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CACFP Memorandum 2011-02

TO:              All CACFP Sponsors

FROM:            Denise Hagan, Director
                 Nutrition and Health Services

RE:              Serving Same Meal Components for Lunch and Supper Meal Services

DATE:            July 16, 2010

Sponsors and/or day care home providers cannot serve the same meal components at supper, if applicable, that were
served at the lunch meal service. This leads to the possibility of a participant being served the same meal components
twice in one day.

Participants are less likely to eat components that have been served to them previously during the same day, which is
detrimental to both their nutrition and well-being. In addition, participants may not have access to different foods
outside of the facility. It is important that all participants are given the opportunity to experience various food
components. Therefore, different menu items should be served during lunch and supper, and should not be duplicated.

Should you have questions regarding this policy, please contact Tonya Peach at 502/564-5625, extension 4900.                                                                          An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D

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