachers are encouraged to take their entire classes to the Lecture Hall.

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